Food Friday: Amy’s Pasta

So last week I posted this picture on Instagram:

And I had several requests for the recipe. It occurred to me that perhaps it was hard to find on my blog since it was the first Food Friday I ever did allllll the way back in 2010 {?!?}, almost exactly three years to the day {whoa, that’s kinda weird!}. I didn’t give the name of the recipe in the title of the blog post…I just simply stated “Food Friday”. So I figured I should repost it. Scroll through the beginning of the post because you most likely don’t care about my potty training episodes that I speak of in the beginning.

But if you DO care, read HERE. Read after the food post, not before, because I promise it will gross you out. ha. 

Anyhoo….here’s my Amy’s Pasta recipe {original post HERE}…

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ok, so I said in my last post that I would talk about potty training, but I changed my mind. Sorry. Post will come soon, I promise. I know you are all losing sleep over it and DYING to read about it. Fess up. HA.
But as I was making dinner tonight Brandon starting snapping away and after I saw the pictures, I thought I would try something fun. It seems a lot of my blog friends have “_______ Fridays”. My friend Jessica has Photo Fridays {check out this one from last week, she talkes about Evy}. My friend Danae has Fashion Friday…and I don’t know, there just seems to be a whole lot of interesting Friday posts out there.
 I had this great idea. What if every Friday I talked about food?!?
Serioulsy, I do.
Anyway, I thought it would be cool if every Friday I shared one of my favortie recipes that I made that day, or maybe I shared pictures of a fun restaurant I have been to, or maybe I just share a random food fact that I learned. Ha. Either way, I thought it might fun.
I thought it would be even FUNNER {I know, not a word, sorry}, if some of my blog friends joined along. Because, as I am sure it is the case many of you, I am always in need of some good new recipes. Or I would love to know about so fab new places to eat, even if it’s take out.
So I’m inviting you to jump on the bandwagon, if you would like. Go ahead…steal my idea and start a “Food Friday”. I would LOVE to hear about your food. :)
And with that, I introduce to you…
Amy’s Pasta!!!
Ha, sorry, boring name, but since I made this up, I don’t really have name for this one. It’s basically been dubbed Amy’s Pasta amongst the Miraflor family…it’s literally the thing I am asked to bring to almost every family get together, and in the info email/text/letter or whatever all the family members get mine always says “Amy’s Pasta”…so that’s its name. And it’s perfect for those hot summer nights…nice and light and so yummy with fresh basil and tomatoes and can be made in 20 mins.
Oh, and I want to say, especially for the benifit of my personal trainer Emily, I KNOW I should be using whole wheat, but sorry, pasta is just not pasta unless it regular. So please forgive me and my lack of health consciousness! ha
1 bag/box of pasta, preferably penne or bow tie
1 lb of sugar plumb or cherry tomatoes
Handful of chopped fresh basil {about 1/2 cup}- I grow a big pot on my deck during the summer…cheap!
String cheese
olive oil
1 teaspoon Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
Parmesan Cheese
Boil pasta as directed, and while pasta is boiling, chop basil and put in a large bowl
Cut tomatoes into halves and add to the bowl. Add kosher salt…
*side note: don’t try regular salt for this one, it will change the flavor drastically. If you don’t have kosher salt, do yourself a favor and invest in a box. It lasts forever and is sooo yummy. And not to mention its healthier for you, I think? I can’t remember , but it does something better for you. haha.
Anyway, add kosher salt and pepper to the tomatoes and basil
Then drizzle olive oil into the bowl and stir contents together. You want enough to make it slightly soupy, probably 3/4 cup, but I never measure, maybe more. It will look like this:
*You can do all the above up to 4 hours before you add pasta. The longer the mix marinades, the soupier and yummier it gets. But usually I am in a big hurry so make it in 15 mins. :)
Cut up string cheese and set aside. I use at least 6 sticks, usually 12. I like a lot of cheese and so do the kids. And not to mention when you warm up the pasta the next day the cheese melts and is oh so gooey.
Stop what you are doing to help a screaming and fussy baby
{Remember what I said yesterday about looking horrible throughout the day? Well, you’re about to see a little sneak peak…}
And when holding her doesn’t help, put her down, even if she throws the biggest fit of the century…
Anyway, add pasta to the bowl and then sprinkle with parmesan cheese, toss.
Then add the string cheese last. If you add it first you will end up with big glob of cheese, not appetizing, trust me.
Toss and wahlah…
Everybody is happy, even little Miss Fussy Butt…
Hope you guys enjoy it!
And I hope to hear from you next “Food Friday”!!
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