I Got A Facelift…and Some Updates

Well, not me exactly, but my blog. :)

And oh my word….I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design. If you are reading from a reader {such as google}, or from an email subscription, I would love for you to hop on over and check out the new look. I think you will be so excited for our little blog. We look fabulous. Brooke, my graphic designer, really outdid herself. And not to mention the amazing photos by my brother in law, DASO photo. Seriously, the whole combo is simply stunning. Click on the header to see the whole thing…and be sure to check out the category buttons over to the right. Brooke is genius! :)

I’m so sorry I have been MIA recently…not that anyone is actually paying attention, ha. I have so much to catch you all up on…such as our Disneyland trip, our Christmas, some great vacation stories…but I have no idea if I’ll ever get around to blogging about them, so just trust me when I say, we’ve had a wonderful holiday season.

We’ve also been very busy. While the shop is shut down, I am doing my best to organize my life a little. I am a firm believer that the first step to success is to be pretty organized, and to be honest, last year was a crazy year for me and my organization skills, while already subpar, definitely became non existent. The poor studio was a disaster! The last couple weeks my girls and I have been tearing apart every nook and cranny and putting them back in the proper places, tossing things we don’t need and buying things that we do.

We’ve painted chairs, hung decorations, and Brandon built us some tables. Even my dad has come over and helped out by painting a little. We are nearly done and I hope to {finally} take some decent pictures of the studio so you can see where we create.

But the studio isn’t the only place I’ve been updating, I also cleaned out my pantry, which, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw….

I am a horrible pantry keeper, unfortunately. Things end up being stuffed in and often I am finding things months later that I didn’t even know where there. NOT GOOD. With my New Year’s resolution weighing on my mind, I am striving to be much better with what I buy and simplify a little, so I took some little metal bins that we didn’t need in the studio and used them in the pantry. WOW…I know it doesn’t look a lot better, but it’s amazingly easy to see what I have now.

And while we’re speaking of my New Year’s resolution, I updated our budget. Last year was, as I stated, a crazy year, and unfortunately, I did not give the attention needed to our finances like I should have. I really, really want to wise in that area, as I’m sure you all do. Last week I poured over our books and set up a budget I feel will really work for us. As coincidence would have it, I’ve had more budget conversations with friends lately than I have in a really long time and I realized that I’m not the only one who is trying to find the proper way to manage their finances. I have always had a system, but sticking to it is probably the hardest part {amen, everyone?}. So in order to hold myself accountable…I am going to share with you my budget planning soon. Obviously I won’t let you in on all the hard numbers, but I am going to have Brooke make a downloadable of our budget worksheet so if you are looking for a good budget format, you can use it too. In my mind it’s useless to go to all that work if you can’t share it, right? :)

Speaking of budget, are you a small business or blog that has a budget for advertising? We would love to have you advertise here on the blog. We have a unique group of loyal readers who are interested in learning about new shops and blogs. We have two size ad spaces available…

along with giveaway and review options, all at very reasonable prices. I also do a blog post introducing all new sponsors once a month, which will include all your contact info, such as your website, facebook page, twitter, etc. You can find out all of our stats, pricing and information HERE. We would love to have you join us!

In closing, I owe you all some Evy’s Tree shop talk, especially regarding our manufactured goods. I will fill you in on that and much more later this week, but let me say this…manufacturing in the beginning is slllloooowwww going. Almost to the point where you want to pull your hair out kind of slow. It’s safe to say we won’t have the manufactured goods here this month as originally planned, but they are coming very soon and I think you will love what we have. I will designate an entire blog post to it this week so you are all in the loop. In the meantime, we WILL have a small handmade Spring 2013 line this month for you. I am SO EXCITED about the handmade Spring line. First, remember this big time seller:

After many, many requests, the Grace Wrap will be making a comeback.  Plan on seeing the is one coming your way with the rest of the spring items the end of this month.

PS.. we will be having a bunch of grace wrap giveaways next week… will you join us? :)

Regarding the shop reopening: I still have quite a bit of sale items, especially in kids sizes, so I will reopen the sale section with a bunch of items on Monday, January 21. The new Spring items will be announced, but most likely the following week. Please remember: all Spring 2013 items will be FULL PRICE. Our Save Evy’s Tree leftover hoodies are all gone and we are now resuming our regular programing. If you want a good deal, I suggest you snag one of the sale items coming next week. :)

Oh, wait, one more thing! Several days ago I made a call out on our facebook page to photographers…asking to trade some Evy’s Tree items for product photos. WOW!! You guys!! I have over 50 emails from photographers willing to work with us. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even think I would get five!! And you all are amazing photographers!!! So what to do now? Well, obviously, I don’t need 50 photographers, so I compiled a list of you all and will definitely contact you in the future if the need arises. I have contacted the ones we are going to use {I only needed 2 or 3}, so if you didn’t hear from me that means I cataloged your info and will reference it in the future. THANK YOU so much everyone for being so amazing and willing to help us. I sincerely am blown away by how many of you wanted to work with us. There are no words to explain my gratitude. I love you guys!!!!

Whew…I guess that’s it! Did I cover enough for you? So sorry for such a lengthy post. To recap:

  • Our Blog got a facelift! Click HERE to see it.
  • The Shop is shut down, but the Sale Section will reopen with items on January 21
  • We are now accepting advertising on our blog. Click HERE to check out all the info.
  • Need a photographer? Check out all these amazing ones HERE.

Love you all! xoxo

5 thoughts on “I Got A Facelift…and Some Updates

  1. 1
    Ashley green says:

    I love the re-design. It’s so clean and so fresh! Way to go Brooke.
    I cant wait for the grace debut. I remember ‘favoriting’ the wrap when you were on etsy long ago. Will it come in navy as well as black ?

    • 1.1
      evystree says:

      Thanks Ashley!! :) Yes, we are hoping to offer the grace wrap in navy, grey and black. Just trying to find coordinating ribbon for the other two colors besides black. Will keep you posted!

  2. 2
    Erin says:

    I love the Grace Wrap but was never able to get one when you had it in the past. So I’m very excited to hear you are bring it back. I will keep my eye out for them so I can get one this time around! YEAH!!

  3. 3
    Ashly says:

    Very excited about the Grace Wrap! It has always been my favorite but was never able to snag one. I’m looking forward to seeing it and hopefully, getting one this time around!!! Keep up the good work!

  4. 4
    michelle says:

    are you including plus sizes this season?

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