Food Friday: Sea Thai Bistro

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share with you one of our favorite restaurants here in Santa Rosa, CA, Sea Thai Bistro. We just recently found this place, probably 6 months ago or so, and we are so in love. It is so hard to find a nice ethnic food joint that has both a wonderful ambiance and fabulous eats. Sea Thai has both. And on top of that, the customer service is AMAZING.

Meet Tee…

Tee is the Manager of Sea Thai and he is so awesome. On Mother’s Day we decided to go to Sea Thai at the last minute and called Tee…he got us a table in the crowded restaurant immediately. We love him!!

And this Reina with her nephew. She is one of our favorite waitresses…

Reina knows all of our orders by heart, which coloring pages the kids like, and where we like to sit. She is awesome too!!

And the food…OMW!! Can I be honest here…don’t kill me, but I had never had Thai food before we went to Sea Thai. I have no idea how in the world I had never tried it. I love it now..probably because Sea Thai is the BEST EVER!! A couple of Sundays ago my mom, Heidi and I were husbandless so we decided to go out together. Lucky for you, I had my camera with me!! Here is my favorite, the Peanut Noodle. It is SO VERY YUMMY!!

The kids always get Chicken Satay and rice….

The Summer Fire Chicken is Brandon’s favorite and if I am in the mood for some spice, I get the Holy Basil Chicken. There is also a delicious soup that we love too, I just can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called but it has chicken and tomatoes in it, with coconut millk. YUMMO.

Their deserts are also amazing. The sticky rice with Mango is my favorite. This time my mom choose and got a coconut ice cream dish and a chocolate cake. We dove in and started eating before I even had a chance to snap a picture so this is near the end here… ha

And some pictures of us. I will warn you, we had just been through two church services and this particular Sunday was a HOT one, I think it hit the low 90s. Too hot for us Santa Rosians. :)

My mom and goofy Jake…

Jake, Ev, and Jude staying entertained with someone’s iphone…

These two are precious…

And me and my buddy. I love this lady. So thankful we are friends. And just a FYI, we tried about 10 times to get a decent picture of us and this was the best one…not good at all, so bear with us. Wow, we look like we had been through the wringer! ha.

If you are in Sonoma County, make the drive to Sea Thai. It’s in Montgomery Village and sooo soo good!!

Do you eat Thai food? If so, whats your favorite dish?? Big hugs everyone!! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Food Friday: Sea Thai Bistro

  1. 1
    Stephanie C. says:

    Of course you were hot wearing that wrap if it was in the 90s, silly girl! That’s crazy!

  2. 2

    This place is AMAZING!! Yummo!! Can’t wait to go back :)

  3. 3

    Oh and here is my “Food Friday” post. No-bake energy bites :) Fantastic!!
    Love you Amy!

  4. 4

    Something is wrong with me! haha! My brain is currently on Spaz… Lol. Here is the link!

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