Evy’s Tree At Snap Conference 2012

This past weekend I had the privilege to attend the Snap Conference. In case you aren’t familiar with it, it is a creative conference for bloggers and crafters. It was AMAZING. Really, really amazing.

I bought the ticket to the conference a long time ago not really sure if I would make it {due to Brandon’s schedule}, but once I realized Brandon was going to be here, I decided to book a flight and get a hotel just 3 weeks ago. I actually ended up going by myself and was a little nervous about doing that, but once I got there I was able to meet some wonderful new friends along the way, as well connect with several very good friends who kept me company. My dear friends Ashley and Shari were my constant buddies and we had so much fun together. A couple times we got so deep in conversation that we completely missed classes! ha. You can read Ashley’s post regarding Snap HERE. Here we are during one of the classes:

I also got to spend some time with my lovely friend Heather, who is also a sponsor of Evy’s Tree. She is such a sweetie and I have loved connecting with her over the last year or so. Great to be with her again at this conference.

And not to mention that Utah is gorgeous. Simply beautiful. Have you ever been? I have driven through it while on The Great Race with my dad, but never stopped stayed for a while. Thanksgiving Point is like a mini amusement park with tons to do. We were there during the Tulip Festival and it was overwhelming breathtaking. Cherry blossom trees and tulips everywhere!! It smelled heavenly!

One of the main reasons I wanted to attend Snap was for the classes they offered. They all sounded so wonderful and I wish I was able to attend every one. I think the classes that affected me the most was the Happy Chaos class which was a panel type discussion. It included, from left to right, Lindsay {The Pleated Poppy}, Ashley {Lil Blue Boo}, Elizabeth {Dear Lizzy} and Jess {Allora Handmade}.

I think this class hit home for me as I realized while I listned to them that I’m not doing that bad!! I’m actually on the right track as far as a handmade business is concerned and it felt so good to hear other women do similar things as I am doing to make my business to run smoothly.

The second class I loved was the Defining your Style Class. The speakers were Ana White {ana-white.com}, Shelly Smith {House of Smiths}, Emily {Decor Chick} and Kate {Censational Girl}. I adored all their talks. One thing that really stood out to me was something Ana White said, “Know where you are going and don’t forget where you came from.” That line really made me think. I really loved her.

Sorry for the behind the back photo, the class was PACKED and the only seats available where on the floor behind the speakers. ha.

Shelly Smith was AMAZING. She sincerely made me cry. I have never heard of her before, but I love, love, love her. I am now a new follower. I loved how she described style…she said she uses “feelings” to describe her home style. I LOVE that. Makes you feel like she really cares how you feel in her home.

And then Kate…I recently stumbled across her blog within the last couple months and realized she was from the Wine Country somewhere. A couple weeks ago I read a blog post saying she was from Petaluma, which is about 20 minutes from my house! I usually hate to hang around and meet people after something like this, but this time I forced myself to make an introduction. She was very sweet and we chatted for a few minutes.

Thursday after dinner, I was able to meet up with two high school friends that live in the area, Cheryl and Nichole. It was soo good to see them!! I have seen Cheryl several times since high school, but Nichole, has it been 18 years since we have seen each other?!?!? I can’t believe it!!!

Also on Thursday night the conference housed the Queen Bee Market. Have you ever been to one? They are soo soo awesome. This one was no exception…on top of the 350 Snap attendees, they had a line of shoppers waiting outside the door to get in. Word had it that the line wrapped around the building! So awesome!

I bought a bunch of stuff…a new camera strap from Gussy Sews {my old one was shot!}, a DARLING camera cover from Camera Coats {check them out!!}, a robot tie from The Pleated Poppy for Jake, and a couple hand towels, a dress and new clip from a new store I met while there The Vintage Fern. I could have bought seriously EVERYTHING from this shop. Not kidding!! Here’s the kiddos modeling their new items at church on Sunday…

Oh, I also bought this ADORABLE card holder from KnittyBitties. I had the privilege to meet Andrea and I LOVED her!! Her stuff is done so professionally, she does a very good job!

