House Tour: Evelyn’s Room

So I took a little break here from sharing the house stuff with you. Wasn’t really intentional, but I had a couple crazy days {what’s new, right?} and then I posted this post, and I couldn’t really get over how sweet you guys were. And then I listed this hoodie and life got crazy. Did you read about the manufacturing? Well, if you did, in that post I said I was going to have a blog up Monday showing off Evy’s room….

Ummmm… well, I edited all the pictures and was getting ready to put them into the post when photoshop when bonkers on me and I lost Yup. So awesome, right?!? Ha!!! All you gotta do is laugh at that point. Anyway, it’s taken me a day or so to get over and it be willing to move on {hehe}…

So Evy’s room…I adore this room. It’s not perfect. To be honest…it really needs more sprucing up and decorating, but I just don’t really do that sort of thing. Remember me telling you about how I felt about knick knacks? Well, that’s probably why this room is so plain. I just feel like extra things scattered around makes her room seem more of a museum and not a place she can play, so I leave the things that are out as toys only.

Oh, and on that note…we don’t have a play room, and none of the kids toys are anywhere other than their rooms. I just like to keep things where they belong and having toys not scattered around the house has really helped me stay focused, especially since I work from home. But with that said, both the kids rooms get VERY VERY messy, VERY fast. Which means we have to clean up every night. The way the room looks in these photos is NOT how this looks on a daily basis, ha. onto the room. Here’s what you see when you first walk in the door:

I love these soft colors, blues, pinks, greens…she had the same colors in her nursery. I adore the light shining through and how bright it is in here. What I CAN’T stand is the rug, but we won’t discuss that one…haha

Her bed…

It’s an Ikea bed we found off of craigslist. It can be either a toddler bed or a twin, and we made it a twin. It was cream, but Brandon spray painted it white, of course! ha. The bookcase next to her bed is from Target and the hope chest at the foot of her bed was my grandmother’s…it came all the way from Wales! It’s so special to me, chippy paint and all!

If you move from the right you can see the door to the hallway, and then nasty 1980′s bathroom {hehe}….I know bare walls, oh boy!

Behind the door is this amazing built in book shelf that is kinda cluttered with books right now. My parents and my sister came over after we moved with giant boxes full of books. Some were mine, and others were my sisters and her kids, but I’ve got them all now. ha. Being the book lover I am, I absolutely CANNOT give or toss any of them away. Curse of being a book lover, I guess. :(

If you go further to the right there is the closet and Evy’s dresser…which was my dresser 36 years ago. It’s failing apart and not in the best shape, but I guess I’m too sentimental to take it out. The ribbon board I made here, and I just plopped it there when we moved. I probably should mount it on the wall…someday. ha. The kitchen was another craigslist find…Pottery Barn Kids at half the price! Yay!

The framed picture is from here. I really want Evy to know that she is beautiful and handcrafted by the Lord….something I struggled/struggle with quite often as a young girl and as an adult.

A few more special detail shots…these owls are on her rocking chair. OH…a note about the rocking chair, I really want to take this out and put in a small table and chairs for her to have tea parties on, BUT…she STILL has to rocked to sleep. Yes, you heard me. She is so spoiled. She gets rocked for 5 mins every night, even if she doesn’t fall asleep, that makes her happy and if I don’t do it, its a big deal. Part of me hates it, the other part of me loves it. So special. ;)

So the owls are from her nursery and a reminder of why we called our business Evy’s Tree. :)

And of course, we have to have her original pillow. It was the only thing she would sleep on as a baby.

And in closing, I have to show you how the room looks with the bed not made. Honestly? We hardly ever make our beds around here. Rachel Ashwell said once that a bed should look just as pretty unmade as it does made. I agree one hundred percent, and I think this room is good proof of it. hah.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed our little tour!

Oh and PSSSTT….. HUGE sale going on in the shop!

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3 thoughts on “House Tour: Evelyn’s Room

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    Stephanie Duncan says:

    Jadynne and I were reading through and taking the tour of Evys room and she kept pointing at all the little things but especially that kitchen saying Mommy I want that for Christmas, lol kids ! But I love the pink framed saying and I bought it for Jadynnes room, such an important thing for our girls to grow up seeing and remember always !

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    stephanie says:

    I love this. Where is the comforter from?

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