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If you read my last house tour post, you would know I’m not super hip on blogging house tours. I actually love everyone else’s but feel so weird about doing my own. I know, crazy. However, anytime I hesitate about doing something here on this blog I analyze it against two points: 1. Do I feel it is uplifting  and 2. Will it help my kids know me better.

So after those two points have been thought about, I decided to show you some pictures of my parent’s house. In my opinion it is super uplifting as their house is beautiful and it will most definitely help my kids get to know me better. ha.

So my parent’s house…almost a year ago I told you about my dad and his “job“. In case you didn’t read it, he is a developer of sorts and has always developed beautiful pieces of property for us to live on for short periods of time, then would sell them. Most of his houses looked the same…Mediterranean style with snaked tile roofs, Spanish tile throughout, a pool. My dad has a definite “style”. He is also an amazing landscaper and will plan out his yards himself. They always look beautiful.

In respect to houses, my parents are the perfect team. My mom is an impeccable decorator. Her style leans more towards country French, but she is really flexible and knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to use it. She also is not afraid to use things year after year and still make it look good. Most of their items they have had their entire married life, she just makes it work into the new settings or will have it recovered, etc. She is really talented with design. Their houses are always breathtaking.

Their current house is nestled right on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, on a what used to be one of the oldest cattle farms in town. They are nestled amongst rolling hills and surrounded by Kendall Jackson Vineyards. It is especially beautiful in the morning when the rest of Santa Rosa is still covered with the ocean fog but their little hill has been hit by the sun and the fog burnt off…you can see the fog floating on Santa Rosa like a pillow. It’s so fun to see.

They have lived in this house the longest of any house I have known them to live in during my lifetime and their marriage, a total of 9 years I believe {I never lived here with them, unfortunately}. There are a couple reasons for them being there so long…the current economy has made real estate hard to move for a decent price and my dad’s health has made it more difficult for him to move properties like he once used to. Furthermore, I think they are tired of moving. I can’t believe they have gotten to that point, but I think they have. ha.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to go over there and take some pictures of their house to share here….but the other day my dad came over with some professional pictures taken of the house several years ago. Perfect!! I wish I knew who took these pictures so I can credit them. Unfortunately, my parents can’t remember who it was either. If anyone knows who took these please let me know! :)

So their house…here is the entry way up to their front door. There is a lovely circle/roundabout around that surrounds an olive tree here in front, but you can’t see it. Also, as I said these pictures were taken several years ago…the ivy now covers all the gate pillars here.

When you walk through the gate, the pool and BBQ area is to your left. It’s a beautiful disappearing edge pool. If you have been around my blog much, you’ve already seen the view. It’s gorgeous.

Once you enter the front door, you walk into the Living Room area. Most of this furniture my mom has had since we were little. The couch we have had forever. She had it recovered maybe a decade ago, but otherwise it’s weather lots of storms {kids pooping, throwing up, etc. ha} and still looks great. My parent’s motto about life has really become mine as well: Buy quality pieces and have them for life. It’s so much more worth it in the end. I would much rather have one nice couch that lasts me 30 years than a dozen cheap couches that I have to replace all the time.

If you turn to your right from the Living Room, you will walk into the Library. It could actually be a bedroom as it has an attached bath w/shower. I always told my parents that if I had ever lived in this house, this would be my room. It has a lovely patio out the french doors and when it rains the view {and sound} is breathtaking.

These couches are also from when my parents first were married, as are the curtains and pillows. The couches have been recovered. The lovely French bookcase is not built in {although it looks like here}…they found it at a local antique store.

If you turn to the left from the Living Room you would walk into the Dining Room area. The Dining Room area is actually separated from the kitchen by a very small wall, they are very close to each other. This table is another example of buying nice pieces and having forever. They have had this table pretty much my entire life.

My dad is famous for doing beautiful beam work in ceilings. He loves to use old planks and pieces of wood he finds laying around. Some areas of the house are old planks from a barn that used to stand on the property.

The Kitchen area is where everyone usually hangs out. There is a movie theater in the house, but they never use it. They watch all their movies on a small screen in the family room area. These couches, again, are very old. I would say at least 25 years old. They have never been recovered, my mom purchased them at Pierre Duex in the city. She loved, loved, loved that store. I spent many hours there with her as a kid.

Anyway, the kitchen is beautiful as you can see. The bar stools we have had since I was a child. They used to spin around…and my brother and I would have competitions on who could spin the fastest. I remember one time eating a snowball {those coconut covered squishy treats??} and then spinning on these chairs and making myself SO SICK. ha. My dad had to cut them down to fit this bar area, so they don’t spin anymore. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. ha.

The Master bedroom as a breathtaking view. The mirror that hangs over the table there was my Nannie’s. I always joke with my mom that I am going to sneak in some time and steal it. It is so beautiful and it makes you look like a toothpick. ha. It’s kinda distorted in your favor!! :)

 And the master bath. The ceiling is faux painted like a blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the bottom story of this house, which houses two more bathrooms, two bedrooms, a workout room, the movie theater and the laundry room. Maybe someday I will run over and take pictures of it all. I’m not really sure how much longer my parents will stay at this house. They are beginning to bulid on other properties and will probably sell this one if the right buyer came along. That makes me just a tad sad, I guess. As I said before, they have stayed in this house the longest out of any house they have ever had, and it’s become a sort of home to all of us, I think. But on the flip side, the stairs leading down to the second story are very steep and slippery. I worry so much about them falling down the stairs. I know that’s crazy, but I fell down them once {long story, ha} and I was bruised for weeks. Crazy how you start worrying about your parents once you get older. :)

All in all, I want to say publicly to my parents how proud of them I am. They are so classy and do things right. They have always made me look good and trained me well. I am so thankful for them. Also, they taught me that you CAN raise kids in a nice environment. Our houses always looked like this and we survived. ‘Course my mom spent most of her life cleaning and my dad spent most of his life yelling, “Keep your hands off the walls!!” hah. Oh and we did get a good spray down at the backdoor with the garden hose before we were let inside the house. No kidding. My parents are awesome!! ha. I love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for letting me share your house with my friends.


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6 thoughts on “House Tour: My Parent’s House

  1. 1
    ashley says:

    oh my…….this is stunning Amy! the view is awesome and the house is also very home-y. love this blog post! what a great team they make~

  2. 2
    Kelley says:

    Thanks not only for this breathtaking tour, but also for the memories, advice, and loving perspective as your parents’ child. Hope you have lots of pictures of happy times here with your kiddos for their memories and reflections as well.

  3. 3
    Deloris says:

    Thank you for the tour, I would love to live in this house, the kitchen is great.

  4. 4

    Oh my – their house is amazing!!

  5. 5
  6. 6
    Amie says:

    Wow! And that kitchen…swoon!!!

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