DIY w/Evy’s Tree: Easy Gift Basket Filler

Good Morning everyone!! So we used to have DIY Fridays, remember? Yeah, well, since we’ve combined my family blog with the Evy’s Tree blog {hope everyone is still liking it combined!?!} I decided I liked Food Friday on Fridays instead…so we’re just going to have a DIY w/Evy’s Tree every now and then. Is that ok with you? Good! :)

Right after Thanksgiving I was shopping at Anthropologie and found these DARLING initial mugs. Sitting right next to them was a table full of initial stationary. I had this great idea to buy a mug and pack of sattionary for each of my sister in laws and create a little gift basket with them. I was SO excited about this gift! ha. I found some little baskets at the dollar store and put the mug, the cards and one of my favorite candles in them. I then made some little coasters from this tutorial and wrapped them up in a ribbon and put those in the basket as well. I was very proud that I had these gifts all set by, get this, the first week in December. I NEVER have gifts ready this early. Ha.

Anyway, I set them aside in my “gift closet” {that’s a closet where I hide all my gifts in case you didn’t know what that was, hehe}. On the weekend we were supposed to exchange gifts with my in laws, I pulled them out and realized to my horror that I forgot to buy gift basket filler and we were leaving for my in laws in 30 mins! YIKES. I had to think quick. I already had planned to wrap the baskets in cello wrap, but had no idea what to fill the basket with. I glanced over and saw the roll of heavy duty brown paper that my husband uses to wrap the ebay items he sells online. I quickly ripped off a couple large sheets and ran over to my shredder….Oh and I made sure my shredder was empty btw. :)

And I ended up with this……I inserted the gift items and wahlah!!So there you have it easy peasy gift basket filler. Seriously so easy. In fact, I thought to myself after I was done that I could have used a paper shopping bag from my stash, if I didn’t have the brown paper.

Oh and my sister in laws loved the baskets. They were so much fun. I hope this gives you some ideas…what do you use for gift basket filler?

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One thought on “DIY w/Evy’s Tree: Easy Gift Basket Filler

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    Kelley says:

    Love it! Thrifty thinking!

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