Emotions and Expectations

It’s been so hard to blog these last couple weeks, as being a Debbie Downer is SO EASY right now. The fact is, I feel like I am in limbo. Majorly. I know we are moving, but since our new house has taken over 3 weeks to be painted {pictures coming}, we have not been able to do any sort of moving at all. We have packed up as much stuff as we can fit in our guest room, but once that was done, all we could do was wait to start moving things over. 
This weekend we spent in Santa Rosa. Brandon’s dad came as well and helped tear up the flooring to start laying the hardwood floors. Wow, that was a job!! I kept busy by cleaning all the windows that were not be affected by the floor tear out and cleaning all the blinds to be put back into the window sills. {side note: I learned a great way to clean blinds, I hope to post about it this week. :) }
Anyway, back to the limbo. So I’m not really sure where I belong…you know? I know I”m leaving Stockton, but I don’t quite live in Santa Rosa yet. Our lives have always revolved around our church community, but the last couple weeks, we have been working so hard on the house on Saturday and Sundays {the only days Brandon’s dad has off to help us} that we haven’t been able to go to church much. It’s almost like I have no idea where I belong. CLC will always be our home church, but it’s almost like I emotionally have tried to move on and switch my little family to our new church, but when I attend our new church, I don’t really feel 100% at home there either. Ugh. See I told you, limbo.
Side note: Jake even asked me last week, “Mom, do we even go to church anymore?” ha. Let me clarify, we have probably only missed a couple services over the last month or so, but going from being at every service no matter what to missing some…well you can imagine how confused Jake is. He was in church on Sunday and a happy camper! ha. 

I know it will all take a lot of time and patience. I have to remember to not listen to my emotions or my expectations. I am trying my best to not stress out if the new house isn’t perfect, if all the things that need to be done don’t get done immediately, if my house isn’t a “home” right away. I am trying my best focus on the needs of my family and not my silly wants and desires that just generate more work for all us. Basically, I am zeroing in on essentials right now. :)
Furthermore, I am trying to remember that I can’t juggle everything that I would like to….some of the balls that might need to be tossed up will eventually drop… and watching them fall to the ground without running to pick them back up again is one of the hardest things I have done the last couple weeks {here is where I insert how awesome Jen and Sarah have been!!}. A good business woman would scramble to catch each and every ball. A good mom would leave them on the floor.
I want to be a better mom than business woman. So they stay on the floor. 
So here is my state of being at the moment. I guess this would be my state of the union address. Ha. Prayers would be appreciated. I know this will all be over soon and we will return to our regular programing…which I’m not so sure is better than this!! HA! :) 
Oh pictures…. Please remember we are no where NEAR being close to done. We still have to lay the hardwood floors in the kitchen and living room and the new countertops. But here are a few pictures right after the paint was done, and even these are not great as it was pouring down rain outside. Oh how I love white! ha. The color on the walls is Simply White and the trim Cotton Balls, both by Benjamin Moore. 
Dining Room before….

Family Room before….

Kitchen before….

 Brandon and his dad tearing up the tile flooring. They worked so hard, I am so thankful for these two. 

 Much love friends! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Emotions and Expectations

  1. 1
    Kelley says:


    Schedule your church time. It will be your sanity and your saving grace. Don't let your children ask, "Are we going to church tonight/tomorrow Mommy?"

    Stay in the Word. It will feed your soul. Remember it gets hungry.

    Record your thoughts. The record gives you something to reread and give God some MORE glory for how far you've come.

    Take photos of your children in front of young trees, and record the things they've said. As the kids grow, so do the trees, etc. In a word: BLOG. Haha. Oh, how I wish I'd had a blog when mine were little.

    This too will pass. It's all looking great.

    Go wash your husband's feet.

  2. 2
    Alisha says:

    Sorry…first one had typos ;)

    The house is looking so good! Can hardly wait to see it again :)

    You will get settled and back into a routine again before you know it. Remember this is just a season, so don't be so hard on yourself.

    We love you and we are praying for all of you!

    PS..next time you schedule that uhaul please let us know so Josh can be there to help Brandon :)

  3. 3
    Mande says:

    Hugs and prayers to you & your family! Best wishes on your move Amy. XOXO

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