It’s Just Carpet…

Just for the record….
I hate my carpet.
Yup, its true. We’ve had this conversation before, but my house is predominently white. I know, I know…I’m crazy, but just believe me when I say that white is THE with kids. Seriously. All you have to do is invest in stock with oxyclean and bleach products, hehe.
Anyway, back to my carpet. A little history: Brandon and I bought our house three months before we got married. It’s a track home that was built for us, so we got to pick out some of the details of the exterior/interior, etc., and one of those details was the carpet. My Dad and brother {who are both contractors/builders} recommended that we get the standard{i.e. CRAP-O-LA} carpet for FREE and then pay for hardwood floors ourselves within the next year or so. It would save us THOUSANDS {their words}. So following their advice, I chose a very ugly *I mean lovely* shade of light biege or maybe cream? Either way I got carpet that was not high-end, scotch gaurded or kid/animal friendly.
At the time of our marriage, I had Baby, my 19 year old cat whom I had since 4th grade. Isn’t she a love?
Well, unfortunately she wasn’t such a love on my carpet. ugh. We became very good friends with our local chem dry and pet odor remover. Our carpet really suffered.
And we never got those hardwood floors as planned.
Everytime I would go to buy them, something would come up and the money would be needed for other things. And then Jake came around…
He was a big spitter upper. BIG BIG spitter. The kid couldn’t stay clean if I paid him, no joke. Carpet suffered, again. Chem Dry and I are still friends.
Still no hardwood. And it looks horrible.
So yesterday, I left the kids in the family room for a few minutes so I could grab a couple things from my room. I came back to find my precious baby girl standing up by our little marble table and was COVERED with my chai latte{which was lukewarm, thank God!} I had sitting on the table. COVERED.
And so was the carpet. Lots of Chai, all over the carpet.
Evy was just smiling.
I was crying.
I seriously started to feel really sorry for myself. Why, almost six years later, do I still not have those hardwood floors? Why?!? The thoughts running through my mind went something like this:
We would be able to afford better floors if:
 Brandon and I weren’t in the ministry
I hadn’t quit my job
I hadn’t listened to my dad and brother {sorry guys, ha}
I hadn’t bought my couches
I hadn’t bought a better car
I hadn’t bought ANYTHING, period.
But then, as I franctically tried mopping up the mess, I turned around and I saw this:
Jake and his little fire engine with the fire man{right next to the marble table and the puddle I was cleaning up}. He had his “little man”, as he calls the fireman, standing by the engine and in the best fireman’s voice Jake was saying,
“Hi, I’m Fireman, and I’m here to help Mommy clean up the coffee!”
And precious little Evy was sitting next to him laughing.
And I realized… It’s just carpet.
Its just a THING that will come and go. It’s really, at the end of the day, not that important.
What’s important is the smiles I see on my kids faces daily. The laughter that fills my home. My happy {at least at times, ha} husband. And the love that people feel when they come over. That’s what’s most important. Not the carpet.
So God, I believe that SOMEDAY I will have hardwood floors. And when I get them, I will jump for joy. But until that day, I thank you for the carpet- that we have floorcoverings at all. Thank you,especially during these hard times, that we have a home to live in.
And if you, my dear friends, come over to our house, please don’t look at our carpet. Please look at my smiling kids. Feel the love that resides in our home. And I hope you smile, despite the carpet.
And on that note, I’m signing off. Jake found Brandon’s razor and blood is everywhere. Better call Chem Dry. AGAIN-ugh.

10 thoughts on “It’s Just Carpet…

  1. 1
    Dear Lillie says:

    You are a beautiful writer! This is a GREAT post!

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    Poor you! My dad advised us of the same thing, go for the cheap stuff, in a year replace! Huh! Five years later, the house is a rental, and the carpets JUST got ripped out! Oh well!

    I know you mentioned either in a email or a blog post that you loved my wood floors! Wanna know a secret? THEY ARE FAKE! One would never ever know by looking at them in the pictures, they might not even know if they were standing on them in my house! The only reason that I really know is because one piece had to be glued back down when we bought the house! It was just the wood on the very top – I don't even know what that is called, but I LOVE THEM! I am guessing that that might be a cheaper option?!

    Anywho – I hope that you get yours…one day! Until then, I will keep looking at your children and their beautiful faces on the blog and keep dreaming of making it over to Stockton one day!

    PS – Evy's package was shipped today! I sent you an email! Watch for it around Wednesday!

  3. 3
    Katie says:

    Omygoodness Amy, I love reading your blog, but i do feel sympathetic for you. And makes me want to wait a lil longer to have kids lol.

    I also have a cat whom I've had since I was 5 so 14 years now. She is now 15, but lives with my mom still because we didn't want to bring her to the apartment.

    Love ya

  4. 4
    Amy says:

    @ Dear Lillie- thanks girl! Thanks for stopping by, I'm honored! :)

    @Jenni- I just got your email!!! THANK YOU!! you are sooo sweet. I can't believe it. She will wear them with pride. I wish we lived closer too. :( Maybe someday we can come visit AZ, since I have you and janelle out there, plus several other good friends!! :)

    And the floors, I should have clarified, I wanted real when we first bought the house, but after researching, I decided I want the laminate flooring from Costco. They have this beauitful vintage looking flooring and its so great with kids. I've had it in my cart so many times, but put it back cause we just don't have the money. ugh. :( Someday.

    @ Katie- love you too…and yes!! WAIT TO HAVE KIDS!! SEriously, since you are young and have the time to wait, I recommend doing it. Kids are so great and I love mine to pieces, but I am so glad that I was 30 when I had them. I got out all my youth and have fab memories. :) Those memories help so much during the moments like the chai episode when you would literally give your kids to the next gypsy bandwagon who comes to your door. ha! xoxo

  5. 5
    SoShawna says:

    HILARIOUS! With our toddler, preschooler, and the dog (that we got rid of), our carpet is soooo nasty. I vacuum it constantly but still hate it with all my heart. But yeah, it's just carpet, and I think if I had nicer floors I'd be tempted to yell at the kids more for spilling things. As it is, I don't yell because I hate the carpet. So they get a nicer mommy and after all, that's what they'll remember, not the floors.

  6. 6
    SoShawna says:

    By the way….awww….nice picture of Baby.

  7. 7
    Cylinda Nickel says:

    This makes me smile so much. I am right with you on the gross carpet. EVERY house that we are in- we do the same thing over and over. Are we all crazy? Love the pics- and of course love your blog!

  8. 8
    Stephanie Moore * OurLittleMissThing says:

    haha, oh this makes me laugh…
    yes, its just carpet!
    here's to a better tom & future for your children…xoxo!!

  9. 9
    amber dodd. says:

    Posts like these add a little more cheer to my life. I love them! =] Our new house has light-colored carpet as well…and I find my OCD self getting a little crazy over it. haha. But I'm so thankful for my home! Great perspective!

  10. 10

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