Easter 2011= AMAZING

Happy Easter everyone! {a couple days late :)} I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed day! We ended up in Santa Rosa with my parents, the second time EVER to spend a Sunday holiday with them, which is always such a treat {although we did miss our church family, as well as the Miraflor family, on Sunday, hope the service was outstanding!!}
When we got there late Saturday night, my mom surprised Jake with a new Easter suit…..
To say he was excited is an understatement. He LOVED it. He has one navy blue blazer that he insists on wearing with everything to every service. He thinks he looks just like Daddy wearing a blazer, which of course is so cute. Anyway, he was happy to get a new addition to his wardrobe. 
And then Mumsy also got Jake these:

A kid size version of Brandon’s very favorite driving loafers. Jake ran around the house like a crazy person, he was so excited. Honestly, it was too cute. :)
When we woke up in the morning, we had the privilege of attending my mom’s church, The Promise Center, pastored by our good friends Heidi and Chad King. The church was pushing for 700 attendees to hear about the resurrection story. They well exceeded that goal…they had roughly 770 people between their two services. It was beautiful.
They had to rent a tent to attach to the garage doors of the church warehouse, and it was packed out. They brought people who did not have a ride in their red {bomber, ha Jason and Leah West :)} bus. Brandon and I were out in the front greeting people, and when this bus pulled up before the first service, about 50 homeless people walked off the bus. 
Words cannot express the emotions I felt at that moment. The look in their eyes as I greeted them, wished them a happy Easter and welcomed them to the Lord’s house was, well… I really have no way to describe it. All I know is that instant tears poured down my face. There was only one lady in the bunch, and when she looked at me and we smiled, and connected, I realized that THIS is what the resurrection was for, so that people like them, and like me, could live again. It was by far the most convicting and moving part of the day. That moment changed me and made me re-evaluate WHAT I was really doing for Christ. WHY I called myself a Christian. And WHO I was really doing this all for. I’m sure many of you have had a similar experience along the way, but if you haven’t, I encourage you to reach out to those in need, it will change you, I promise. 
And then of course, baptisms after the service…making new commitments:
Before and after the service, in a huge tent out in the parking lot, some of the church ladies made a pancake breakfast, complete with sausage, potatoes and fresh fruit, juice and fresh coffee for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who attended service. Those ladies deserved a medal, I don’t think they even stepped foot in any of the services, they worked tirelessly.
Meanwhile, Jake was attending the Sunday School program run by our good friend Jacob Perieda. That’s Jacob over to the left there….

They had an Easter egg hunt and learned all about the Resurrection. Jake loved it. Wearing his new suit and shoes of course. :)
After service, we headed back to my parents to eat a WONDERFUL lamb dinner, simply served with salad, potatoes, peas and carrots. So yummy!
And then afterwards my mom had a delicious egg cake with marzipan frosting from Michelle Maries. Of course all Jake wanted to eat was the frosting! ha.

And the Easter bunny was so kind this year. He asked Gramps to hide a bunch of Easter eggs, which he did proudly, and the kids so excitedly hunted for….
Evy in Lil Blue Boo….

And the Easter bunny {aka Mumsy} also brought the most amazing Easter baskets

And that Easter bunny was so smart. All the toys were to be left at Mumsy and Gramps for play time when the kiddos visit. THANK YOU Easter Bunny! God knows I don’t need one more toy in this house! :)
And last but not least, here’s us on Easter Sunday:
Since its pretty much impossible to get a good family photo, this one will have to do. And in case you want to know what we’re wearing{highly doubt you care, but I”m going to tell you anyway, ha}, I’m going to copy my friend Heather over at ADF Designs:
Suit, shirt and shoes- Crewcuts
tie and pocket square- Dainty Button
Outfit and headband- Crewcuts
Shoes- Ragg kids
Mom and Dad:
Vintage Miraflor closet- JCrew, Banana Republic circa 2000, ha.
Happy Easter to you all. Aren’t you so glad HE LIVES?!?
PS..what do you think about the new blog layout that Brooke came up with?!? Be sure to check out the about page, some new stuff in there! :)

6 thoughts on “Easter 2011= AMAZING

  1. 1
    Jenni says:

    you are a beautiful family!

    little jake and his shoes that match daddy?! too much cuteness!

    glad you had such an amazing easter!

    big hugs!!!!

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    oh yeah, LOVE the new bloggy look! LOVE!!!!

  3. 3
    Audrey says:

    I want to be in all your stories. Such fun. Your parents' home looks beautiful. I am overjoyed @ the success of the Easter service. You look stunning as always. Tell Jake he looks smashing in his new suit & shoes. Hudson wants to wear t-shirts & flip flops. :0)

  4. 4
    Bonny says:

    I love the Miraflor Family!!!!! I have laughed during this read and what a blessing The Red Bomb!
    Lest we forget what Easter is really about .
    Amy you brought it all together beautifully !!!

    I adore Jake's stunning suit! Evy looks adorable!
    The family picture is soooo good! These kind of pictures are my favs!! You are beautiful and Brandon so handsome! I am so happy you were with your family!
    God is sooo good!
    xoxo love to the Miraflors!!!

  5. 5
    Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says:

    Oh my gosh, Jake looks so handsome in his little suit! (And thanks for the little shout-out!) What a great Easter!

  6. 6
    Kelley says:

    I think it's spectacular that you can still wear Miraflor vintage. Lovely memories all around…

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