I Am…

…On a diet. It’s official. I have been carrying around at least 6 lbs over what I am usually since I quit breastfeeding Evy almost 6 months ago. It’s so crazy, when I quit breastfeeding Jake, I lost 5 lbs immediately…so strange how pregnancies are different.
Anyway, yes, I am on a diet and it’s called “The Candy Corn Diet”..opps, did I say that? I meant the eat smaller portions, whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies and an occasional Candy Corn mixed in there. 
Right. I’ll let you all know how its goes… ha.
{Note: my friend Emily will tell me to exercise more, so since I know its coming, I will put it out there…I was on the treadmill this morning. Got my cardio in. Now for strength training tomorrow. Yes, I haven’t forgotten! :) }
On to other really important things like, the Comcast man. Yes, we are switching to Comcast as apparently their unlimited long distance phone service and high speed internet are only $35 {plus tax of course, which I’m expecting to be at least $20! ha} compared to our current ATT plan which is $89…
So I digress as usual…
The Comcast man came this morning {quite early I might add} and informed me that TODAY was the DAY that we was switching us over. UHH… yeah, I was still in my PJ’s {not a huge shock}, the kids were running around like hoodlums with drippy noses like faucets, but all that could have been avoided until he informed me that he needed to get into the phone box. 
Oh, THAT box?!? Well….
You see that box is on my side of the closet…which hasn’t really seen the light of day for oh about, 3 months{my poor neat freak husband has been very kind about this and just kicks everything of mine that has creeped over to his side back to my “pile” ugh}. And creating a trail for the poor man to get through would take a few minutes and I really did considering doing it, but seriously, I just was WAY TOO EMBARRASSED to allow him access. He kindly offered to reschedule for tomorrow and I jumped at the chance.
Is this bad?!?
So tonight after church I ran home threw the kids in bed {not literally of course} and starting working on my closet, and do you know it only took me an hour to get all those things hung up and organized? What is wrong with me that I have avoiding it like the plague? Ugh..I heard on the radio yesterday that there is such a thing called Messy Anonymous… I sooo need to find where that group is meeting and join because my poor closet NEVER looks good. The rest of the house is fine, but my closet {and bathroom too} is always bombed. 
I really dislike myself for this! Which brings me to my next {and final subject}….
Right, my kids. They just have a way of making you feel like “whoa, where’d I go wrong?!?” Because seriously when I say…
“Take a nap”, apparently Jake hears “Go to your room, strip your bed down, and surround yourself with every toy possible, dress up as a pirate and pretend you are on a pirate ship”.
And my precious little girl, well, she has literally NO BOUNDARIES. She thinks every thing is hers and finds ways to get into everything. Like I always lock the dishwasher, but apparently not tight enough because the other day I walked in and found her with a peach rind from the garbage, a knife from the dishwasher, and Jake’s plate. I figure she was trying to “cut” herself some peach. 
So anyway, tonight at church, Pastor was talking about how our God is Master and Lord and my mind started thinking about that Scripture that talks about “I Am” and how I have NO IDEA what that really means {yeah, ok, my mind was wandering} and then it hit me. I started playing a little word game in my mind and I came up with “God is” which is basically what I think that scripture was referring to…
And I realized, God is EVERYTHING. He is what you need at certain times in your life. Sometimes he is a husband, a father, a friend, a peacemaker, etc. 
I started crying because I thought about all the above that I just described…the candy corn diet, the lack of cleanliness, the out of control and crazy kids and I realized I need God to be GRACE to me. I need to feel loved and accepted and knowing that He cares about me regardless of the mishaps in life. 
And I love that.
So God is Grace today. Tomorrow probably something else, but today, grace. 
And right when I realized that my Mexican Jumping Bean camp running into the sanctuary from Little Lights. Sheesh…THANK GOD for grace! ha.

2 thoughts on “I Am…

  1. 1
    Mande says:

    What is it with the dishwasher? Lane tries to get in there all the time to get silverware!!! Totally understand the 6 lb. thing. I have a little more than 6 lbs hanging around. I guess exercise is in order. LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! xo

  2. 2
    Kelley says:

    These mahvelous days of motherhood are fleeting. Whatever day you're in, whatever season, amen: It's so good to know God is. What on earth do people do who don't know that "God is"?

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