Jake Gets Citizen of the Month

All year long Jake has been asking how he can get Citizen of the Month. He had a good friend get it at the beginning of the year and I heard all the time: “Mom, when can I get Citizen of the Month?” I kept telling him to be a good friend, love others, be kind and courteous. I loved the little life lesson here…as he kept telling me he was doing just that.

Well, yesterday, the school called me and told me that he had been chosen for Citizen of the Month and the quality he excelled at was faithfulness. I was so happy. I’m pretty sure somewhere along the lines at this same school I got the same award. I am really faithful to a fault.

Anyway, we didn’t tell him, we just all loaded up in the car in the morning to drop him off. He didn’t even ask or wonder why were all there, which was funny. :) We waited in the chapel with the rest of the parents and when he realized we were there HE WAS SO EXCITED. He couldn’t stop moving.

Don’t think he really even knew what we were there for yet, and was in shock when the called his name to come up.

Evy was beside herself with excitement, she kept clapping over and over. I love this girl.

Jacob, I am so very proud of you. I could have cried. You are such a sweetie and do your best to be the best friend possible. Thank you for making me so proud. I love you!!

My mom caught the tail end of the program. Thanks mom!

Thanks for letting me brag everyone. Has one of your kids ever gotten Citizen/Student of the month? If so, I’m sure you know the pride. Big hugs everyone! ¬†xoxo

One thought on “Jake Gets Citizen of the Month

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    Marilyn Kok says:

    your joy and pride. You are so blessed. :-)

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