DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Guest Post and Halloween Wreath

Hey Evy’s Tree!  Hope you enjoyed the crayon rolls from last weeks DIYF and fingers crossed I was able to encourage a few of you to try it on your own!  You can either go back a post or two on Evy’s Tree to find the full tutorial, just in case you missed it, or click here {where it will take you to the tutorial as well, just on my personal blog, The Roseland Family}.
But enough about crayons already!  I am here today to show you how to make this beauty, just in time for Halloween!
This one requires no sewing, so as long as you have a glue gun, you get to play too!
Here is everything you will need for the rosettes/wreath:
glue gun
glue for gun, a lot of it
coordinating fabric
tarantula looking feather {thingie}
grapevine wreath
And everything you will need to make the hanging letter:
{which I have to take you to my personal blog for, sorry, that is another tutorial in itself!  Just click the link when you get to that step}!
ribbon {mine happens to look like spider webs up close}
wood letter
mod podge
scrapbook paper
Alright, now that you have everything, let’s get started!
1.Cut your fabric into about inch and a half strips. Make them as long
or short as you want, but I recommend making different sizes.
2. Hot glue the strip together, so you have the fabric displayed on both sides, better for rolling.  If the fabric is pretty on both sides, you can skip this step!
3. Roll the strip about 1/4 of the way down and then start twisting and
turning the fabric around each other, gluing when needed to hold your
flower together, until the flower is finished!
4. Repeat as needed (think I made close to 50-60?)!
5. Hot glue flowers onto the wreath.  I did no sort of pattern, just kept gluing!
6. Add in tarantula looking feathers as needed (I found mine at JoAnn Fabric Store).

Unsure of where I should put the letter R, but knowing I wanted to include it, I decided to hang it down the middle, so that it looked like a spider was coming out of the web!   This is the part where I have to have you head over to my blog and this post, to show you how I make these letters.  .
The difference in what you will see from the letter below and the letter tutorial on The Roseland Family blog, is that I used craft paint instead of spray paint to
do the black around the R and I used paper instead of fabric (which I
think is easier).  Hope that made sense!  Bottom line, head over here to get what you need!
Ready for the Trick-or-Treaters!
The wreath should definitely come with a little warning, while she is very pretty, she takes a long time to make!  If you are hoping to get this up before Halloween, get started soon!  The rosettes did take me forever to roll, as there are just so many of them!  I suppose you wouldn’t have to make so many either and it would still be beautiful…it’s just my front door is really tall, so I needed BIG!  I wanted that wow factor!Thanks again Amy and Evy’s Tree for letting me stop by!


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