Fall SALE….and shop info

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all alive and kicking. I have a bunch to inform you on, so grab a cup of coffee {or tea, or whatever it is you drink :)} and enjoy all the following:
1. HUGE FALL SALE going on over in the shop. Originally I was just going to mark down the fall items that I had in stock, but then I decided I would just mark down EVERYTHING I have in stock! So all my holiday items{with exception of Valentine Hoodies} are 40% off, fall items 20% off and items that are year round are 10% off. Sale will end February 4. Please remember: ONLY THE ITEMS I HAVE IN STOCK ARE LISTED. I will not be re-listing any year round items at the sale price. Also…not everything that is in the shop will be returning for Spring. What isn’t coming back you ask? Here are the items NOT returning to the shop, which means once they are gone, they are gone:
I have had several questions about some of these so let me answer them:
 Are you still going to have a Pink Polka Dot Brilla for Spring. Yes, I will have a pink polka Dot Brilla, however, the pink polka is much lighter than this one here, and it will be on a white hoodie. I will also have a pale blue polka on a grey hoodie and black polka on a black hoodie. The bright pink polka like the one above will not be made again, as long as I can’t find material for it that is.
Will you be doing the lacey tee and zip ups again? Yes, the lacey tee and zip up will most likely always be a staple in my line. It is one of my favorite items! :) The only ones that will not be returning will the be the red lacey zip ups and the long sleeve tees. I will have a large variety of colors in short sleeve lacey’s and perhaps some 3/4 length sleeve ones. For the Zip Ups I will have the following colors: black, brown, white, grey, army, and navy. For minis I will have the following: black, brown, navy, white and pink.
Will the simples be returning? Yes, I will always have simples as well. The only thing that won’t be returning will be the limited editions as Mrs Darcy and I work together to have new limited edition each season.
Will you be making the Black Zebra again? I have to be honest, I do not wear animal prints. However, I am always on the look out for good animal prints for those of you who do. The black zebra that is pictured above will not be returning {I think I only have one size 4 left!}, but I will have a very sweet black giraffe print that will be paired with a turquoise ruffle on a black hoodie. That will be previewed during the Spring Preview Week on the 31st.
Will the Black Jackie be returning? Yes. I have lots of that material and will carry it over through the summer and hopefully next fall. The Chocolate Jackie will not be returning.
Will you have a 3/4 and/or elbow length sleeve hoodies? Yes! For spring there will be a 3/4 length sleeve option available for all hoodies. Hoodies will come stock as long sleeve, but for a small fee {$7 or under, still playing with the fee} we will shorten your sleeves to a desired length. You can add that option to almost all the hoodies debuting in the Spring.
Hope that helps some!!
2. Have you entered in the Fabulous Fun Finds Best Of Giveaway yet? If not, you need to! Heather of FFF is amazing and always finds the best stuff to team up with and give us all an opportunity to win some pretty cool stuff. Evy’s Tree is participating in the giveaway, which means you could win an in stock hoodie of your choice! Not bad, huh? So head on over by clicking HERE and enter!
3.  I have spent over 12 hours {and 100 + listings!!} reorganizing the shop all by size options. I’m not sure how this will work, but will try it for this sale. I hope that it will make shopping for you a bit easier…no worries about adding size in notes to seller, you just purchase the size you want and you’d be done with it.  Also, you will know exactly what I have in stock as the item re- lists itself if I have more of it in stock. If you want to purchase two of one item? No problem now as long as I have it! But my fear is that with so many pages to search through, it might make shopping a bit of a cluttered mess for you. I am wondering how you feel about this? I covet your thoughts and opinions on this subject and would REALLY like some feedback, either by comments on this blog and/or fb or even an email. {I can’t promise I will return all the emails however! :)}….either way, would you let me know how you feel about the size listings?
4. Let’s talk shop. Oh boy. If you follow my personal blog, you might already have guessed this was coming, but I had a long talk with Brandon about my work load. I know its crazy, but I work from about 8 AM until close to 9:30PM, sometimes into the wee hours of night, with breaks of course. Either my laptop, my blackberry or my ipad is connected to my hand at all times. I even sleep with my blackberry. I think most of you would agree, this is not a healthy way of living.
So I have been trying to streamline. And here’s what I have come up with:
Email hours: I have email hours now. I am trying to only return emails between the hours of 9-5 on weekdays only {Mon- Fri}. Chances are, if you email during off hours, you will get an auto reply saying I am out of the office. Please respect this and if you receive this email, understand I am trying to give my undivided attention to my little ones and my amazing husband. Thank you in advance for your patience in this area.
Shop Hours: I am strongly considering setting shop hours. The shop would be open Monday- Friday, but will close Saturday and Sunday. I’m curious, would this be a problem for you as the consumer? Typically, weekend online sales are never very good as most of you are out and about enjoying your weekend, not sitting at a computer. But I am wondering what your thoughts are on this.
No backordered items:  It is very likely that I will not be listing any backordered items. Which means I will be carrying in stock items only. I prefer to get items to you quickly and efficiently and it is a big headache for me to try to keep track of orders that need to be made as well as run the shop. When you order something that is in stock, I just pull the item and ship! That way I can keep all my seamstresses working on keeping the shop stocked instead of playing catch up. I really am leaning towards this option but will keep you all posted on this….
5. Lastly, DON’T FORGET: The Spring Preview Week of Giveaways!! I will be previewing all my new Spring items on facebook and here on this blog starting this Monday, January 31. You are not going to want to miss this. EVERY DAY you will have a chance to win something! Not bad, huh? I am very excited about this collection. Previously, I had to create items based on the color hoodies I could get my hands on or the material I could find. This Spring, I am so happy to announce that the things I am introducing to you are completely ME. They come from my heart, things I would wear {well, maybe with a few exceptions :)}, and items that I think will be cherished by moms and non moms alike. I’ve very excited.
Well, that’s it from me! Thanks for listening. I hope you all aren’t feeling a little overwhelmed by all the reading. Thanks again for your love and support. It means the world to us!
OH PS….the shop will be closed tomorrow morning until the evening. I will be selling Evy’s Tree at Ladies Day Landmark for those of you who will be there….come see me! My prices will be at near wholesale, just for that day only.

