My little hoodie business has a name….and a FAB new logo, thanks to my very handsome, ever talented, incredible husband! :)
So why Evy’s Tree?
Above is a picture of Evy’s room, which was once Jake’s, hence the blue walls. :) About a month before Evy arrived, we moved Jake into his “big boy” room – our old office. Since Brandon went to a lot of trouble to perfectly {he’s a perfectionist} paint the walls in the nursery blue, we decided to keep it, but we wanted to make it girly. After much thought, Brandon came up with the idea of painting a tree on the wall behind Evy’s crib, and at the last minute put an owl on the branches to match the owls on her pillows. We then added the Pottery Barn Kids paper butterflies…didn’t it turn out adorable?
Well, Jake had a blast watching the whole transformation, especially the part when Brandon was painting the tree. So way back in the beginning of this whole hoodie madness, the night I sewed my very first one - the owl hoodie that has come to be called “the Hoot”- Jake leaned over, saw the owl and asked me….”Is that Evy’s tree, Mommy?”
Brandon and I looked at each other and commented that if we ever needed a good name for something, Evy’s Tree would be a great one. Little did we know that a couple of months later I would be opening an etsy shop and needed a name….Evy’s Tree just seemed like the obvious choice. Apparently God knew what was to come…big surprise huh? :)
I have two favors to ask of you, my friends:
Visit my shop
You can visit my etsy shop by clicking here or by visiting and searching sellers and typing in evystree {all one word, no apostrophe}. Please hang in there with me, as my shop is not officially open yet and in vacation mode as I am still tweaking some things. I’m hoping to have everything up and running by sometime in March. I would really love it if you added my shop as a favorite and was asked to be notified when it opened! :)
Pray for me
This is my biggest need. I believe firmly in the power of prayer and that “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…” {Ps 37:23}. I really want God’s hand to be on my life and this little endeavor. Please pray that I follow HIS will, not mine, and that He guides my every step. At any point I am willing to stop or proceed. I want what He wants and I desire to be in tune with His heartbeat. Your prayers for wisdom on my behalf would be greatly appreciated.
Oh yes, I have had many people ask me how to pronounce “Evy”. Evy is short for Evelyn and the “E” has a short vowel sound, as in the ”E” in egg. Evy is not to be confused with Evie, which has a long vowel sound like Eve, although we have many friends who call Evy “Evie” which is fine by us. :)   
Thank you everyone for your love and support. We have the best friends ever. I hope you are all well and had a wonderful and blessed weekend!

10 thoughts on “Introducing….

  1. 1
    SoShawna says:

    Love Evy's Tree, love you, and I know you'll be a huge success.

  2. 2
    Stephanie Moore * OurLittleMissThing says:

    LOVE the name, LOVE the logo, its all coming together….
    good luck to it all!

  3. 3
    Brandon Miraflor says:

    I love the logo… and i love Amy Wollmer!!!!!!

  4. 4
    Amy says:

    A lot of love going on around here! hehe….

    Thanks guys!! I really appreciate it! And I love you too! xoxo

    I especially love the last commenter, for obvious reasons, ha!

  5. 5
    cheyenne says:

    so exciting!!! Evy's Tree is going to do great!

  6. 6
    Lamoniqueboutique says:

    OMW! This is so stinkin cute Luv Luv the owls they are my fav. You are awesome!

  7. 7
    Alisha says:

    Yay…One step closer ;)

    Love the logo, great job Brandon!

    Love you :)

  8. 8
    Jenni says:

    LOVE the tree, logo, everything!

    Great job, good luck, and YES, you are in my prayers!!!

    PS-Evy's tree makes me want to get Lola's tree up and painted again! I miss her tree from our other house so much, seeing this one…well, i will have to call my girl Lily!

  9. 9
    Prencie says:

    Girl, everytime I read one of your posts I just think that in some way we're the same person…or close to it;) Princeton and Paris were going to have to share a room and I loved the blue sky walls and rolling green hills that we had painted for "his" nursery that I wanted to keep it for "their" nursery. So that's when we found the brooke collection at PB…the same one Evy has!! At the last min we decided to let the 2 boys share a room and Paris would have her own so I ended up getting one of Rachel Ashwell's baby collections:)Girl, we just have soooo much in common!! Speaking of things in common I finally got to open my etsy shop also:) It's, check it out when you get a chance:) I LOVE your shop name and logo! SO perfect!:)

  10. 10
    Mande says:

    SO excited for you!!! Cannot wait to see the goodies in the shop. OK guess what? I just FINALLY posted about the honest scrap. I know 10 days later. Thanks again Amy. :) You rock & Evy's room is gorgeous!!

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