Geometric Brillas…and a Cardigan

Well hello again everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! After I blogged last my husband insisted that we go away for a day, and we did! We went up to Sacramento on Friday and had a great time. You can read more about that on my family blog HERE.
Anyway, onto the Spring previews!! I have one more post {and giveaway!!} after this one to show you. And then…
One size run ONLY of each of the previewed items last week and this week will be listed on my etsy site Friday, February 9 at 1 PM PST. These will be preorder only and will have a 3 week turnaround time.
I want to clarify that only one size run of each item {that means S-XL, Unisex L and Unisex XL if available} will be listed. Once that is sold, I will list each item as inventory comes, with a 3-5 day turnaround time, throughout the the rest of the month. Some items will be available sooner than others. Hopefully I will have inventory of all items by March 1.
If you have questions regarding these items, feel free to email me:
Now for today….more Brillas!! :)
Giraffe Brilla
Well, I had mentioned a while back that I was going to pair the Giraffe with turquoise, but when Kelsey and I started sewing them up, we realized we just didn’t think it popped. And when we looked around, we noticed we had a lot of blue, so guess what? All you who loved the previous zebra brilla will be super excited about this….
They are available in adult sizes S-XL, Unisex L and XL
Mini sizes 2-10
The Blue Zig Zag Brilla
For those of you who loved the Candy Corn Brilla {which there are few left on sale, BTW}, you will love the Blue Zig Zag.
Available in adult sizes S-XL and unisex Large and XL
Mini sizes 2-10
The Black Night Brilla
So I orginally wanted to name this the Black Licorice, but since I decided to do that, I have come across like 5 other homemade beauties with that name, so in effort to not copy, I went with The Black Night. Because this hoodie reminds me of a nice, casual evening out.
Available in adult sizes S-XL, Unisex Large and Unisex XL
Independence Brilla
Confession: this hoodie really should be saved for July 4. But I have be honest, I don’t do holiday hoodies very well, as you all know. So you all will have the opportunity to buy it now and save it if you wish, or wear it now, if you’d like. I don’t have much of this material, so I’d buy it now if you like it.
Available in adult sizes S-XL, Unisex Large and Unisex XL
Mini size 2-10
I have had quite a few people ask for 3/4 length sleeves on the hoodies. Starting Friday, there will be a 3/4 length option in the shop. For $7 you can make any of the hoodies shown 3/4 length, all you have to do is purchase the listing along with the hoodie and I will know to shorten the sleeves for you. Please allow an extra week, on top of the regular turnaround time, for your item to ship.
And lastly…
I am so excited about this next one. Evy’s Tree is expanding this Spring, as you will see tomorrow, to some made from scratch clothing items. To add to Evy’s Tree collection, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a cardigan. Although I did not make the cardigan from scratch, it has been embellished by the Evy’s Tree team. I will have this cardigan in charcoal black as well, sometime next month.
Available in adult sizes XS-L {they do run a bit big}
Mini 2-6
Whew! Ok now…would you like to win one of these hoodies/cardigan? Well, here’s what you do:
1. Click “Share” under this photo that is listed on FB…
… and tell all your friends about Evy’s Tree, then come back and comment under the photo ON FACEBOOK saying you did. You can share every day if you like!
2. Blog about this blog post TODAY or over the weekend or every day if you’d like, using at least one of the pictures from his post and link back to this site, then come back and comment on this post saying you did. 
3. Follow this blog and say that you do under this blog post = extra point
4. Tweet this giveaway and come back and say you did on this blog post=extra point. Can be done daily.
Giveaway for one of these hoodies will end Thrusday at 9AM PST. I will pick TWO winners on Thursday and name those winners in that tomorrow’s last Spring Preview Giveaway blog post.
And the winners of your choice of Pink Polka Dot Brillas are:
And the winner of the Blog post is:
{Sorry I forgot to take a screen shot of the generator! ugh}
If the winners could please email me at to let me know which hoodie you would like and your address. Please allow 3 week to recieve your winnings.
Thanks everyone who played along! I hope you enjoyed it! See you all tomorrow…


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