7 thoughts on “Fall SALE….and shop info

  1. 1
    Amgilliam says:

    Love the idea of email and shop hours.

    Also LOVE LOVE LOVE times a GAZILLION only selling in stock items. :D In general, I am very patient, when it comes to buying online. Howver, I usually cannot stand the wait for my Evy's tree!!

  2. 2
    Delila Gonzales says:

    good for you for setting hours. that is needed. email and shop! i also like that you posted each item on etsy instead of adding a note. i think in the long run that will make less work for you e-mail wise. i am excited to see the new spring stuff. i am currently selling all my unused items on ebay so i can get some fun goodies from you!

  3. 3
    mommyduncan84 says:

    Amy, I as a Mother myself I believe that you need as much quality time with your Husband and Children that you can get. I think shop hours and the auto email reply is wonderful, after all you still need a life outside of your business. I think most of all your customers can understand and respect that ! I also like the idea of selling in stock items only ! It makes it nice as a customer that if I buy this today I can, for the most part have my item in a couple days to a week versus a couple weeks. I think you may even make more sales that way. You are doing a fantastic job and have fab hoodies ! =) Keep on keepin on ! ~ Stephanie

  4. 4
    Lana Lyman says:

    I think the email and weekday only shop hours is a great idea!!! Family first…always!!! :)

  5. 5
    Angela Strain Rodriguez says:

    Amy~ I think ALL of the above sounds PERFECT!!! Do what is easiest for you, I think most of us customers are Mommy's and can totally understand!! I will be seeing you tomorrow at Ladies Day! I can't wait to see all of your spring stuff next week!!

  6. 6
    Bonny says:

    Amy …yes to emails…shop hours yes… You need that.
    ? As to online ordering…I like the ability to browse your shop & order at odd times….questions would have to wait until business hours (if any).
    Listing in stock by size is great ….if size could be seen without having to open each item of same. Just throwing some ideas your way.
    Your family time is uppermost and I as a customer understand and support your decisions! Love you, Bonny. xoxo

  7. 7

    You made some decent points there. I appeared on the web for the difficulty and located most individuals will go together with along with your website.

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