I’m Ok With Being White

Is it me, or is it TORTURE to get back to work after a three day weekend? I seriously feel like I have been slammed by a truck this morning. Not good. Ugh.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great time with family and friends this weekend…and I hope you took time to remember those who have fought for our freedom that we so enjoy here in the US. I always think it’s so funny on Memorial day weekend… it’s supposed to be a time when we can remember, but instead we usually fill it will a bunch of activities and family time. I suppose that is the point though, right? Cherishing our lives and living it to the fullest? And that we are able to do that thanks to those who fight to keep us safe?

Thank you to all the brave souls who gave their lives for our happiness and freedom. We remember, love, and appreciate you.

And we did live it up this weekend. Our cousins came to visit us.

Jake’s face! Dear Lord. ha.

If you have been following Evy’s Tree for a while, you’ll remember Sarah. She was my assistant for over a year and was so amazing…she’s the one who helped us during our big move nearly two years ago. She is such a wonderful person…and we love Brian, of course, who is Brandon’s cousin. It was so great to see them this weekend, as we haven’t seen them in a while.

We took them to Sonoma on Saturday. If you ever come to the wine country and are looking for something to do, you must visit Historic Sonoma for a day. It’s so much fun. The downtown square boasts Mission San Francisco de Solona, the last California mission planted by the Franciscans in 1823.

There are twenty one missions in California, and Sonoma’s mission is the last one built…every mission is spanned one days walk from each other and they were built with a purpose to help colonize California. Really, the missions have an amazing history and if you ever have the opportunity to visit one, you will surely treasure your experience.

The kids had a blast, and loved every minute of it. They are a great age…at a time where everything is so real and exciting!

In the back courtyard of the barracks, the place where General Vallejo’s soldiers lived.

We walked around the square and visited a few stores, then let the kids play in the park. I love this photo that Sarah captured of me and Jake, while we were resting in the Basque, the wonderful little boulangerie that I have been visiting since I was a teen.

You are never too big for cuddles with your mamma. And yes, he’s only six. He just looks like an 8 year old. :(

So to explain the rather random title of this post…Sarah and I started talking about skin care issues while we were at the park watching the kids play. There was a beautiful family there, not sure what nationality they were {perhaps Jamaican?} but they had this GORGEOUS GLOWING dark skin. We commented on how beautiful they were, and then I started to tell Sarah how bummed for Evy I was when she came out and I realized she has my “wonderful” white skin. Like see through skin. And this see through skin turns all burned and freckly in the sun, instead of tanning nicely like most of my friends did when I was a kid.

Yes, I’m confessing. I hated my skin when I was younger. {I thought} It was one of my most embarrassing features.

I was a cutie kiddo, I know. But had lots and lots of freckles. My mom kept sunscreen on me when I was swimming, but no one wore sunscreen daily because the sunscreen back in the late seventies and eighties was thick, white and greasy. Eventually I looked like this, sometime in jr high…

Can we say FRECKLE CITY?!?! I was so embarrassed of my freckles, and I really hated to be outside because of them, but I was an active kid…loved to swim and explore, which only gave me more freckles, of course. And I saw dark skin as beautiful, and white skin as not so much. ugh

And no, you’re not seeing things, you’ve seen these before. I discussed them HERE.

Anyway, sometime soon after the above photo, someone introduced me to foundation with SPF. WHAT?!?! Where’d that come from? I seriously could kiss whoever came up with it, because for once I had a daily sunscreen that didn’t leave my face white and milky looking, or greasy and yucky. You can see how much of a difference it made in this photo, one year later from the one above….

Today, I wear this 40 SPF daily. Even during the winter.

And I am ok with being white. I was telling Sarah that I don’t even think about it any more. Yes, I glow. But that’s ok. Yes, my legs are see through, but who cares. As I hear people compliment Evy on her “milky” skin, I proudly puff up my chest and think, “Yes, that’s my feature, thank you very much”.

I think becoming satisfied and comfortable with yourself is one of the keys to happiness in life. Accepting the things you cannot change and building on what you have is essential to health, I think. I hope I can teach Evy, that despite the gorgeous olive skin her dad and brother have, that white is IN. It’s cool. And it’s coveted. Take care of it, and it will take you far. Because skin that sees less sun lasts longer, and gets less wrinkles. And because you can’t tan, you never have to spend hours in the sun trying to. So you gain more time in life. Bonus!

So here’s to white skin. I’m ok with you. Thanks for serving me well. And remember friends. Wear sunscreen. Daily. It will save your life.

Are you a “whitey”? How do you feel about it?

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Big hugs! xoxo

One thought on “I’m Ok With Being White

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    Kassie says:

    Oh goodness! I was going to comment on your Instagram post about this and I didn’t. And now you have a whole blog post so I have to. lol I HATED my white skin for YEARS. Probably til I got married. I can actually tan, but it takes a lot of work. I got made fun of so much when I was younger (even teen years) by friends. I was “ghost” and freckle face. Those friends are the ones who spend hours and hours in tanning beds and have done so for years. Guess what? They now look wrinkled and leathery and some have had cancer scares. And I get asked if I’m 22. :) I decided I was ok with white skin when I got married. My husband loves me this way, and that’s all that matters. And white IS in. Why don’t some people realize that?! Anyway, I tanned for my wedding and had a horrible experience. I just read recently how highly dangerous it is for people with Lupus to tan. Go me. So I’m good with white skin, and I wear sunscreen, and you are BEAUTIFUL. :)

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