Family Festival 2010

I have to be honest here and say I am not a huge Halloween fan in general. I’m just not into the whole “scary” factor that it brings, blah blah. In fact, last year we had our cousins over for dinner and let Jake and Maddie pass out candy to the trick ‘r treaters….
….the first young {as in like 7 years old} door knocker was dressed up as Freddy Cougar and scared the dickens out of the kids.
Really parents? Was that really necessary?!?
Anyway, I just hate that whole atmosphere that most neighborhoods in Stockton seem to have on Halloween AND we hate the overabundance of candy {that seems to last for months and months} so we don’t go trick ‘r treating here. Instead we really enjoy the Family Festival that our church puts on. Usually it happens Halloween eve, but since this one falls on a Sunday, well….they did it on a Saturday instead.
And the kids have a blast!
This year Jake wanted to be Captain Hook so badly. I told him the costume was just waayyy too expensive, so NO WAY JOSE. But he immediately got on the phone and called Mumsy and sure enough, the costume arrived on our doorstep a couple of days later courtesy of the Disney Store shipping. 
Sheesh, he’s one lucky kid. I think we all need a Mumsy in our life! :)
And Evy was deemed to be a fairy by Jake. He said she had to be Tinkerbell, but our friend Emma Love was going to be Tink, so he said Evy could just be a fairy instead. So I did a little trade/transactions with my friend Jenni over at Dear Lillie for the tutu,  and one with my friend Prencie over at Princynparis for the headband, and finally with my friend Jessica over at Joyfolie for the furry boots {which she only got to wear for a minute and then it was clear they were going to be destroyed by the mud so they were quickly replaced by the old Uggs :( } and then picked up a fun little faux leather jacket from my fave shop Target….
And finally I enlisted Brandon to make the wings. Did he not do a FAB job?!? We followed a tutorial form this site…it was super easy. After he fashioned them together I glittered them up.
And then we tried to get them to stand still for a cute little pic in front of the fire place before we left. Uh…right. No can do.
And here is a very good example why I am on a diet…ummhmmm….

Best shot out of the million we tried to take…
No matter…we got a great one {well, as great as great can be with 2 wiggling kids} at the end of the night. AMAZING that we got a decent one! Ha!
Here are the rest of the pics from the night…enjoy!
Me and Auntie Charity getting Evy’s wings on….

The Miraflor family came over for dinner in a pumpkin! So fun and a blessing that Grandma Lydia {Brandon’s paternal Grandma} could be with us, as well as Uncle Abel and Auntie Judy and Auntie Rachel!

Evy LOVES her cousin Lincoln. She kisses him all the time!! So cute!

Lincoln and Evy
Kisses from Auntie Bryony

Jake and cousins Angel and Scout

So excited to see Jude the Cowboy at the Festival. Isn’t he handsome?

Daddy and Evy

Breakdown moment. Several of these! ha!
And lots of these faces too!

Tractor and hay ride around the church campus

Jeffery Klee making a silly face. Him and several other young people led the kids in song while on the hay ride.

Dawson, Alexis and Caitlynn. Alexis and her mom were both Pippi Longstockings. So cute!

The singers.

Jake found a pirate friend!

The Britt kids. Are they not adorable? Their mom Melanie always dresses them in coordinating costumes.

Happy Hollween everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!
PS I am REALLY proud of myself that I managed to blog so quickly! In my defense, the kids were in bed by 8, so wowsers, I had a lot of spare time on my hands. 
My husband however …he’s one funny guy. While I was blogging he came hopping in the room tucked inside of his sleeping bag. He said he just wanted to feel like he was camping for just one moment?!? 
Seriously, we might need a little therapeutic intervention! ha.

3 thoughts on “Family Festival 2010

  1. 1
    Emily says:

    Amy – Jake and Evy are absolutely the CUTEST! I love how excited and proud he is to be in his costume, and how stinkin' pretty Evy is as a fairy (great job putting together the costume btw.)

    It's so great that you have an event like that you can take the kids to instead of trick or treating – much better option :)

    And about that picture of you – you look really good Amy!! I promise :) But call me…let's talk about your diet :)

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    I am going to have to go with Emily! You look fabulous girlfriend!? Diet?! I would give my left arm to look as good as you do!

    Your kiddos are adorable – how nice is it to have mumsy? I love your little man's stubbornness and persistence to get exactly what he wanted! he looks handsome! And Evy, what a little princess. She is beautiful! Also, to own a small business where you are so talented that you can trade your items for other items from such fabulous women? Nice!

    We went to "trunk or treat" last night at my mother in laws church, it was fun as always and we will hit the neighborhood tonight for about an hour (maybe 30 minutes for Lola) before we pass out candy of our own! I am opposite of you, I LOVE Halloween (grew up with it being a very big deal)! My mom is as nerdy as writing down and keeping track of the kids that come year to year! I don't go that far, but we have a blast! I just wish we didn't have school tomorrow so that we could stay up late and not have to worry!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. 3
    Prencie says:

    OMGOSh!!! Girl, you don't know how relieved I am!!! I put your package in the mail on Tuesday, the ONE day we get a new mail man who came FOUR hours early!!! Of course I did not know this when I put the package in!!! It wasn't until the next day, when I saw it there, did I know!!!!:( SOOOOO HAPPY it made it to you on time!!! Evy looks adorable and so does Jake!!!! Precious!!!
    Girl! Lemme tell ya! We are 2 peas in a pod or something!!! Paris was wearing her Dear Lillie black tutu and a Princy n Paris witch hat along with some Joyfolie boots!!! Her shirt was one from target that I embellished all up!!!! The only thing Paris did not have was wings!:) Too funny!!!!

    I feel the same about Halloween, while I don't mind the kid like spookiness of it I just don't care for the overall feel of Halloween. But I'm all about dressing up and having some good family fun!
    We went to a church fall festival and had a blast! Until I went to get my camera to take pics of Paris riding her first horse (not pony)!!! IT WAS GONE!!!:( never did find it! Now my pics from last night are gone and so is my camera! I cried about it all last night!!!:( Still holding back tears:( Praying for God to provide:) Can't make new items and post them on etsy without a camera!!!!

    Well, seeing this made my day a little bit more bareable for sure!!! HUGS!

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