Hello World…

….Is anybody out there?
Uh yeah, I’ve been busy. Amazingly. So much so that I hate myself sometimes, ha. Have you ever been there? Where you wonder how in the world you got yourself into all the things you are doing and how in the world can you get yourself out?
I have so much to blog about, to keep record of. But I am at my parents and my computer won’t hook up to the internet, so I am typing on hers, hence no pics so the long blog posts will have to come later. Here is a little nutshell:
1. Do you remember me mentioning {not sure if it was on this blog or Evy’s Tree} that I received my largest order of American Apparel hoodies about two weeks ago? Well, I did. It was insane. Seriously. About 15 boxes littered my house. My wonderful husband and my dad spent two days reorganizing the garage so they would fit. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures.
2. So Jake LOVED his first day of school. Hated his second. Cried like a baby and wouldn’t let go of me. The teacher had to peel him off my legs. So depressing. Same with the third day. But by the fourth day, he was a pro. THANK GOD. Anyway, pics to come of that as well.
3.  My Evy’s Tree photo shoot. Oh wow, what a day. To read more about it click here. That whole things seriously kicked me in the toushy. But I can’t wait to see the pics!
4. I got a new laptop! My desktop is ancient and with all the online work I was doing, I figured I better invest in something good. So I got a Mac. No sure how I feel about that yet- although I do miss my PC, I have to say, that little MacBook is pretty cool. Why do I feel like a traitor?
5. Several months back Brandon was asked to speak at a college age conference in Orlando, Florida. I was so excited because we went to Orlando for our honeymoon and we thought how fun it would be if I went with him and then we spent a couple days in Disneyworld. We bought the tickets, had it all planned but then I COULD NOT find childcare for the kiddos on Thursday and Friday. And my life has been so busy…in fact, I will be out of town the next two weekends, so if I went to Florida, then that would be THREE weekends away from kiddos. I felt like a horrible mom. So on Wednesday, the day before we were supposed to leave, I canceled my ticket. 
Kinda sad. 
But I feel right. I hope I’m not the only parent who has canceled an amazing trip for the kids? Anyway, Brandon is in Florida and I miss him! :( I am sure he is doing an outstanding job. Wish I could have heard him speak.
6. Jake has hit an oppositional stage in life. What I mean by that is he fights me on EVERYTHING. Is this normal? Any experienced parents want to offer a word of advice? He gets super angry whenever I try to tell him what to do and just becomes so difficult, argues with you, etc. ugh. HELP! 
7. So I literally have been working on Evy’s Tree from sun up to sun down. I wonder how in the world there can be so much to do, but my list just grows every day. My dad likes to remind me {almost daily} that growing a little business is super hard work and I work harder now than I ever have. 
All this work has made me forget a couple things, and the main one is, plucking my eyebrows! Yes, I know that’s crazy, but when I got here to my parents and looked in my mom’s massive magnifying mirror, you know the one with all the lights, I about died when I saw my eyebrows had grown a forest. Why hadn’t anyone told me? I have probably been walking around that way for weeks! 
I also got a good face picking in while staring in that mirror. Darn mirror! Anyway, here’s my eyebrows. Looking MUCH better, although my poor skin took a beating last night tonight. ha.
Well, I guess that is it for now. I am going to take the kids for an exploring walk. My parents property is beautiful and is blanketed by a thick heavy layer of coastal fog. We’re all going to be bundled up while looking for wildlife. ha. Thank God. It’s like a furnace back home!
Happy Labor day weekend to everyone!
Oh PS…yesterday was my younger brother’s , Brad, birthday. And on Tuesday is my older brother’s birthday, Jeff. Happy birthday to the two old men! 

6 thoughts on “Hello World…

  1. 1
    SoShawna says:

    Hello darling. True friends love you even when your eyebrows compete with 1990's Brooks Shields. I should know because you are still MY friend! But missing days of your blog…?? Well I don't know, I think you are treading on thin ice by ignoring the blog world.

  2. 2
    Dear Lillie says:

    Haha – I think I like reading your blog so much because I feel like I am reading my life except much more well-written than if I tried to write it! I soooo feel you on getting yourself into so many things that you want to scream and wonder how you can get out of some of them. And the eyebrows – you should see mine! I have never been good about taking care of them and now with Lillie, Dear Lillie, and morning sickness ALL personal upkeep has gone out the window. I generally look like a major slob and I am sure anyone that saw me would NEVER believe I sell clothes for a living. Haha! And Jake! I think I have told you before but every time you write about him I feel like Lillie is a mini version of him. She just started this week with not wanting help with ANYTHING and go bananas when we try to help her with something. At home it is annoying but we can discipline her – out in public – ahhhhh – that's a whole 'nother story! I am dying to see all of your pictures from the photo shoot! Hope you have a wonderful time at your parents. A walk in the fog sounds absolutely heavenly right now!

  3. 3
    Jenni says:

    yay for a new laptop – when we first got our mac, i felt like a bit of a traitor too, until i fell in love! and you know what they say…once you go mac, you never go back! i am a mac snob at this point and if i have to get on a pc, i cringe!

    glad your little man is adjusting to school, it is so hard to leave them when they are clinging to you like that!

    i can't wait to see pictures of the photo shoot!

    i miss you, but understand how life is so busy! i feel like i have been neglecting my little blog, but school is SO CRAZY BUSY! less teachers this year, but higher expectations, i am sure you remember.

    talk soon!

  4. 4
    Mande says:

    Love you Amy!!! I would have done the same thing- and I have cancelled plans in the past for the sake of the kiddos. I think that makes us mamas of the year- don't you? You are such an inspiration and a truly amazing friend. Hugs to you and hope you enjoy your holiday weekend too. (Oh, & my brows rival the 1990's Brookes too. I am in serious need of some mama maintenance). xo

  5. 5
    Kelley says:

    Over the past several days I have read every single post of AotMFamily, which I discovered after I: 1. Clicked "Stats" on my blog (something I'd never looked at before); then, 2. Saw the link to your blog at Jessica Marquez's. (I, too, am a foreign missionary.)

    Previous to clicking "Stats" and reading your blog, I contemplated ceasing to blog because I was getting bored with it. Your blog shined new light into my boredom, and I decided to give Kelley Highway a fresh attitude. Whoa. Bet you never imagined doing that, huh? After raising two daughters to adulthood, I have a lot to share. God's better to me than anyone else.

    Thanks, Amy, for your "brutal honesty" and for letting the beauty of God's love shine through your life transparently.

    I'm on the Web at kelleyhighway.blogspot.com and you can check out all our photos at the UPCI's site by doing a foreign missionary search for us, David and Kelley Dibble (Pacific Region Evangelism).

    Hope your Labor Day's swell. Dave'll be out on the golf course with Aaron Soto and I'm staying home here in our RV to craft!


  6. 6
    Amy says:

    ahhh! My faithful blog readers! ha. :) Love you guys. You are all awesome. Miss you too. I am going to try to catch up reading some blogs in the morning. xoxo

    Welcome Kelley! I stopped by your blog! xoxo

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