Jacob Starts Kindergarten!

Whelp, I’m a mother of a kindergartener!

My little man started kinder yesterday and I’m not the least bit sad about it! ha! I know this is crazy, but he has been SO BIG his whole life: talking full sentences by the time he was two, always a year or so ahead in in his clothes,…. I mean the kid has always seemed bigger than he is. I just feel like kinder is where he needs to be, so I’m so happy he’s there.

I have been so busy {and slightly stressed out} all summer long, that I haven’t focused on school at all. Jake was reading when he left PreK, but I have no idea if he still can {yikes, bad parenting right there} and I hadn’t had his foot measured all summer, so I had no idea if was needing new shoes or not. I know those are two very crazy things to worry about, but I promise you, they were putting me in a panic! So last week I tried to focus on his reading {he’s doing good!} and got him some new clothes {since he is no longer a size 1, but a size 2 …that would be TWO if you thought I said that wrong. Dear Lord}. On Sunday night I was up all night making sure we had everything we needed for his first big day. We were *slightly* veered off course on Sunday eve when we still did not have any water due to Brandon having to shut it off for our bathroom remodel {if you follow me on instagram, you know what I’m talking about}, so I had to run up to my parents to bathe the kids, but thankfully we were able to get to bed on a decent time.

After the kids got to bed, I worked on our back to school teacher gift. I couldn’t figure out what to give the teacher {thank you for all our WONDERFUL suggestions on instagram}, and finally thought about the things I cherished the most while teaching. I realized the thing I loved to get was new books for my classroom library. Not just any books, but nice pictures books with lovely stories. So Jake and I decided to go to the bookstore on Sunday and pick out a new book for his teacher. We picked this one:

Jake LOVED this story and it has a great message too. On the inside we did something special, we printed out a little note to the teacher on label paper and attached it to the front of the book, along with Jake’s picture.

It looks like this:

It was a hit!! And I think Mrs. Fletcher will have it in her library to years to come. :)

When we arrived at school on Monday, Jake was so excited to reunited with his friends he made in PreK. We met some wonderful people and so sad that not all of them continued on at the same school, but happy that we get to enjoy some of our new friends from last year this year.

Brandon and Jake

Me and Jake

Mumsy and Jake

And I was so excited to see a friend of my own. :) My dear friend Heidi!!

You might remember her daughter Emma Love who has been one of Jake’s buddies since he was a baby. Well, Emma has a late birthday so Heidi and her husband decided to hold her back a year to give her a little extra push in school. So now Jake and Emma are school buddies!!

So tonight as I was typing up this blog, I thought I would browse through some old pictures and look what I have found! Proof that these two have been friends since they were babies. ha. They will hate me for this some day!

At Emma’s first birthday

Two years old

Three years old

Four years old

Are they not hysterical? Seriously, they are too funny! They really are friends, it’s so cute to watch, they just seem to get each other.

So here’s a funny story for the books {that they will hate! ha}

Yesterday when we dropped off Jake we also dropped off a ziploc bag with an extra change of clothes. I’m sure we’re not the only school who does this, right? Anyway, I always put the clothes that either he has outgrown, or doesn’t wear as often in the bag. This particular outfit was a shirt that fit decently, but the sweats I put in the bag were UGLY and high waters. So awesome. But to defend myself, Jake never used his spare clothes once last year, so I didn’t really think he’d need it {especially on the first day}. WELL…. apparently Jake didn’t think he needed to use the restroom all day, and at the last afternoon recess, had an accident, so had to change. Emma Love saw that he had changed and decided she needed to do it too, so she went into the bathroom, got her spare outfit out and put it on, replacing it with the outfit she wore to school.

I’m telling you those two are two peas in a pod. When we picked them up after school, this is what we saw….the only two students out of the whole class with their extra outfit on. So awesome right? ha. With their teacher, Mrs. Fletcher.

Oh boy.

So did your kiddos start school this week?? Evy started today, will try to blog about that tomorrow. Big hugs to all you back to school moms! xoxo

One thought on “Jacob Starts Kindergarten!

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    Alisha says:

    SO exciting! I just love that little boy and Emma is such a beautiful little girl! Congrats Jake on your first day of Kinder, we love you!

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