I was so sad to have to leave on Saturday. I really did feel so inspired and felt so encouraged…although I do have to say I was missing my babies and my husband HORRIBLY. Thankfully the flights were quick and beautiful! No kidding, the views were out of this world! I have flown into San Francisco International my entire life {my dad was based there while an active commercial pilot} and I can honestly say I have NEVER, EVER seen an approach this beautiful. Ever. Absolutely no fog and hardly a cloud in site. You could see all three bridges from the plane, but I was only able to get the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge in the photo, but seriously, isn’t this amazing? I am not going to lie and tell you that I didn’t cry. Yup. The man next me probably thought I had lost my marbles. It was just so beautiful.

Once I got home I walked into a CLEAN house with all the bathrooms scrubbed and the laundry done. My husband worked SO HARD. Thank you Babe!! You are amazing! He did all this while entertaining the church’s guest speaker for the weekend. I am blown away. Yes, I got a good one I think! :)

If you are considering attending Snap next year DO IT!! It will definitely broaden your circle of friends and fill your mind with knowledge. It was most definitely one of the best things I could have done for my business in a very long time! Thank you Snap family for working so hard and blessing us with the fruits of your labor! You are awesome!

Big hugs friends! xoxo

PS..sorry for the poor pictures! I took my camera, but pretty much used my iphone the entire time. Boo on me! :(

9 thoughts on “Evy’s Tree At Snap Conference 2012

  1. 1
    Kaitlyn says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip! Gorgeous aerial photo of the Bay. I miss SF!

  2. 2
    Tauni says:

    Oh Amy, my one regret from the weekend was that I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to any where near the number of ladies I had hoped.

    I was actually dying for a couple of minutes with you…Darn time limitations! I hope that we’re able to connect in the near future.

    I am so glad to hear that you had a lovely time!

  3. 3
    Paige Hill says:

    It was so nice to meet you in person! I have followed Evy’s Tree for a long time :) You are just as lovely in person! Glad you had a safe trip home~Paige

  4. 4

    OMG! 18 YEARS!!! No. WAAAY! Sadly, yes, it has been that long, and hopefully, my candid nature about EVERY subject didn’t leave you feeling glad it had been that long! HA!!! Oh, and its amazing how a picture shatters how you “see yourself”, at least for me. I am going to run on that elliptical a LITTLE BIT LONGER tomorrow! LOL! Anyway, I LOVE you both, I ADORED our long conversation, and I am thankful for the time we shared together, the three of us. There was a lot of enlightenment for me, and I have you to thank! LOOOOVE YOU!!! (Cheryl, we are getting together more often!!!)

  5. 5
    Ashley says:

    You were the highlight of my weekend! I had so much fun with you and felt like we have known each other forever :) I’m so thankful for your friendship and we have to plan another get together soon!! xoxo!

  6. 6

    so glad to hear what a fantastic time you had and sooooooooooo wish i knew you were going, would have been the push for me to buy that ticket after all! i NEED to go next year, please tell me you are going…maybe we can be roommates?

    would have died to go to that market! would have been broke, but would have been worth it! did you sell evy’s tree there?

    you looked beautiful as always and so glad to hear you had a blast!

  7. 7

    Oh my goodness! I’m so mad that we didn’t have a chance to really sit and chat some more!!! You are adorable, and I love your thoughts about SNAP! Next year, we’ll have to connect for SURE! (plan on it!) ha!

    And I have to say, what a fantastic husband! Clean house and scrubbed bathrooms is what I came home to as well, and it made ALL the difference in the word :)
    We sure are lucky!
    Thanks again for your sweet words, I’m so happy that you were able to come and connect with other amazing bloggers.

  8. 8
    amy cornwell says:

    It was so nice to sit by you for the first session! I could tell just by the small interactions that we had that you’re a genuinely sweet person. I wish we would have been able to talk more!

  9. 9

    Oh my! Your in flight photo is melting my heart! San Fransisco is favorite place on earth and that view is breath taking! So glad you loved SNAP! It was hard not to, right!

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