House Goals: A Little Sneak Peek Into My Home

 Ever feel like you look at your home and think, “I need to change that” and then “Hmm…I wonder when I’ll get to that?” immediately follows? Yeah, well, I do that. ALL.THE.TIME. I am a horrible procrastinator and I hate it. I always end up cramming all my wonderful ideas into one day right before a big party or something {remember our open house?} and it’s KILLER and makes my family HATE me in the end {well, not really….I hope}.

So the other day, as I was picking up the house, I decided I would take some notes on the things I wanted to change/fix/replace/update blah blah. And I made a decision I would try to finish these things by Christmas. To keep myself accountable, I am going to blog about them. Hopefully this will hold me to it.

Before I start though, I want to say one thing….it really does bother me at times that I even feel disatisfied with certain areas in my home. I live in a home I really don’t deserve to live in and I feel so beyond blessed to have what we have. Have you seen our kitchen?!?! AMAZING. I am so happy with it. And everything else for that matter. But, as my mom reminds me often, a woman likes to make her home a “home” and the only way to do that is to create a space you love. So, I have to understand that wanting to make my home a home does not mean I am ungrateful. :)

Ok, so now let’s get to this list:

1. Remodel Guest Bathroom

This is a horrible picture, sorry about that…anyway none of us can understand why in the world this bathroom has such a large vanity and never included a shower. So strange to all of us, especially my builder dad and my contractor father in law. The house is 5 bedrooms, and one is right next to this bathroom, which we use as the guest bedroom since it is all the  way across the house from the rest of us. Technically, I believe this guest room was meant to be an office, which I guess would make sense why this bathroom doesn’t have a shower.

ANYWAY…our very first thing to accomplish is this bathroom. We are going to gut it and start over, putting a pedestal sink and shower in here.

2. Paint Dining Room Table and Bench

Not really much said here. The poor table was supposed to painted months ago. I’m going back and forth about color, so I’ll keep you posted on what I do there. As far as that bench, isn’t it beautiful? I found it on craigslist, a sweet man here in town makes them. I’m going to paint it too. Yay!

3. Replace Carpet in Hallway

This is our entry way. The hallway to the left there leads down to our bedrooms.

As I mentioned before, this home was a foreclosure and the bank was so kind to come in and “fix” it up a bit. They painted the walls the lovely color of pale yellow bile and laid down this fabulous grade CRUD-O-LA carpet. See how well it’s wearing and we’ve literally only lived here 6 months. Since it was new and livable we left the carpet in when we moved, but I can’t stand it for much longer.

So our #2 thing to do is rip up the carpet and carry the hardwood through this hall. And since my husband is such a pro at installing hardwood thanks to the kitchen, it should be a cinch, right? ha.

4. Decorate Master Bedroom

What needs to be done:

1. Build in window seat

2. Slipcover Nannie’s 1970′s chair

3. Paint side tables

4. Sew new drapes

5. Fix lighting {chandelier and lamps}

5. Kitchen Desk

I love this desk, hate how it collects all the cluter. People walk in from the garage there and dump everything on this desk {ok when we say people I mean me. ha}. Anyway, I also want to make this a working a desk…a place where I can work on home things outside of my studio, sort of a family command center. I have an idea of what I want to do and I”ll give you a little hint…that darling vintage wooden file holder has something to do with it.

6. Revamp Living Room

I love this room. It sits right off the kitchen and the entry way. Here is the entrance to the living room from the entry way. The doors are amazing.

See that empty corner there? It’s waiting for my Nannie’s Piano which is at my brother’s house still needing to be picked up, once I get it I am going to paint it, I think. These poor little couches are the same couches my room mate and I had in our apartment before I was married. They are in DIRE need of new slipcovers and pillows. I also need a rug in here. It just needs a little updating and coming together.

Well, that’s it everyone! Hold me to it! I’ll keep you updated!

Big hugs xoxo

4 thoughts on “House Goals: A Little Sneak Peek Into My Home

  1. 1
    serena says:

    Thanks for sharing your projects! I LOVE all the white!!!! I keep telling my husband that we should paint the whole house white, that way the art on the walls will pop even more ;) we’ll settle for an little update using grey and a lovely tomato red for now.

  2. 2
    Summer says:

    I have started doing the same thing Amy! I have a list as well….it definitely makes it not seem so overwhelming! Good luck…your house is beautiful and I love seeing all the pictures…=)

  3. 3
    jenni says:

    what a great idea to make a list of all the things you want to do! mine would be endless and i fear that if i made one it would be too long for me to tackle, so my solution?! don’t do any of it! ha! i joke {kind of}!

    your home is beautiful! it takes a long time to get it just right!

  4. 4
    stephanie Duncan says:

    I love all of your ideas, but you really got me laughing at the bile yellow paint, and the cheap-o-la carpet ! :) We to bought a bank owned forclosure end of February and have the same paint and almost same carpet :/ I also want hardwood floors and have alreay met with our painter, now to find the pile of cash somewhere to do it all ! :/ I vacuum daily and our carpet is wearing horribly ! O well one thing at a time ! :)

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