FAQ: Our Departure As Youth Pastors

Words cannot express to you all how honored and loved we feel after receiving SO MANY wonderful emails, text messages, phone calls and blog comments expressing your love and support of us and our decision to follow what we feel God has lead us to do. Honestly, we never received one negative comment and for that we are so grateful. We have done our best to keep up and respond to you all, but with the cell reception so bad up at camp, we really have gotten behind, so please bare with us as we get back to you and let you know how much you mean to us. 
Many of you have questions regarding our departure, and rightfully so. As I wrote the blog post telling everyone about our resignation {HERE}, I was writing on very little sleep and to be honest, I’m not sure I explained everything clearly. :) So here are a couple of FAQ’s:
1. What are you going to do now? For the past year or so, Brandon has been speaking out quite a bit at youth camps, youth retreats, etc. He has come to really enjoy it. We understand that we have been extremely privileged to pastor such a large youth ministry and are completely aware that we have come across experiences while youth pastoring that many other youth pastors have not. While traveling and speaking, Brandon has enjoyed connecting with other youth pastors and encouraging them; sharing his experiences and offering any advice that he might have from his 12 year tenure at CLC. He also really loves to connect with teenagers around the world. We are youth pastors at heart, and probably will be for a very long time. So with that thought in mind, Brandon has decided that he will step into the role of  Evangelist full time. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “evangelist”, the simple meaning is that he will travel and speak out at churches that hire him. :) 
2. Are you leaving your position on good terms? YES, YES, YES!!!  We are so thankful that Pastor Nathaniel Haney, Bishop Kenneth Haney and Pastor Eli Lopez are behind us 100%. I spoke in the earlier blog post about feeling a nudge over the last two years…even during those times, we counseled with our Pastors. Once we knew for certain we had to step out, Pastor Haney {as well as Bishop Haney and Pastor Lopez}, pledged his blessing and support, acknowledging that we were in the will of God.
3. Will you stay in Stockton and will you attend CLC? For now, yes. Handing my future over to God 100% in this next step was, shamefully, a difficult process for me. When we first realized that Brandon was supposed to evangelize, I told Brandon that I would not leave my home…that we HAD to base out of CLC….and that if at the last resort we did move anywhere it would have to happen before school started for Jake. After I expressed those thoughts to him, I repented. We are on God’s path. Which means that I do not plan my future. I began to tell God, “I will go where you call me to go.” So my answer {and Brandon’s answer} to this question is: We will prayerfully consider and seek godly counsel regarding any door that opens for us {just as we have done with this big decision we have made} and if we feel we are supposed to walk through that door than we will. Until then, you will see us living in Stockton and worshipping at CLC. In fact, Pastor and Sis Haney have been very kind and have told us that we must still remain involved, so you will likely still see Brandon on the platform when he is home on Sundays from time to time and I will still be involved in women’s events. :)
4. Will you do this forever? Will you ever be youth pastors again? For everything there is a season {Ecc 3} and we are not always privileged to know those times or seasons. So we don’t know for sure, only God knows the answer to that one. I think the answer to question #3 pretty much answers this one as well.
5. When is your farewell service? Our goodbye service will take place this Sunday, July 10th at 9:30 AM PST at Christian Life Center, the Hwy 99 campus. Pastor Haney will say some words and send us off as evangelists. Brandon will also be preaching that morning…his first message as a full time evangelist. We would LOVE for you to come to the service if you are in the area, but if you can’t, you can watch the entire service online by clicking HERE and then clicking on “watch live broadcast” and following the prompts. We would be so honored to share this special day with you all. 
6. Is there anything we can do to help you? We feel so amazed by the kindness that so many of you have extended to us by asking this simple question. The best way you could help us is just continue to keep us in prayer. Although right now we are on the high of stepping out into God’s will for us, we know that very soon reality will hit and there will be bumps in the road that will try to shake our faith. Furthermore, we will be adjusting to Brandon gone quite often, a new budget…basically a whole new life. Your keeping us in prayer would be the best help you could give us. 
And of course, if you could help spread the word that Brandon is available for speaking out…that would AWESOME! :) You can always contact him HERE.
I hope that helps some! Thank you again for your love and support. It really does mean the world to us. We look forward to seeing many of you in the future as Brandon travels around! :) Much love to you all.

4 thoughts on “FAQ: Our Departure As Youth Pastors

  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    I'm incredibly proud of both of you…

    God leads…we follow…not always easy…always rewarding…

    I love you…

  2. 2
    Deidre says:

    New chapters are very scary and exciting all wrapped up in big ball of emotion. So happy for your family… Prayers for you are you follow after God's direction in your lives:)

  3. 3
    Spirit Led Ministries says:


    As a seasoned and war scarred veteran of full time itinerant ministry, anything I can do to mentor, encourage or help you…I am at your service. We have a coffee shop just around the corner where we live (smile).

    Bishop John Arcovio

  4. 4
    EmmaS says:

    You two are amazing, God-fearing people…true Christians. We pray God's blessings, wisdom and strength over you for the road ahead. Ministry as we know it and live it isn't easy but the Lord will be with you and will sustain you.

    We love you
    Emilie and Adrian Smith (Sweden)

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