Finches, Hoodies and Other Such Nonsense

“And I’m pretty sure the finches I gave you have salmonella…”
{10 points if you know where this line is from, ha!}
As I went nuts trying to sew up all my hoodies and prepare for the ladies conference, I thought many times about this line. I thought about how sometimes we try so hard to please but the end result isn’t always how you wanted it to be.
Like this weekend.
I worked my tail off getting all these hoodies sewn up and packaged and sized correctly, etc. And Brandon worked so hard on my little wooden tree. And I sent my son to my parents. And Evy was carried around like a rag doll all weekend by my teenage helpers. And I caught a terrible cold on Thursday night and I’ve been in a fog ever since. And in the end I felt like such a failure cause I hardly sold anything.
Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure the economy, or maybe the fact that I was at a LADIES CONFERENCE trying to sell a very youthful item, or the fact that my hoodies were not embellished with feathers, sequins or beads{VERY popular there} had a lot to do with the lack of sales. But it was still a bummer.
So back to the finches…I started thinking about how sometimes we give so much attention to things that don’t really matter in the end. Like putting so much energy into giving finches as a gift and then not being able to help that in the long run they have some deadly disease. Or like me working myself to the bone over these hoodies {or anything else in life, for that matter} and in end the whole thing doesn’t turn out as great as I would liked.
And yet, despite the lack of sales at the conference, I saw so many people I love and adore and got to spend some valuable time with them. I also had the privilege of taking three girls from our youth group with me each night and it was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, I had a blast with them, and they made my day with their cheerful banter, silliness and just plain innocence. It was lovely and so refreshing.
Really, in the end,  it was the people that was more exciting and more important than the hoodie sales or lack thereof.
So, the whole point to this excessive rambling? Well, of course, I must include a picture right?
Finches/hoodies/colds/whatever else= silly nonsense
People= priceless
Since I didn’t sell much, EVERYTHING is marked way down to liquidate my inventory and make room for the American Apparel items that are coming soon. Please hop on over to my store by clicking HERE
If you make a purchase and mention that you read my blog, you will get a free Evy Bag with your purchase.
{While supplies last}
Much love to you all!

4 thoughts on “Finches, Hoodies and Other Such Nonsense

  1. 1
    Alisha says:

    You are doing a great job… I LOVE my hoodies and live in them when I am not at work.

    I am excited to get Jude his first Evy's Tree hoodie ;)

    Love you tons!

  2. 2
    Regina M. says:

    Hey Amy,

    Keep your chin up my friend =) With any business and just life in general you have good times and bad. Your doing a wonderful thing and I give you so much praise for how you took a hobby and have started transforming it into something great.
    You have a wonderful attitude and spirit and I love how even when situations might get you frustrated you always try to look at the positive side of things. You are a jewel Amy!

  3. 3
    Jenni says:

    Hang in there! Thinking of you!

  4. 4
    Us Four & No More says:

    You're awesome!

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