Happy Birthday Jake!

Today my boy is 5. I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT. You can read a little how I feel in a very rambling and typo filled post I did sometime in the middle of night HERE. ha. Anyway, if you read that post, you saw that Jake has the stomach flu. Holy Cow. I have never seen him so sick. Seriously, that was an adult size stomach flu. Boy, what a way to make mom feel helpless. He is feeling a bit better tonight, thank God. A little fever and isn’t really interested in food, but I can tell he feels a LOT better than he did last night. That was heartbreaking!

I felt so bad he had to miss his class party. He was so excited about the cupcakes. I doubt he’ll be able to go to school tomorrow, so we might have to bust open those cartons and try a couple….if he feels up to it that is. Maybe we’ll take them and pass them out to the neighbors.

I didn’t get to meet up with Brandon. My flight left at 2:40 and at that time Jake was still laying on the floor in a fetal position half dead. I just couldn’t do it. Call me a crazy mom, but I have to answer to God someday about how I did as a mother and I would never forgive myself if I didn’t follow my heart and what I felt was right for my family, you know? I was so sad, there are so many of you beautiful people out there who I have met online or through my husband’s ministry and I have been so excited to meet you in person. Wish I could have made it happen this time. Next time for sure!!

PS…I have been so stressed about trying to get to this trip and Jake being sick that last night I licked the entire jar clean of my Coca Almond butter from Trader Joes. Don’t worry, there wasn’t much in there, but seriously….when you get stressed you eat. Isn’t that in the parenting manual somewhere??! ugh.

So Jake…all year long he has been asking for an ice skating party, so last Friday he got one. He has not gotten over the ice skating we did with Acts29 in Stockton last Winter. {Which, if you Acts29ers remember, was when he broke down screaming and kicking when it was time to get off the ice, right..that one} Anyway, all year he has been saying he wants an ice skating party…and then more recently he started telling us he wanted a Barbie birthday party. This was after he attended his friends Ava and Alyana’s birthday and every gift they got was a Barbie. Must have left an impression on him. Well, you can imagine that we conveniently nixed the Barbie part…thankfully. ha.

 The ice area in Santa Rosa holds years and years of wonderful memories for me. My younger brother started playing hockey when he was 5 and I joined the figure skating team around that time too….we literally LIVED at the ice arena several days after school and every weekend. The Redwood Empire Ice Arena is a bit famous…it was built, owned and operated by Charles Schultz, who was the creator of Snoopy and Peanuts. In fact, “Sparky” as he was so lovingly called, was actually our neighbor….he lived several houses over from our first house we lived in when we moved to Santa Rosa. I have many memories of him sitting by the fireplace in the Warm Puppy Cafe and chatting with my parents and others while we skated. He was a very nice man. Today, they have created a little museum above the gift shop on the campus, where you can learn more about Mr. Schultz and his creations. It’s actually a great place to visit, if you are ever in my area.

Anyway, when I was in high school I stopped skating and really haven’t spent much time at the rink since then{although I still have my skates}, so it was a kick to go back. It looks almost exactly the same. Crazy how they have maintained it. They did a GREAT job hosting a party…the only bummer was we were only allowed 15 kids, so that was KILLER on Jake who wanted to invite the entire school and church practically, but in the end we settled for the boys at school and just three friends from church, and family of course.

He had a blast! I was mobbed by the group of little boys desperately trying to see all the gifts while Jake was opening them…and I’m sure it didn’t help that Jake kept screaming, “Let’s attack my mom guys!” over and over. I’m thinking I need some self defense courses. ha. Jake also got to go in the middle of the hokey pokey and ride the Zamboni at the end. It was fabulous and such a great way to ring in his 5th birthday….

The sign in the Warm Puppy Cafe….

Being sung to….

Being mobbed by all the cutie pre-Kers. 

My girl has her Daddy’s lack of fear. She is SO brave. She begged and begged to “skateboard” so I popped my knee high socks on her {that became instant tights on her} and got her some skates. I’m not kidding when I say she stood up like this ON HER OWN and started walking out to skate. Seriously. She is amazing. Please ignore the pizza on her face. ha. 

Evy and her cousin Lincoln are too peas in a pod. He did the exact same thing as Evy and was a pro. :)

My boy. I LOVE him. Love, Love, Love him. He is so cute.  

Jake and his two best buds from church, Joshua and Marion.

Evy was helped around the ice by her cousin Brookie. Oh boy I love these two.

Evy and her Auntie Bryony. This is Lincoln’s mom, Evy resembles her so much I think, especially in the mouth and nose.

Jake in the middle of the hokey pokey

Getting on the Zamboni. He was a little freaked out and it took some coaxing from Brandon.

But he was soooo excited once on and the rest of the group stood by the side and cheered him on. It was so cute!

I call this the paparazzi photo. I love these two. They’re pretty handsome, yes?

Brandon and Jake

So we had to recreate this picture…somewhere in my computer files is a darling picture of Brandon at his 5th birthday party. I wish I could find it but every time I try to access my external drive my internet goes haywire, so I’m not going to fool with it anymore, but when Brandon had his 5th bday party, his mom lined up all his gifts and had Brandon stand there in front of them, proud as can be. We tried to do that with Jake but all we got was either a dead pan stare or crazy off the wall laughter. So we went with the laughter. Oh boy.I love you Jake! You are so amazing. I thank God every day that I get to have you in my life. You are a shinning star in my world. Happy birthday!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jake!

  1. 1
    jenni says:

    happy birthday sweet boy!!!

  2. 2
    Alisha says:

    I do think you were about to lose it a few times with the gift mob, ha!

    I think there were a few pics of Jude and Josh on your camera skating will you email those to me when you have time? I only got a few on my iphone.

    Give Jake and Evy a hug for us.

    Love you!

    • 2.1
      evystree says:

      ha!! I WAS! I thought I put up a picture of Josh and Jude…I edited one, hmmm wonder where it went? I”ll email them you! love you!

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