Food Friday: Nannie’s Pancakes

Good morning everyone! Thank you so much for all your kind comments regarding our move. You all have been so sweet and supportive and I can’t tell you how great that makes us feel. We are blessed to have friends like you. Even Brandon went through and read all the comments left on this blog or on FB…he had a big smile on his face afterwards! :)
Evy and I are getting ready to run out the door to Santa Rosa to help with house clean up duty this weekend. Brandon, my dad, my father in law and Jake will be working extra hard this weekend on getting the yard whipped in shape. It’s been a bit neglected over the last year, so this should be fun! I hope that next weekend we can transfer our roses…so excited about that! {But then that means we’ll have to plant something else in their place for our renters… oh boy. ha.}
ANYWAY, last weekend we vegged around the house and it was so nice. I cooked all weekend and got several weeks worth of food fridays, lucky you! ha 
I know I have mentioned my Nannie before in this blog, but in case you have forgotten, my Nannie is my dad’s mom and was 100% German. I loved her so much. They lived in Burlingame, right outside of San Francisco and when we moved to Santa Rosa, we would go to their house at least two weekends out of the month. Every Saturday morning she would make these pancakes for us. She used to call them “Dollar Pancakes” because she would make them small, like a silver dollar. Whenever we have a slow morning around here I try to make these…everyone LOVES them! I have been known to send Brandon out hunting for buttermilk in the wee hours of the morning. ha. 
 {Disclaimer: I swear I have blogged about them before but looked and looked and can’t find them, so here it is again! sheesh…}
Nannie Wollmer’s Pancakes
2 eggs
3/4 C. flour
1 Tea baking powder
3/4 teas baking soda
buttermilk {I use about a 3/4 c or a little less}
pinch of salt
I would recommend doubling this recipe for more than 2-3 adults. This will feed my small family with maybe one or two pancakes leftover if we are lucky!

Separate your eggs and put the egg whites in a metallic bowl preferably to help the whites froth better. If you don’t have a metallic bowl {I couldn’t find mine either, ha} then any bowl will do. 

In the bowl of an electric mixture {or single bowl if using a hand mixer} beat the egg yokes using the whisk attachment then add the dry ingredients. The mixture will look a bit funny. 
With the mixer going, slowly add the buttermilk. I just pour straight from the carton. You want the consistency to be like a thick soup.

Using a hand mixer, beat the egg white to medium stiff peaks, like so…

Here is an example of what the buttermilk mixture will look like {on left} and the egg white mixture {on right}

Gently drop your egg whites into the buttermilk and then fold in. Folding does not mean mixing. It means FOLD…take your spatula and twist the egg whites into the mixture. The key is to keep the egg whites as fuffy as you can while getting them completely mixed in.

Here is the end result:

Using a large spoon, drop the batter into a greased pan over medium/med high heat. I don’t crowd mine, I only do three pancakes at a time in this pan.
You let cook until the sides look like this and the insides are cooked through. Our end result…we LOVE cantaloupe with a little syrup on it. :) 

And apparently we eat these sans fork…the cup is a better place for the fork it looks like and hands are a better tool. I guess it gets in faster. ha :)

Happy, happy camper!

Do you have a good pancake recipe? I’d love to know yours!

One thought on “Food Friday: Nannie’s Pancakes

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    Kelley says:

    Mother's Mother's Pancakes

    2 cups flour
    3 teaspoons baking powder
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 Tablespoons sugar
    1 egg
    2 Tablespoons oil
    1 3/4 cups milk

    Hot griddle-dy dog! Our fam loves these pancakes!

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