Goodbye School…

…Hello Summer!!

We love school around these parts {when we lived in Stockton, Jake went year round}, so you can imagine my surprise when I actually got excited about Summer vacation a couple weeks back. I guess just being back in Santa Rosa, where I was as a kid, is getting me all excited about lazy summer days outside, swimming in my parents pool, and the overall great weather that Santa Rosa offers during the summer. I have a picture somewhere of my younger brother and me, with our next door neighbors, playing outside in the field by our first Santa Rosa house. I gotta find it, as when I watch Jake and Evy playing in our yard with our neighbor girl, I so vividly remember see that picture in my mind. Super fun.

ANYWAY, school is out. Yesterday was the last day. Even though we were excited, it was kinda sad. I LOVE Jake’s teachers. They are so amazing and have loved Jake so much this year…and put up with him, because you can trust me here- he is NOT an easy student. Seriously. He’s probably the smartest kid on the planet, but boy oh boy, his energy level is off the charts. Those poor teachers. ha.

To thank them, we took Evy’s Tree, of course. :) A little birdie had told me that Mrs. C wanted the Pink Polka Brilla so we sent those for both teachers. I just love these pictures of Jake handing over the gift and Mrs. C opening it. You can see how excited she was!

Mrs. B {the main teacher} has been really, really sick this past weekend, so she wasn’t there in the morning, but she showed up at the end to say goodbye to her class. We were able to snap a picture of Jake with Mrs B after school. We love this lady. A veteran teacher, she will be our school’s preschool director next year. We will miss her in the classroom, but so glad she will still be on campus!

Jake and a couple of his buddies from school. We have made such great friends this year. All the kids are sweethearts! So sad that not all of them are staying at our school for Kinder. :(

And you thought we were excited about summer? Well, my dear, dear friend Heidi…she has been talking about summer for about two months, no kidding! She LOVES it and was so happy it was the last day of school. Her mom, Nancy Grandquist, drove all three kids and Heidi to school on the last day in old Chevy…blasting 50′s music. They even did Joshua’s hair like a greaser. They are such crack ups!

So here’s to summer vacation friends!! Any of you have some great, cheap, suggestions for ┬ákid summer activities? We’re trying not to spend any money on camps this summer to save for school next year. YIKES!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye School…

  1. 1
    Nonny says:

    I wish my kids weren’t grown….but I would take my kids to all of the workshops that Home Depot, Lowe’s, Michael’s, Barnes and Noble, and JoAnne’s Crafts offers. And I am sure there are many others!
    What a blast! :o)

  2. 2
    jane says:

    Pinterest… do a search for: 100 free things to do with your kids this summer

    great list!

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