Food Friday: Chicken Noodle Soup Remix

Hello all! I hope you are well! I have been so absent lately…so frustrating as I love my little blog. I’m going to attempt to do a post later today highlighting my stressful life currently {I know, I know, you all want to read THAT don’t you?!?! ha}….
Anyway, Food Friday. So I missed last week {even though I had one, we’ll use that next week} but I tried something last night that I wanted to share. Remember my chicken soup recipe {HERE}?

BIG SIDE NOTE HERE>>>> I just read through the recipe again and noticed I put CUMIN as the spice?!?! Seriously, I have no brain. It’s not CUMIN, its THYME. Sheesh. Please don’t use cumin, your soup won’t taste good. ha. 

So you might remember in the chicken soup recipe that I said it creeped me out to cook the raw chicken in the broth with the rest of the veggies. I know its crazy, as its just chicken with chicken broth, but something about a slimy peace of chicken floating with my veggies stresses me out. Call me OCD if you will. ANWAY, I decided to try something new last night:

Basically, after I sauteed my onions, garlic, THYME {hehe}, salt, pepper and celery in a good portion of olive oil, I rubbed the chickens down with salt and pepper and then sauteed them in the pot with the rest of the yummy stuff. I just did about 3 or 4 mins on each side. After that I added my broth and veggies and finished cooking the chicken with the veggies and noodles.

IT.WAS.AMAZING. Seriously. The chicken had such a good flavor. It was so good that Jake at TWO giant bowls and my husband did the same. So there’s your little tip for the day. ha.

Oh and I saw this today on twitter {HERE} …I am really thinking I need to try this and do a Food Friday write up on it! :)


One thought on “Food Friday: Chicken Noodle Soup Remix

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    cheyenne says:

    ew…i don't put the raw chicken in with my veggies either. i boil the chicken and seasonings in the water. then while I'm shredding the chicken, I cook the veggies in the broth. sauteing the chicken with the veggies is a good idea too, but i still can't bring myself to buy chicken broth when it's so easy to make. i'm a major penny pincher, but i don't coupon. haha! :)

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