Final Preorder Dates And Shipping Updates

Whelp, it’s crazy over here. We’re winding down and getting out all our remaining orders from the last two weeks of the preorder sale. A couple things I want to make you all aware of:

1. Shipping Updates: If you ordered an item before or on June 30, your order will ship this Friday, July 27. If you ordered an item between July 1-7, your item will ship the week of August 6-10. A note about that last week of sales…we sold nearly 300 items that week {that’s some serious sales!!} so we are running just a tad behind with those. My seamstresses are working like crazy and I’m so proud of them, I’m not kidding, they are pumping those preorders out! And my girls who work in the studio packaging are doing AMAZING. They are working long hours to make sure you all get your items on time, so please be patient with us as we do our best to get these last orders out correctly. If you have ANY questions at ALL please do not hesitate to email us: When you email us, please include your paypal email you used to pay for your order. We are doing our best to reply within 1-2 business days. We are so thankful for all your love and support and want to give you the best customer service we can.

2. Final Preorder: Remember the final round of preorders we had talked about here? Well, I had hoped to have it start tomorrow, but with our staff so burdened down with getting the last of the Save Evy’s Tree out, I felt it best to post pone our final preorder sale until Tuesday, July 31 through Wednesday August 8. We are going to be calling this the Final Summer Preorder, and here’s a few details about this preorder sale:

  • It will last for one week only, and then the shop will close until the beginning of September when we will introduce a small handmade Fall line.
  • This will be the last time you will be able to purchase some of limited items you loved last year, such as the Olympia Brilla, the Black Jackie, the White Rabbit items, blue polka dot brillas, and the crossovers.
  • This will also be the last time you will be able to purchase items at the discounted price that we sold all the items at during the Save Evy’s Tree campaign. The prices are: $54.95 for most adult items, $44.95 for all kids. There are a few exceptions to the adult prices, such as the Crossover and the Jackies. The Fall line prices will be back up to $59.95 +.
  • The Diana Wraps I have been promising you will debut during this preorder as well, even though they aren’t a preorder item and will be ready to ship. I have a limited amount, and their price will be $59.95.
  • We will have Lacey Zip Ups and Simple hoodies available at the discounted price of $54.95. Also, we will have the tees and scrap boxes available as well.

Feel free to comment with questions! We will see you on Tuesday! Be sure you are subscribing to our email blasts to get the exact time and reminders! Big hugs everyone! xoxo

 PS: The preorder items in this sale will have a 4-5 week turnaround time. Please remember that shipping times are approximate and are not guaranteed. Thank you!

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