Food Friday

GASP…Food Friday?!? YES!! :)
Well, I promise this was done yesterday, but we went to Brandon’s Auntie’s house for dessert and didn’t get home until really late, so I went straight to bed instead of posting. Shame, shame I know.
But yes, I am going to do my best to keep up with Food Friday. I realized something about myself last week when I was writing down my schedule… I am used to cooking very time consuming meals. My mom is an AMAZING cook {all my friends who know her I sure will agree}, she seriously cooks gourmet. All of her meals are very time consuming and she has very little “quick” recipes. As a teen, I learned to cook this way and its very normal for me, but now as a working mom, I’m realizing that I can’t cook like that anymore. That doesn’t mean that my meals have to be unappetizing either, however. Tonight I have big plans to sit on the internet and come up with some great meals that I can make and have on the table in 45 mins or less. I’ll pass along to you all what I find!
Also, with that being said, I really, really love the idea of a particular meal/style being served each night as some of you suggested. That is a great idea and something I think I will be using for sure. I’m hoping to have my “meal plan” working by Monday so I can shop accordingly on Monday.
Anyway, our dinner last night was NOT exciting. Brandon had a men’s service he was at and we had Auntie Rachel’s house to get to, so it was quick and used only items I had in the frig. In the morning I pulled out some steaks and let them defrost and then boiled some spinach and pasta and wah-lah! ha
I use the George Foreman grill for everything! Do you have one?
I try to use the leanest meat possible. Costco has the best filet mignon at an amazing price. Sorry these pictures are so dark, in no mood to work with them. ha. 
Anyway, I use the most amazing seasoning on all my meat…..

It is made here in Stockton and it is AMAZING. My mom buys a jar and takes it back with her its that good. You can buy it HERE.

For my spinach, I just wash it and then put it in a small amount of water, add kosher salt and a garlic clove and then let boil. Be carful, if you don’t watch it the spinach will get really soggy. I prefer it firm.

And while the spinach is boiling, I have some pasta going on behind it.

I grill my steaks for about 6 or 8 mins depending on how you want them.

The darkness makes the spinach hard to see, but this is what you get out of one bunch. I know, not much. But since it was just me eating and the kids don’t really like it, its good for me. If I am having more people I do more bunches.

Didn’t take a picture of the pasta, but I just put organic olive oil, kosher salt and parmesan on the pasta. My kids love it simple like that.

Jake loves steak with A1 sauce

Evy will eat a little steak and ALL of the pasta. :)

And my plate. I used most of my weight watcher points on a giant box of whoppers {yes, I know bad day here, ha} so this was all I was allowed, but it was GOOD!

So there you have our very easy {about 30 mins} meal. I know, I know, super healthy and not exciting, but its food!! :)
Does anyone else eat like this??

5 thoughts on “Food Friday

  1. 1
    Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says:


    {and my girls wore the same smarty pants tees today!}

  2. 2
    Hanna says:

    I eat like that all the time! I'll pig out on something ridiculous and then have to really watch it for a day or teo! I hate it when I do that but we're only human:) I don't know how you have time to count WW points. I can't manage it with these two babies! AND you have a very successful business to run:)

  3. 3
    Jen | Our Life Accounts says:

    Our meals are often pretty simple like that. Meat, pasta and lots of veggies!

  4. 4
    Jenni says:

    Looks yummy! I love that you use George for everything…don't know why that makes me giggle so much!? So much better than me, I use too many drive thrus!

  5. 5
    Simone Howell says:

    Yes, I totally eat like you…one box of woppers so very little dinner! lol. Yesterday the girls and I made cookies, they decided to make two giant cookies instead of little ones. I think I ate over half of one giant cookie myself! But it was only half of a cookie :)

    You have to hit up trader joes…if you have one up there. I use so many of their premade things– they are amazing. They have polenta balls with spinach and a light sauce in the freezer section–delish. Also an amazing frozen cuban rice mix that I make chicken tortilla soup out of…its the best. Email me if you want more info and have a TJ's.

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