Introducing: Hoodie Pop Mondays

I’m so excited to introduce another new series to you all. If you missed it, on Friday we introduced DIY{Do It Yourself} Friday, and on Wednesday we are going to introduce one more exciting series…so make sure you are following along. 
Today’s series is going to showcase any time we here at Evy’s Tree see a hoodie “pop” up, whether it be in magazines, on the internet, or even in real life. Sarah was telling me that while she was in the airport a couple months back she saw someone wearing Evy’s Tree and she had wished she had taken a picture…so beware, if you wear Evy’s Tree out and about, you might find one of the Evy’s Tree team members running up to you and asking you to pose for Hoodie Pop Monday! :)
The main reason I want to do a Hoodie Pop is because I often feel hoodies get such a bad wrap. Many times people think you only wear them when you feel lazy or ugly, but hoodies can be dressed up or down and I love seeing how people outside of Evy’s Tree put them together in their everyday world. And you’d be surprised how much people actually wear them if you really look around.
Our first Hoodie Pop comes to us courtesy of In Style Magazine , the March edition. I have actually have this ripped out of the magazine for a while {obviously due to the date, ha} and have been wanting to share it with you all. 
This is a very bad scan, but what I want to highlight is the crewneck sweatshirt up on the top. It is by Daftbird
Super cute fleece!! And I LOVE how InStyle pairs it with the little dress. Shows its not just sweat pant wearing material.
But what I love most about this fleece is the price…did anyone catch that this particular item of clothing is..ahem…NINETY TWO DOLLARS. That’s right, $92. While most of you probably think this is crazy and extremely overpriced, I almost stood and applauded Daftbird when I read it. It goes to show, good items of clothing are not only important, but they are well worth their price. A little extra money almost always equals lot more quality, and I love when I see people charging what their items are worth. I hope that makes you like Evy’s Tree a bit more, since our products are handmade, very unique and FUN FUN FUN…and most of them under $92! :) 
So there you have our first ever Hoodie Pop! I hope you loved it, and I hope you come back for more next Monday!

3 thoughts on “Introducing: Hoodie Pop Mondays

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    A Daft Scots Lass says:

    WOW thats what I spent on Groceries for the week.

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    You made some respectable factors there. I looked on the web for the issue and located most people will go along with together with your website.

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