God Looks On The Heart

I think one of the easiest things to do is judge others and compare to yourself. I find I do this, sometimes, without even thinking. I find most Christians in general struggle with this. And why not, I guess? We are striving to live a Christlike life {which is sometimes mistakenly translated: Perfection}, and in our race to do what HE asks us to do, we sometimes fall into the pitfall of thinking “holier than thou” thoughts. I know, it’s hard to confess this, but there it is. I will speak for myself here, at least.

This past week I felt myself struggling with thoughts along these lines. I went back and forth between, “I’m not good enough, I’ve made too many mistakes, I have no idea what I’m doing in life” to “Thank God I’m not like HER. She’s a nightmare.”

Confession. It’s good for the soul, right?

I have felt the Lord deal with me about these things recently. Sometimes He is showing me how HUMAN I am. How I can’t do things on my own. How when I try live this life without Him I make a big mess of it. And how He is full of grace and mercy and will pick up the pieces when I have made a mess of things. Like my dad. You know how Dad’s do that? Well, that’s what HE’S like. It’s powerful.

He also shows us how important it is to look at the heart. Because if you were to look at my life during these times when I’ve tried to do things on my own, you’d think I’m a DISASTER. You’d think {or judge} that I’m a huge failure and you’d probably witness some of these mistakes that I make first hand. Pretty sure you’d not want to be my friend if you looked on the outside during these times.

And then sometimes…when life is going good…you might look at me and think, “oh wow, look at her life. She is so lucky. She has this and that {you fill in the blank}. Her business is booming, her kids are all put together, and her husband is blowing up.”

I can say this because these are the things when I look at YOU. Pretty sure that’s how many of you think when you look at some of those around you. I know this isn’t the first time we have talked about this subject here, but in this highly visually stimulating world, I feel it bears repeating. Looks can be deceiving. The OUTWARD can be deceiving. Because remember…God looks on the heart.

I was given a very good reminder of this last week. I had something happen with another mom’s reaction to Jake’s enthusiasm {craziness ha}that made me sooo frustrated. The protective mom in me was ready to let her know how I really felt about the situation {and her, ha}. But after I had a long text chat with another friend close to the situation {thanks friend, you know who you are}, I was reminded, “we all have our struggles” and I have no idea what that particular mom was going through that may have caused her to react that way. I really have NO IDEA what her heart is like. I only saw the outward…which is deceiving.

Today I sat down and read about Samuel anointing David to be king, and the following passages when David slays Goliath. So crazy as the last couple months I have been so addicted to the Old Testament, where for years and years growing up, I had such a hard time reading and connecting to the Old Testament. But lately, oh boy, it totally speaks right to me!

And you know what hit me…how HUMAN David was. I know, this is not new news. But I love the whole way Samuel questions God. Like, “Really, God? THIS KID?!”. And I love how David blows everyone’s minds by killing Goliath. He’s so you and me {ok, well, ME at least, you might be perfect, ha ;) }….he’s easily angry, misunderstood, impulsive {“I’ll kill that giant!”} and confident. And then as he becomes king and matures, he is still misunderstood …people think he’s perfect, look at his successes and are surprised at his failures.

Oh boy I love that David.

Because here’s the deal: I feel like him so much. So misunderstood some times. And other times I feel like I can conquer the world. And then sometimes I feel like looking at people and feeling sorry for myself…thinking they have succeeded and I haven’t. That I’m a huge fauilre as a mom, as a business woman, I’m not as pretty as them, or I as creative as someone else. My house doesn’t look like hers or my blog is poop compared to theirs. My business should be booming like that one, or how come her kids are more well behaved? Yes, I struggle too.

And David is SUCH a good reminder that you should never, EVER, look on the outward. You should always look at the heart. Because things are never, EVER how they seem. Until you walk in someone else’s shoes {right text chat friend?? :) }….

“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height…. The Lord does not look at the things mans looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 17:7-8

Big hugs friends. xoxo

3 thoughts on “God Looks On The Heart

  1. 1
    stefanie montijo says:

    That was beautiful and VERY true. Thanks.

  2. 2

    Thank you for this post! I just completed my devotional tonight on David and this was a confirmation for me of somethings I was brewing on!! What an awesome example you gave about how we compare with David… I’ve never heard it this way before, it really spoke to me! Loved it, needed it! God Bless!!

  3. 3
    Julia Manners says:

    Thank you..very thing I was praying about this morning..I enjoy your blogs..they are real and raw..and always make me smile.

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