Jacob’s First TobyMac Concert

Ok, so I know you know how much Brandon and I love TobyMac right? Well, if not, let me remind you….

Brandon and I grew up listening to DC Talk. We LOVED them. I found them when I was 14 or 15 {maybe even 13?}, when their first album, DC Talk came out. {You know you’re a diehard/old school DcTalk fan when you can recite Heavenbound {HERE}┬áby memory, yikes!} I adored Toby and swore I was going to marry him someday…obviously he never got the memo. ha. But that’s ok, Brandon’s hotter than him anyway, so it looks like I lucked out. ;) *wink*

ANYWAY, Brandon found them a bit later, when their Jesus Freak album came out. We both feel the same way about DC Talk… THANK GOD for them. While their first album may have been taken as a little comical {Hu-Hu-Heaven, Hu-Ha-Ha-Heaven….}, the albums following were cutting edge with in your face God lyrics that made you proud to be a Christian. Very proud. And when, as a teenager, you went to their concerts, you left energized and on fire to live out your Christian faith.

Thank you DC Talk!

So when Jake was a baby, we were so surprised, but so happy, that he naturally took to TobyMac’s music. When he was a infant, he would automatically stop crying and, get this, FALL ASLEEP when we would play TobyMac in the car. It was like magic music or something. When he got a little older, we would play Toby’s music in the house and Jake would rock out like nobody’s business…. remember this?

And today, TobyMac is still magic music for my kids. They know all his songs and when his latest album, Eye On It, came out, we preordered it on iTunes and had it playing the moment it was released. It was all Jake could talk about for days.

So you can imagine why, when we heard Toby was traveling with the Winter Jam, we knew we had to go see him when he stopped over in Sacramento. So two Saturdays ago, Brandon, Jake and I piled up in the car…and at the last minute picked up Emma and Josh to come with us…and headed towards Sacramento. It was a rainy night and we had a BUNCH of frustrating obstacles {my close friends know the whole story ;) }…and Emma got sick…

She never did throw up, thank God. Poor baby.

But once we got there, we were so excited. The kids each got to pick a “treat”, Emma picked a glow necklace, Josh root beer and popcorn and Jake that silly mohawk light up thing. They were ready to go!

There were no words to express how excited Jake was. SO SO excited! Jamie Grace was singing at one point and Toby came out made a little cameo appearance. Here’s Jake’s reaction:

Jumping up and down like a mexican jumping bean. :)

The only bummer was…Winter Jam is more like a series of concerts and is very, very long. And of course, TobyMac is the last artist to sing. The kids were trying to be so patient waiting for him…but it was tough, and they were very tired.

But finally, {at about 10 PM!!}, Toby hit the stage:

And it was AMAZING. Seriously, so good. The kids were so tired, but they managed to stand up and sing along for most of it. Jake about died with Truett {Toby’s son who has made little songs on Toby’s albums since he was a baby} was flashed up on the video screen and said a little something to the crowd. Jake LOVES Truett {and wants him to come to his birthday party, haha}…and Brandon and I are hoping he makes an album of his own someday, so Jake can grow up with a second generation of TobyMac.

In the end, the kids were tired, and could barely make it to the car…and promptly fell asleep,

But they have NOT stopped talking about the concert. They had such a good time and we can’t wait until Toby is back in our neighborhood so we can go again. THANK YOU TobyMac for being such a great musical example to us…and now to our kids. We love your work and feel so blessed that we have good music to pass on to our little babies. Thanks a million for all you do!

Any other DC Talk/Toby Mac fans out there?? ;) Big hugs friends xoxo

3 thoughts on “Jacob’s First TobyMac Concert

  1. 1
    Gioia says:

    I ‘ve only heard of dc talk.. Growing up in italy we were out of the loop when it came to cristian music.. This blog post is so precious!

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    Ooh most DEFINITELY!! I found DC Talk on their second album and has to fight just to listen to them….KMax was my favorite and now he is with the returning Audio Adrenaline and of course Michael Tait…I too love that there is good WHOLESOME music I can share with my nieces and nephews

  3. 3
    Marilyn says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and pics. of what appears to have been such a fun filled evening. I love the Mohawk light up thing on Jake. :-)

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