Fall Sneak Peek I

I have a confession….
I LOVE Fall, but I’m not a huge fan of fall colors. When Pantone released the fall 2010 colors, I took one look at them and prayed for inspiration, especially when I saw burnt orange and eggplant on the palate. Ugh. Not normally my thing. But then I went to L.A. {to read about my trip, click here} and I found soooo many fabrics that had, get this, FALL COLORS in them.
So my inspiration found me. Thank God.
So designing and sewing away I have been doing for the last week and I am almost done. Thanks to some great help from my friends, I should have all of my new hoodies {almost 15 of them!} completed by tonight, just in time for our Evy’s Tree photo shoot with the very talented Sam Hassas tomorrow.
What I discovered while designing, however, is the large amount of Brillas I made. To be quite honest, I am a little sick of the Brilla. I have made so many of them that I am starting to prefer the other more unique hoodies like the track jackets, the lacey zip ups, etc. But the Brilla remains my most popular seller. About 75% of my sales consist of this hoodie. And I understand why…it appeals to the girly girl within, it has the frills, the flower the “funk” without being tooo frilly. It just adds the extra feminine touch that we all search for from time to time.
So Brillas I make. And lots of them.
This fall I have six of them, with almost all of them being offered in mini sizes, so if you love the Brilla, I can promise there will be a color combo for you and your little one! :)
So this sneak peek will include a couple Brillas. I hope to give you another peek of some more of the fall items, but we shall see how my time goes before the shoot. I will give more info about the shop reopening and when all the hoodies will be available at the end…
The Pink Polka Brilla
Based on the original Brilla {polka with green ruffles}, I was ELATED with I found an entire bolt of this pink polka material. I’m sorry, I was kinda late in shooting and the light isn’t very good, so you can’t really see the polkas as well as I would like, but just trust me when I say it is darling. It has army green and fuschia pink accents.
Adult sizes XS-XL, Plus size XL and XXL
Mini sizes 12-18 mths- size 10
The Candy Corn Brilla
Ok, I admit, these are not my colors, but aren’t they super fun?!? Burnt orange and geometrics, I totally fell in love with this hoodie and it looks just DARLING in person.
Adult sizes XS- XL, Plus sizes XL, XXL

Mini sizes 12-18 mths- size 10

The Pink Lemonade Brilla
I really had a hard time deciding if I should use this material for fall, or save it for spring, but really, the orange in the material sold me on offering it now. I also had a hard time deciding what color hoodie I should offer it on, as it looked equally cute on chocolate brown, however, in the end, I went with the pink, because who doesn’t need a pink hoodie for your little one all year long?
Here’s the deal on this hoodie…
American Apparel discontinued all their powder pink hoodies. Don’t ask me why, I have not idea, but I seriously bought all the minis they had {you should see my garage} and I do have plenty to last me for a while I think, BUT, they were sold out of the adult pinks by the time I got word of the discountinuation.
Lucky for you all, I had two medium pink adult hoodies already that I made into the Pink Lemonade Brilla and I am offering them here on the blog to whoever would like them. Please remember, this will be the LAST TIME an Adult Pink Lemonade hoodie will be offered due to the fact that I will not {unless AA changes their minds} be able to purchase powder pink hoodies again. So if you want to match with your little one, then I suggest you snag it now.
The Adult Pink Lemonade Brilla

The minis will be available when my etsy shop reopens.

Ok, so I have had many people who follow me on facebook ask, “How do I purchase your items?” Well, here’s how:

I sell through Etsy only. My shop is currently closed, but I will reopen either Thursday or Friday with all the Fall items listed. Before then I will continue to post pictures of the items on facebook and on this blog, so you know what will be offered. To purchase from etsy you need two things:

1. an etsy account. This is free and very easy to open.
2. A paypal account. Again, this is free and easy to open.

When a listing is up you purchase it, pay through paypal and put what size you want of the item in the notes to seller. I make your hoodie for you upon payment, so please allow AT LEAST two weeks to receive your item.

As usual, if you have any questions, you can email me at evystree@gmail.com or convo me through etsy.

I hope this helps. Thanks a million for all your support!
Happy Fall Shopping! :)

4 thoughts on “Fall Sneak Peek I

  1. 1
    Prencie says:

    Girl, what is it with you and me naming our items after food?!?!? LOL! I name most of my flowers after some sort of food! Especially if it's a french pastry:)! People might start to think we're hungry while creating;) hee hee btw super cute hoodies!:) Can't wait to see the rest of your collection! I may need to get a new Brilla seeing Paris will be too big for her old one:)

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    love 'em! so pretty!!!

  3. 3
    Cheryl says:

    Super cute Amy!

  4. 4

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