Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today my precious little man is four years old. FOUR!?! Can you believe it? I have no idea where time has gone, but I sincerely could not imagine it going at all without this little boy. He truly is so full of excitement every day!
Did I ever mention that Jacob was induced? Well, he was. Not because he was late but because Brandon was scheduled to be out of town the week Jake was due, and although he had a backup plan of not going, my Dr gave me the option of inducing Jake 5 days early. So I took it. I was sick of being pregnant, I mean come on, who isn’t that last week? Right, it’s silly I know. 
Anyway, I went into the hospital the night before the whole procedure and had that cervix loosing stuff. Sorry can’t remember the more polite name for it, but anyway, it kicked my labor in gear and I went from a 1 to a 3 pretty painlessly, in fact I felt practically nothing at all. My Dr came in a broke my water around 3 or 4 cm at 8 am and I was given pictocin. I was in active labor for about 4.5 hours when something went wrong. Jake’s heartbeat stopped. And then it would start again. And then it would stop. 
Alarms went off and nurses came running in, turning me hoping to get Jake back to normal. My Dr came in a few minutes later and quickly informed me of my greatest fear, they were prepping me for a C-section, Jake had the cord wrapped around his neck. I was dilated to a 7. They stopped my labor and rushed me down the hall, passed me onto the cold, sterile operating table and just as the Anesthesiologist was about to give me the spinal tap, my dr hooked Jake’s heartbeat up to the monitor and it was normal. She quickly checked me and I was a 10! I went from a 7 to a 10 in 15 mins. {Did the same with Evy, guess that’s my body’s way of getting things done. :)}.
My Dr, bless her heart, stopped everything, and told me we were going to try to deliver Jake right there on the cold table. 30 minutes of pushing later, I had a long, skinny, screaming boy. He came out talking and really hasn’t stopped talking since! :)
Anyway, I say all that because have you ever thought about how much your children are like their birth stories? Oh boy, that Jacob, he will dilly-dally all day long, but when I pull out the “spoon”, that little boy kicks it into high gear. HA! And Evy, well someday I’ll tell you her birth story, but in a nutshell: she was 6 days early and came in 2 hours. Right. Determined and curious about life would describe that girl. 
So back to Jake, that kid. He is the sweetest thing on the planet. And he will just make your heart melt. At least he will eventually. Before the heart melting he will most likely make you so irritated at him that you could just hand him over to the first gypsy bandwagon to knock on your door {my threat to him constantly, ha}. But I sincerely never could. He is such a keeper and I love him with my whole heart!
So his birthday…
I believe that birthdays should be the best day of the entire year as you usually don’t have to share it with anyone and your parents can afford to spoil you rotten. And Jake got spoiled today. I loved seeing his super happy face all day long. It just made my month!
We started the day off by taking Spiderman cupcakes to Jake’s class…too cute! And we finished the day off with family and Jake got to pick two friends {Ava and Alayna counted as one, ha} over for a superhero themed party which included cake and gifts. Oh, and I’m going to confess here, I am so tired to edit any of these photos. I’m sorry, I’m not the best photographer, but if I wait until I have edited all these pictures to post them, um right, there would never be a post. So brace yourself, but very raw, someone dark and unedited photos coming at ya. Hopefully you can appreciate the spirit of it all! :)
The class waiting for us to arrive…

Getting fitted for his birthday crown… this is Miss Becky, Jake’s teacher. He loves her!

SO excited!
Brandon seemed to think this random picture was very important. ha. Very Toy Story-ish if you ask me. What does this doll do at night?  :)

Seriously the sweetest thing ever. He kept hugging me and saying, “thank you Mommy!!”

 Picking two toys from the birthday box

He chose a silly straw and some sidewalk chalk

Miss Kris helps Jake pass out the cupcakes

Jake’s cubby, with Pug, his fave stuffed dog who went to school with him today and his birthday gift from Miss Becky.

Singing to Jake…

Best day at school, ever!

 Guess what was the first thing he wanted to do when we got home?? ha.

Mumsy and Evy waiting for Jake to open his first gift of the evening before all his friends arrived. 

Yup, a Spiderman costume to wear that night.
Excited to see Grandma

My dear friend Elisha brought her two girls dressed like SuperWoman. Jake was SO EXCITED to say the least! 
The gang, minus cousin Angel, Dylan and Jude. 
L-R: Cousin Scout, Jake, Alayna, Ava, Dawson and Evy

Jude spent most the night searching for the foam letters and trying to run away from Evy, who was so excited to have someone there her size!! :)

WOWSERS! Total chaos!

Wolverine ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

Waiting anxiously for cake and blowing out the candle

Happy group!
Auntie Charity and Uncle Bryson. Did I mention Auntie Charity is about to have a baby any day? She’s looking pretty good to me!

Everyone’s got to check out the gifts!

And the winner gift for the night. THESE TOWELS. I know crazy. My kids needed towels so badly that I ordered two for Jake and one for Evy. She has the mermaid. I have not bought Jake towels since he was a year old and Evy has never had her own. It’s time. 

Dawson loved the pirate one!

Last but not least…the spiderman glove from Elisha and girls. Came complete with two cans of silly string which Brandon promptly started squirting around the house, to the kids delight. Right. You can see my thrilled face in the background!

Thank you to everyone who made Jake’s day super successful and thank you Jacob, for being a part of my life. I love you so much!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jacob!

  1. 1
    Jake and Mandy says:

    So exciting & fun! I can't believe how big he is – he is like a little boy now & no longer a baby. :( FOUR!! WOW!

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    so much fun!!!! i love that he got a spiderman costume and wore it at the party and that the girls dressed up too! to much!

    kyan's birthday is tomorrow, i forgot that the dates of our babies bdays are so close!

  3. 3
    Jenni says:


    How could I forget to say that one?! Oops!

  4. 4
    Kelley says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy, buddy! You're a better mother than me– my kids only got to invite one child per year of their new birthday age. HA

  5. 5
    Emily says:

    You are such a good mommy!!! …wow what a birthday :)
    Happy Birthday Jake!!

  6. 6
    Mande says:

    Happy Birthday Jacob!! Loving his Spider man costume!! You are such a cool mom Amy!! xo

  7. 7
    Collecting Moments of 3 Petites Dames says:

    Amy You are such an awesome mommy & you did such a great job on his party. We Love Jacob so much he is such an awesome little boy & me & the girls are blessed to have him a part of our lives too. Love you all.

  8. 8
    Dear Lillie says:

    Happy Birthday Jacob! Looks like sooooo much fun! Both he and Evy look so adorable!

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