Well, tonight its supposed to freeze here, so like a good horticulturist {haha} I ran out about an hour ago and covered my beloved not so little meyer lemon bush and my orange tree. While I was out there freezing {and realizing that my lemon bush is GIANT now…seriously! I had to use a queen size sheet instead of the twin I used last year!!}, I started thinking about all those people out there who didn’t have a lovely home like mine to keep warm in. The only ones freezing in our house would be the plants.
And for that I am so thankful. 
I am beyond, beyond blessed. Aren’t you? 
Healthy family, warm lovely home, food {even its mac and cheese or top ramen, ha}, clothes {even if its Evy’s Tree, Evy’s Tree, ugh}
and seriously the cutest kids on the planet
and the best husband EVER
So Lord, just a quick prayer for those who are freezing tonight out there. Keep them safe. And if there is anyone who is “freezing” inside…they might have a home, a family, but feel something is missing, I pray they would find You. 
….and I attempted to load pictures, but blogger hates me tonight, so this might be the blah looking post ever posted by me. ha. :) 
God bless you all!

3 thoughts on “Freezing

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    Jaime @ Like a Bubbling Brook says:

    You have a meyer lemon tree?!! Oh, the joys of living in CA! Poor thing would never survive in Chicagoland. *sigh*

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Amy! xoxo

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    Dear Lillie says:

    What a great post! Yesterday I was bemoaning that we have no good natural light in our house for taking pictures because we live in a townhouse and then was immediately convicted and realized what in the world was I complaining about. We have a beautiful home filled with love, warmth and have plenty to eat when there are so many out there who don't even have the basic necessities!

    Argh – blogger was hating me last night too! I couldn't for the life of me get my photos to upload – it kept saying server error! I thought I was going to scream! I finally uploaded them a different way which was soooo annoying but it worked. I am hoping it will be back to normal next time I post.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with you beautiful family!

  3. 3

    Would anyone who has been a part in the program from the beginning mind sending me copies of the prior letters? I’m signed up now but unfortunately did not hear of this until now. Many, many thanks in advance.

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