Food Friday: Tuna with Dill on Toasted Sourdough

Welcome to our first every linky party!

I have no idea how this will go or if we will even get one link up, but no matter, it’s a fun thought and I have loved trying to give this a whirl. Just a little history: I started Food Friday on my blog over a year ago to document/share my recipes with my friends and family and to hold myself accountable to actually cook and think more about food for my family rather than work right through dinner time and serve mac and cheese instead {I’m REALLY good at that! ha :)}. My Food Friday posts focus on a meal I love, a tip I have learned or a restaurant or specific food I love and/or discover.

I decided to make Food Friday a link up party when talking to some newly married girls and young mothers…they all told me how much they love my Food Fridays and how desperate they are for new easy and fun recipes to try. I remembered what it was like as a newly married girl and then as a new mom spending hours researching recipes for my family. But really, who has time for that now a days? I thought wouldn’t it be great if we had a bunch of yummy recipes right here every week that we could all try every now and then. It gives us a chance to meet each other and enjoy all your foods, and allows some of us to meet who would never actually meet before. Sounds like fun to me, how about you?

So I hope you link up! I will be pinning all your recipes into the my Food Friday board on Pinterest, so make sure you include a good picture! And make sure you insert the Food Friday button into your post….you can use a post from the past or make a new Food Friday post every week, but just include the button!

Now without further adieu, I want to tell you about one of my favorite childhood recipes: Tuna with Dill on Toasted Sourdough. Don’t get turned off by the title…I know Tuna is definitely a subject not everyone agrees on, but I have known people who HATED tuna before they tried this recipe and now love it. It really is sooo good. This particular sandwhich always ended up in my lunch pail, and kids at school would get so excited when I brought it and would beg for bites. I’m not kidding!

So here’s what you need:

Tuna With Dill On Toasted Sourdough

{If you are going to put this in your child’s lunch, skip the toasting part}

1 Can of Tuna



Sourdough bread

Spreadable butter



Lettuce and tomato {optional}

Open the can of tuna, drain and put in a bowl with a very large spoonful of mayo and LOTS and LOTS of dill. It will look like this:

Mix ingredients. You want to break up the chunks of tuna and mix in the mayo and dill until it is all blended. You will continue to add mayo until the mixture is no longer dry and you find a consistency you like. The more mayo the better for me, but it’s not entirely healthy, so I try to cut back there. ha.

After you mix the tuna, take a piece of sourdough bread and toast to your desired toastiness {FYI, I suggest not toasting too much, the bread gets hard and hurts your mouth. ha}. Then lather on the butter {yes, LATHER, I know not healthy}

Cut in half and add the tuna to one side

Then add your lettuce and tomato and top with salt and pepper {I skip the tomato and lettuce for my kiddos since they don’t like it}

Fold together and serve with fruits or veggies {carrot sticks are a winner with this one!}

I hope you give it a try. Seriously, it will change your feelings about tuna forever! :)

So don’t forget to link up! I’m looking forward to reading all your recipes! Big hugs friends! xoxo

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8 thoughts on “Food Friday: Tuna with Dill on Toasted Sourdough

  1. 1

    Linking up Via Musings of a ministers wife. Nice to meet you!

  2. 2
    Angie says:

    Tuna & Dill—classic.

    Plated simply–classy.

  3. 3
    Donna A. says:

    looks yummy, Amy! gonna try it this week:-)

  4. 4
    evystree says:

    Thanks Donna!! xoxo

  5. 5
    Marilyn Kok says:

    I grew up on tuna sandwiches, the only difference was we finely diced up dill pickle and added it to the tuna/mayo mix. :-)

  6. 6
    Marilyn Kok says:

    As a child and now as a g’ma I still love tuna/mayo sandwiches. We use to finely dice a dill pickle and add it rather than dill. I’ll have to try the dill. :-)

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