Hoodie Pop Monday {on tuesday….}

Yes, we are running a bit behind…the heater went our in our studio this weekend, so we had to cut our work day short on Monday, due to some very frozen fingers. But we are up and running now, and the heat is seeming to hang in there with us today. We are getting a new system tomorrow, so we are EXCITED! :)

A while back we introduced Hoodie Pop Monday. It was initially supposed to be for us to show you pictures we have found of famous people wearing hoodies….although we have found a ton of pictures, we keep neglecting to post them, and let’s be honest, what does it really matter anyway?? ha. Seriously, I don’t care who wears what I love, as long as I love it, so we’ve come up with a new idea for Hoodie Pop Monday.

When we left our home in Stockton, I left a wonderful team behind. That was, bar none, up on my list as one of the hardest things to leave. Thankfully, my team of seamstresses still want to work for me, so we have to change our system up a bit. Due to the fact that we only do bi monthly drop off and pick ups, we no longer can offer preorders. The reason being the turnaround time would run into almost 4 weeks….I was just not comfortable with this. Our 2-3 week turnaround time was too long for me as it was, so I came up with a new idea.

Every Friday at 10 AM PDT, we will list as several styles and sizes of new available hoodies. These are the items that my seamstresses have dropped off. They have all been inspected by me and will will ship no later than within 3-5 business days. From now on, we will only ship what we have in our hands.

We hope this will help you gauge your shopping times accordingly, and make you excited about a quicker turnaround time. We have had mixed responses to the turnaround…some don’t mind waiting, other prefer it quicker…feel free to weigh in on your thoughts on that in the comment section! :)

So every Monday, I will highlight what we will be listing on Friday. Sometimes I will give you sizes but I will always give you styles. The styles coming will be marked “coming soon” in the shop so you know what is coming. So far this week we will have a mixture of sizes in the following:

Chocolate Ronnies for ADULT men, sizes S-XL

Marbles for Men and Kids, full size run for kids, med, large and XL for mens.

Mini Grey Ruffle Cardigans for kids sizes 2-6

Adult Ruffle Grey Cardigans, full size run

Eggplant and Navy Ruffle Cut Off, full size run.

Coffee Bean Brilla, Size small and medium, one each

Polka Dance Brilla, size small and medium

Black Jackie with Mrs Darcy Brooch, full size run, including one Unisex XXlarge, which fits sizes 20-22!

We’ll see you Friday, November 11 at 10 AM PDT in our shop {HERE}. xoxo

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