{DIY} w/ Evy’s Tree: Crackle Paint

I have always wanted to try Crackle Paint. Brandon and I gave it a whirl once upon a time on an old dresser we attempted to paint pink {which is now white and in Jake’s room} but for some reason it never took properly. But I just love the look of crackle. Old and flaky is my idea of perfection, as most of you probably know if you have followed me for a while…Rachel Ashwell Shabby chic is so me! ;)

Several months ago I bought at Homegoods a new corkboard for my kitchen. The only color they had was a green color, which I really liked, but when I brought it home I realized it really clashed with the rest of the green in the kitchen.

And yes that is WWD being used as a protector. Ignore the “partied out” caption. I didn’t even look at what I taped on until I saw these pictures, ha.¬†

At first I thought we needed to just white wash it, but after playing with it, I realized that wouldn’t work. So crackle paint to the rescue!

I bought mine at Lowes and just followed the directions on the back. It was super easy and pretty fool proof {not sure how I messed up before??}. Anyway, the directions are pretty clear and straightforward, you can read them HERE. I just wiped down the corkboard frame with a rag and then put a single coat of the crackle on. I made sure to follow the directions and go in one directions. I did make it a bit thick in one place, which you don’t want as when you put the paint on it, it won’t crackle properly.

I let the frame dry for an hour and took a flat latex paint in white and brushed one coat over. It started crackling immediately. The key is to keep brushing in one direction and don’t go back over a section otherwise it gets really clumpy.

When I was done I added this clear coat protectant over it. It was suggested by the sales guys at Lowes. I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, it does help with keeping the flaking down and will keep the frame looking nice for years to come. Also, its not as messy. On the down side, the flakiness isn’t there like those old pieces. It is also rather glossy, which I didn’t seem to mind on the frame, but I did add it to my little vintage stool in the kitchen and although it helped it from being flaky, it did give it a sheen which I wasn’t crazy about. Either way, I think overall it’s probably a wise choice.

So again, here is the end result on my pantry wall. I love it. Check out the whole kitchen if you’d like HERE.

Have you ever crackled anything? Love to see your crackle jobs :) xoxo

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