Honesty About Evy’s Tree

…I figure since I’ve already spilled the beans regarding my business, I might as well continue, right? ha. oh boy.

Don’t know what’s going on with Evy’s Tree? Please read HERE.

So here’s the scoop…sales really dropped this weekend. No biggie, that’s the norm on the weekend, especially during the summer when everyone is out having fun {great weather = bad online sales}. As of today, we have 23 days left and are about 1/4 of the way there. Pretty amazing for one week! Outstanding, in fact. THANK YOU everyone!! I’m just praying it can keep it up.

I really, really feel that Evy’s Tree is in God’s hands. I feel that way 100%. If this is not what I am supposed to be doing, I am A-Ok with that, and that’s the truth. There is nothing better than being in God’s will, and I know this. BUT…I really, really hope and pray that Evy’s Tree can pull itself out. I love this job. I love you guys. You all are amazing. :)

I restocked a couple things and added a few more oldies. I’m adding these slowly so that my seamstesses can make sure they handle all the orders, so keep checking back. In case you are wondering, I am attempting to use up everything I have on my shelves without placing an American Apparel order, so I am going through all the hoodies and the material I have and then deciding what I can make.  I restocked the following hoodies {they will all be preorder prices and have a 4 week turnaround time}: Chevron, The Men’s and mini Marbles, the White Simple and the White Lacey, the Black Night hoodie and added the Bella Brilla

And the men’s Italian in Cranberry {good Lord, I love these two handsome men! :)}

The White Rabbit Zip Up

And the Purple Giraffe Brilla in both adult and kids

A note about the purple giraffe…I do not have this lavender color fabric. I only have a deep purple fabric, so this hoodie will be made with that. Also, I added Unisex 2XL, which will fit sizes 20-22. Hope that helps!!!

Lastly, a note about the prices: I did some number crunching before I reopened the shop and figured out the lowest price I can charge for all the hoodies I have either made or needing to be made up. Everything is cheaper than regular retail price by either $5-$20. I really wanted to make them affordable for you all, but yet high enough to enable us to reach our goal. This is the reason I had to turn off all the discount codes as well…since I already marked everything down, I wouldn’t be able to make it if I allowed the discount codes to come through as well. I hope that makes sense and thank you so much for your understanding.

Big hugs to you all thank you for all your help to save Evy’s Tree!!


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