Evy Breaks Her Clavicle

“Let’s Break Some Clavicles!”

Remember that line from Kicking and Screaming? Well, it used to be one of my favorite lines ever {seriously, such a funny part in the movie! ha} BUT now…

I’m not laughing. :(

Evy broke her clavicle on Saturday morning by simply falling off her ottoman in her room. Depressing how quick something like that can happen…just a simple little fall.

Thank God Brandon was home. He’s much better in situations like this. I knew pretty quickly it was broken. So he rushed her to the E.R.

They took x-rays and sure enough, broken

They put her in a sling and sent her home. She was excited at first and kept calling it her “purse” but she went back and forth between crying in pain and laughing about her sling.

The night before we had some special guests come visit us… our friends Alisha and her little boy Jude. We were so excited to see them and Jude and Evy were having so much fun playing before she got hurt. When she got home she tried to play still, and smiled a little bit here and there. It was really cute.

Evy finally got really tired and was able to take a good nap. When she woke up she was in a lot of pain. We could not get her out of her PJ’s that she had on that morning. I really thought I was going to have to cut them off her. ugh. We finally got her bathed and in some new clothes, but I’ll tell you it was not easy and had me in tears. I hated that. She was NOT happy.

Last night was a rough night, with lots of waking up and crying. She seems a bit better by this afternoon though, and we had a surprise visit from our friends the Hartles who were so sweet to bring her a little get well gift. Carston is in her class at school and Crew is in Jake’s class. Thanks for thinking of us Hartle family!

So it’s been interesting over here! Not really sure where to proceed at the moment with her..no school? I guess obviously for at least a little bit? Brandon is awesome in the ER, but not so good in paperwork {He has form-a-phobia so never really gets all the 411 ha} so he can’t remember what the dr said about how long to wear the sling, should she miss school, etc….so I guess I’m going to have to call her dr this week and find out. To be honest I’m a nervous wreck..I keep running around after her screaming “BE CAREFUL!”. She’s already fallen twice and come up crying. SO STRESSFUL. ugh.

Has your child ever broken their clavicle? Give me some info please! I’d love to know what you did!

* * * * * * * * *

I was hoping to have a sale tomorrow, but won’t be able to due to all the craziness over here, SO…stay tuned for a HUGE flash sale {think cheap} on Tuesday. Also, I restocked a couple of these brooches that sold out and our uniform hoodies will be gone on Tuesday morning, so get them while you can! :)

4 thoughts on “Evy Breaks Her Clavicle

  1. 1
    Emily Weaver says:

    Please give Miss Evy a big hug from one of her mommy’s blog fans. I will also be calling her name in prayer and your family too. I am a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother all rolled into one and I understand what a mommy goes through when a child of theirs is sick. My prayers goes out to you parents too. God Bless You! Emily

  2. 2
    Alisha says:

    Give her hugs for us today! We had such a nice time just wish Evy hadn’t gotten hurt :(

    Love you guys!

  3. 3
    Jill says:

    Bless her little heart. The picture where she looks scared just breaks my heart. She reminds me so much of Reagan when she was that age. Praying for little Miss Evelyn.

  4. 4

    J.R. broke his when he was two. We had NO IDEA!!!! A little bump formed on his clavicle, we took him in to see the Dr, they did an Xray and sure enough! BROKEN! But there was not one peep about it from him! And, get this, we have NO IDEA how it happened. LOL. It must have not been as bad of a break as little Ms Evy’s though, not only cause he never complained about it, but cause the Dr did nothing, said it was common, and sent us on our way. Huh! Hang in there, Mama! Everything will calm down as they get older. A little bit…ha!

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