Facetime, Strawberries and Lollipops

What a nice, relaxing Saturday we having over here a the Miraflor casa. Brandon is still in Wisconsin, so the kids and I are just lounging around the house, in fact, we are still in our jammies! Well, ok, I am still in my jammies, the kids have changed once or twice through out the day thanks to the messes they seem to get themselves into. Anyway, Evy is napping and Jake is having some quiet time in his room reading with his Leap Frog system, so I thought I’d get a quick blog out about:
Anybody out there love it as much as we do?!? It is such a great tool for us since Brandon is gone a lot…the kids LOVE to talk to him {and so do I!} and feel like he is still right here with us, even if he is all the way across the country. In fact, my computer screen has lip marks all over it from Evy, she tries to “kiss” her Daddy every time his face comes up! ha. 
I also really love that I get to chat with those I don’t get to see that much, like this person:
That’s my brother Brad, who lives in London. And yeah, he’s buffed, ha. He just recently got an ipad, so we’ve been chatting on the weekends when we can. This was last Friday morning for me {which is why I look so bad, FYI}, afternoon/eve for him. The kids have had the best time talking to him and I just love being able to see him. Those little facetime chats with him mean so much to me.
And then today, I had another amazing facetime!!
One of my dearest friends in whole wide world is my friend SoShawna. We went to college together and were in each other’s weddings, in fact the last time we saw each other was at my wedding, 7 years ago. She lives in Hawaii with her three precious babies, who I have never met, only through stories. So this morning I got to meet them all for the first time and our kids chatted it up. I got a map out and showed Jake where they live and he is confident that we are going to Hawaii on, get this, a sailboat. In fact, he was so determined about it that got his swim hat on, wrapped his swim trunks in his blankie {apparently that’s all you need for a trip to Hawaii}, got into the car and told me:
“Mommy, will you please call Samuel’s Mommy and let her know we are on our way to see them in a sailboat?”
SoShawna’s response was: “See you in November…that will be one long trip!” :)
After that, we jumped in the car to go here:
If you are EVER in Stockton during the summer, stop at the Strawberry stand on the corner of Eight Mile Rd and Davis. You will thank me, trust me. The strawberries taste like candy. No joke. AMAZING. After we devoured one entire crate of them in about 5 seconds flat, I told the kiddos they could have a See’s Lollipop. Jake choose Butterscotch and Evy choose chocolate. They got a big kick out of me telling them Butterscotch was my fave as a kid and chocolate Brad’s. :)
They were pretty happy about it. And since I don’t let them eat very much sugar, I set the timer for 2 minutes and told them to suck their hearts content until the timer beeped, then we’d have to put them in ziploc baggies for next time. 
We got this far in less than a minute. No joke. Amazing, yes?!?

Jake was pretty good about the timer going off, surprisingly. Just another incident to prove that my baby boy is growing up a bit. Evy on the other hand….

I had to pry it out of her hands, poor baby. ha. 
Oh one more thing…I walked into Evy’s room the other day and found this:

Oh boy, those two!
Happy Saturday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Facetime, Strawberries and Lollipops

  1. 1
    Bonny says:

    Amy I love your blogs!!! Your kiddos are hilarious and adorable. !!! xoxo

  2. 2
    Aiko says:

    I love FT as well! Especially since Anthony is gone so much too. And you're making me drool…I totally miss those exact strawberries, there is nowhere else on earth whose strawberries taste that delicious!!! Happy Saturday. :-)

  3. 3
    Kelley says:

    Whatever a mother must do to get through a weekend sans the father. Have a fun one!

    Hope your Brandon's at my kids' church– Apostolic Truth Church in Appleton; Pastor Aaron Soto. If not, oh well.

  4. 4
    Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says:

    Hahaha – those pictures of the two of them on the changing table are hilarious! I love it!

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