Food Friday: French Press Coffee

Good morning! I wanted to share with you one of my every day favorite treats…coffee fresh from a French Press.

Brandon and I are always super shocked whenever we have people over and find that at least 8 times out of 10 they have never even seen a French Press. The most common comment we hear while we make our coffee is, “WHAT is that?” To be honest, we don’t even own a coffee maker, we love our french press so much. So I thought, since we have that reaction so much from our friends, that more than likely many of you have never given a french press a try…or maybe never even heard of it.

I’d like to say I know the history of a french press…but I don’t. I know its very European, but other than that, I can’t give you much history. What I can tell you is that the coffee it makes is AMAZING. Seriously. I can’t stand drip coffee any more. It pales in comparrison to coffee made from a French Press. And its super easy to make too, you just need the right tools. Are you ready to learn how to use a French Press? Yes? Fab! :)

I took all my pictures yesterday and was in a hurry to finish before I lost light so I didn’t really think about moving the knives, the mixer, the plate or the cookbook. Sheesh. Sorry. It looks like you need all these things, but you don’t. You just need what I circled here. ha.

So basically, here’s what you need from L-R:

Hot Water/Electric Kettle, coffee, coffee grinder, coffee scoop, french press, carafe

To be honest, the only thing you REALLY need for a cup of coffee with a french press is hot water, coffee grounds and a french press, but this EVERYTHING you could possibly want to live life with a french press. ha. Carrying on….

So here are the steps from A to B. It’s actually really easy, seems more complicated here, but I promise…we do this EVERY morning. It’s a piece of cake.

Step 1: boil hot water. We use our electric kettle.

Step 2: Put two scoops of coffee in your grinder.

Note about the grinder: for years I had Starbucks grind my bag of coffee upon purchasing and would keep the bag in the freezer. I would do a scoop and a half of coffee to one french press. However, my sister in law Brittony, who works at Starbucks finally convinced me to buy a grinder. It was $20 from Target. For a french press you need the grind pretty coarse and she suggested a Burr Grinder. Its a type of grinder that almost every brand carries. Anyway, I really have no idea what that means, but if you buy a grinder for a french press make sure you get a Burr one. Ha. sorry I don’t have more reason for you other than “Brittony said” :)

Step 3: Dump grinds into French Press

Step 4: Poor water into French Press. You want to fill to about 3/4″ -1″ from the top.

Step 5: Place top on the French Press but DON’T PUSH THE PRESS DOWN YET. You let it sit like so for 4- 5 mins. Brandon always sets the timer. I never do. ha oops.

Step 6: Press the lever down slowly.Step 7: Pour!!

Yes I am aware that this picture is blurry AND I spilled. I was attempting to take these pictures while pouring which means I used one hand. Note to self, ask Brandon to help next time. ugh.

So what’s so great about a cup of French Press? {Besides the great mugs? Right, it’s my motto, so I just go with it ha}…apparently the oils stay in the coffee with you press it so it is just a luxirious cup of full and thick coffee. I promise you will taste the difference. So we get asked ALL.THE.TIME. what we do when we have parties since we do entertain quite a bit. Well, here’s where the carafe comes in. I have three of these puppies and we make several pots of french press right before its time to serve coffee. It takes a bit of time and getting used to, but it is always so worth it to see your friends faces light up when you serve coffee. These carafes keep the coffee warm for HOURS. In fact, one time I had a party and didn’t clean up after myself as it was so late. {shame, shame} When I woke up in the morning and started cleaning…the coffee WAS STILL WARM in the carafe. Super cool!So some French Press tips:

1. Never use soap when washing the french press out. Just dump the grounds out and rinse the press out with hot water. The oils stay in the pot and just makes a better cup of coffee.

2. Don’t buy the glass the french press {like the ones that you see EVERYWHERE}. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with them…they do work. But they break easily- so not necessarily a long term item. We have been through a handful of glass french presses over the years {we always try to have two around}, but this one here has lasted since our wedding.

3. We recommend buying a thermos type french press, like the one shown. It will keep the coffee warm for several hours. We bought ours at Crate and Barrel with a gift certificate from our wedding {thanks Auntie Judy and Uncle Abel!}. If you have a thermos french press, you will only use the carafe for entertaining. A thermos french press is an investment and trust me, you will LOVE it!

Well, I think that’s it! I hope that helps you get started with your first cup of french pressed coffee. Please let me know if you try it! And does anyone else french press? Give us some tips if so!

Happy Friday all! xoxo

UPDATE: Shopping list

Buy our French Press HERE

Buy our favorite carafe HERE

Buy a Burr Grinder HERE

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6 thoughts on “Food Friday: French Press Coffee

  1. 1
    Adam Shaw says:

    Steph and I love our French press. Best cup of coffee ever. It’s always smooth and full flavoured but never acidic which is usually the opposite taste of most coffee made in a drip. If you have a fresh bean roaster that’s decent nearby it makes it even better.

  2. 2
    SoShawna Gray says:

    I used a French press for YEARS (and yes went through several) until the final one broke a year ago. So dismaying. But my husband got me a Keurig coffee maker for my birthday that year and it’s my favorite thing in my kitchen almost…haha…even HE drinks coffee now for the first time in his life! Sometimes I want to kiss my Keurig. No lie. Yes I’m sleep deprived.

  3. 3
    Kelley says:

    So now I have the feeling that a French press is to coffee what an iron skillet is to cornbread. We are a one-cup-in-the-morning kind o’ couple, but lately have been enjoying a cup o’ decaf joe in the evening. I think I hear a French press calling, calling, calling our names…

  4. 4
    Emily says:

    I want one!! I’ve had coffee from a French Press several times and yes, it is delicious. Steve always tells me we can’t get one cause we drink too much coffee…maybe I’ll have to get a carafe :)

  5. 5
    Alisha Rivas says:

    While I was out shopping shopping yesterday I saw a french press and thought I have to get Amy to show me how to use this next time we visit Santa Rosa….then today as I am catching up on my blogs I find that you had posted this wonderful “how to” yesterday, yay!

  6. 6
    Aiko Romo says:

    While reading your blog, it brought up wonderful old memories of my parents using a French Press while I was growing up. I asked Anthony if he’d ever tried coffee from a FP before and since his answer was no, I made him try it last night at Coffee Bean & Tea (the manager was nice enough to make us a sample). He loved it, and because we didn’t have one already, we had to buy one right then and there, ha ha! Thanks for the post!

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