Introducing The Mini Charcoal Lacey Zip Up, and etc.

Evy needed a dark charcoal hoodie so we whipped up a couple of these puppies…

The Mini Charcoal Grey Lacey Zip Up

I think you will love this one. It’s made from the flex fleece poly blend hood from American Apparel and is OH SO soft inside. Plus it has the traditional lace and ruffles cascading down the shoulder

Click HERE to snag one!

Also did you see the Food Friday for this week? It’s a link up party and we’ve already has some link ups! Head on over and check out what they have to share as well! :) Click HERE to see it.

And Lastly, the Bargain of the Week ends Sunday. Click HERE to purchase.

So I’m wondering…does anyone have a particular item they would like to see in next week’s Bargain? Leave a comment with the item you want, I’ll take a look at it and see if we have enough stock to make it the weekly deal! :)

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo

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