Food Friday: Taco Salad

Well, this has actually been a relaxing day!
I have gobs of hoodies I should be sewing up for the Evy’s Tree photo shoot with Sam Hassas on Tuesday, but I have just had SUCH a week, I did not have the energy. I spent the early morning photographing my new hoodie for fall, then spent some time editting it and posting it on facebook, then I packaged up a dozen or so very tardy hoodies/tees, sent Brandon off to the PO with Jake and then spent some quality time with my precious baby girl.
Oh wow, I love her.
She has the MOST infectious laugh. Her little teeth stick out and her head goes back and her belly just shakes with laughter. It’s sooo cute. In fact, she has laughed this way since she was 6 weeks old!! She has always had such a great belly laugh.
Anyway, after I laid Evy down for her nap, I made my SECOND pot of french press {with my friend Soshawna’s Hawaiian coffee…yum!!} and then sat down and got marginally caught up with all my blog reading. That was so great! I just love reading along with my friends, hearing what they are up to and living life with them. It makes you feel so refreshed, like you really aren’t in this mommy thing alone, you know?
I was hoping to do some blogging myself but I got so carried away reading that before I knew it Brandon had gotten home with Jake and it was almost time to start dinner! So here I am, trying to catch up {the story of my life lately!}…I hope to maybe blog about Jake’s first day of school tonight as well, if my computer is friendly with me and doesn’t run as slow as molasses, as it has been doing lately.
So again, true to my patterns, I owe this one to my sister, Pammy. I have actually never even had her taco salad and I am ashamed to say that up until recently I never even made it for my family. What got me started was youth camp, actually. I was looking for a cheap, filling and able to feed 25 people meal that I could serve to the staff in the evenings after service and I was coming up with a blank because the key word here was CHEAP.
Uh yeah, 25 persons dinners isn’t always cheap.
So I called my mom and asked her. If you don’t know my mom, you must understand that she is the ultimate cook. I mean GOURMET. People always ask me how I learned to cook and I always tell them that I was a child slave to my mother and her elaborate dinner parties that she threw at her house.
 No joke.
Guests would arrive all fancy and I would be there in the kitchen with an apron on following out my mother’s coodking instructions while she entertained. Sad I know. Ha.
Anyway, I digress as usual.
So my mom, after being asked what I should make for the camp staff said, “Taco Salad! Your sister makes it all the time when they have friends over, you will love it!” So I asked my mom how my sister did it and she gave me a round about recipe, but not exact. Then I called my sister and she gave me a completely different recipe and her final statement about it was, “I don’t know, I just use whatever I have.”
So there you have it…a directionless salad, great, huh? ha. I’m sure many of you have the same story if you make taco salad. So I took what both of them said and here is what I came up with:
1/2 head of lettuce, iceburg and some Romaine mixed in
1 lb beef
1 packet taco seasonings
2 tomatoes chopped
green onions, chopped
can of black beans
avocado, cubbed
mixture of Mexican cheese
sour cream
Start by browning the meat. I use very lean ground beef from Costco. I find it has the least amount of fat. And please excuse my horrible appearance in this picture, that was such a long day…. I seriously don’t think that I even looked in the mirror since 7 AM that morning. Sheesh what is wrong with me?!?
While meat is browning cut up lettuce. I usually add Romaine but I didn’t have any…so iceburg it was, sorry everyone!
Once meat is browned, drain the fat…
Then return to stovetop and add seasonings, following instructions on packet.
While meat is simmering, cut up remaining items and add to salad
Then drain and rinse black beans and add. I use Trader Joe’s Organic. They are sooo yummy!
Then top with the meat
And finish off with cheese, sour cream and salsa. I use just a dab of sour cream and douse the salad with lime juice….so yummy and less calories! :)
Usually we use chips to dip into the salad, but I also use tortillas and add meat and cheese, making a burritto for the kiddos. These Trader Joe’s Handmade ones are TO DIE FOR!!
And of course, this food Friday would not be complete without pictures of my babies
So I’m curious, do you make Taco Salad and how to do you assemble yours?
And with that…I am calling it a night. I was hoping to do that first day of school post, but its 11:30 and we have a big day tomrrow. Maybe tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Food Friday: Taco Salad

  1. 1
    The Winslows says:

    That looks yummy! Will have to try it…and the tortillas from T.J.'s. BTW I have that same jean skirt. It's Hippie brand right? :)

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    oooooohhhh yummy! i am a sucker for lime juice!

    i usually make my taco's served over spicy nacho cheese doritos! forget the tortillas or the shells and sometimes even the cheese! but otherwise, everything else is pretty similar! i am gonna have to try the black beans, i think i can handle those! i am not a bean eater but the hubs is and he likes the spicy lime refried beans!

    i wanna try your version! thanks for sharing!

  3. 3
    Dear Lillie says:

    Looks yummy, Amy! I have not ever made taco salad but I am a pretty awful cook so I only have about five things I ever make – poor Jon! I love to bake but cooking is a whole nother story for me – ahhh! Little Evy and Jake look adorable, as always!!! Cannot wait to see/hear how your photo shoot goes on Tuesday!

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