Food Friday: Let’s Talk Lunch

So I haven’t done a Food Friday in FOREVER, mainly because I haven’t really been cooking much this summer outside of the normal thanks to my crazy work days. But now we are back to school and I’ve got one full time kinder boy on my hands, which means I need to pack his lunch full of nutritious food to keep him happy and healthy during the day. Not to mention focused. That’s a big one. :)

So I’m curious…what do you pack in your kiddos lunches? 

Oh and I have this lunch box for Jake. We ADORE it. We use this ice packs in it and the lunch stays cool until pickup time. :)

2 thoughts on “Food Friday: Let’s Talk Lunch

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    Okay, so, I am lazy and pay for school lunch. LOL! But, in my defense, thats what J.R. wants! However, thanks to PINTEREST, (HA!) I have ideas for when I finally talk him into home lunch:

    I just pinned the ones I liked the best. :D

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    Audrey says:

    I am the boring Mom…….peanut butter & jelly. :) Thankfully, Hudson has not complained yet!

    Hudson’s lunchbox bought by a sweet friend……

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