DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Guest Post and a Crayon Roll

I am so excited for today’s DIY Friday! Almost two years ago I started following one my first blogs ever, Joyfolie, which was formerly called Mia Joie. I had just had Evy and was looking on Etsy for some cute girlie stuff and came across Jessica of Joyfolie {who has become a very close friend}. I fell in love with her shoes as well as the community of women who would crazily stalk her blog for a chance to buy a pair of her shoes for their little ones. One of the ladies I met there was Jenni…I did some blog hopping, one thing led to another and eventually I found a new blog friend!

Jenni and her family are so sweet. She is ultra creative and does photography on the side as well as teach 8th grade. Her kids are the cutest things ever and Jenni and her husband make such a cute couple. I admit that her blog is one of the few I am completely faithful to read. I love her family!

I have been sooo overwhelmed with our move that I just can’t get myself together for a DIY Friday, so Jenni is filling in for me today and next week. I hope you love what she shares and love her too…she’s pretty amazing! xoxo

Hey there Evy’s Tree followers, I am Jenni and I blog over in a cozy little corner of “blogland” called The Roseland Family!  So excited to be guest posting today and getting the chance to show you how to make your very own crayon roll for your kiddos!  If
you can sew a straight stitch {or can get close to it} you can do this
project! I have made both of my kids their
own crayon rolls and plan on making these for family/friends children
for Christmas and/or birthdays this year, just going to add a coloring
book or two to give with it!
 I recently joined my mother-in-law at her church for a Friday night full of crafting with some amazingly talented woman, and because my camera comes with me wherever I go, I made sure to take pictures along the way, so that I could not only remember how to make these cute little numbers myself {you don’t know this about me, but I am a visual learner, if I see pictures, I can usually do it}, but also so that I could share them on my own blog {which is a sprinkle full of family stuff, recipes, crafts, and a giveaway or two…really whatever happens to be happening in our lives at the moment} and now share them with you too!
Supplies Needed:
Two pieces of fabric measuring 5 x 16 and 1/2 inches (they can match or not, your call)
One piece of fabric measuring 6 x 16 and 1/2 inches
One piece of flannel fabric or lightweight fusible interfacing measuring 5 x 16 and 1/2 inches
Ribbon (approximately 36ish inches?!)
Sewing Machine and coordinating thread
How To:
Step One
Place one of your 5 x 16 and 1/2 inches of fabric across the flannel fabric.
Take the larger piece of fabric (6 x 16 and 1/2 inches) and fold it in
half.  Pin it to the  fabric/flannel, with the two ends towards the

Step Two
Measure and mark at 8 and 1/4 inches.  From there, measure an inch to the left
and to the right and mark.  Continue to do so until you get to the end
of the strip.
Step Three
 Once you have marked and measured each inch, sew a straight stitch from the
bottom of the fabric (that has the added folded fabric) until you get to
the top of the folded fabric, back stitch to make sure it holds.  Clip off extra thread.
Step Four
Take your ribbon, fold in half.  If it has a design, like mine did, put like
sides together.  Sew a straight stitch over the ribbon.  I went back
and forth to make sure it would hold!
Step Five
 Place your other piece of fabric that measures 5 x 16 and 1/2 inches on top,
like sides together.  Sew around the edge using a straight stitch,
leaving {about} a two inch gap where the ribbon is.  It will make it
easy to do the next step.
Step Six
 Cut the corners off pretty close to the stitch.  This helps when you turn your fabric and doesn’t make the corners bulky.
Step Seven
Turn your piece inside out {which will reveal the correct side}!
Step Eight
Once you have your correct side all out, sew along the edges using a
straight stitch one last time {I ironed the piece out before I did so}.
When you sew along the edge, you will close up the 2 inch gap/hole that
was previously there!
Step Nine
Add crayons!
Step Ten
Roll it up when you are finished.  Stick it in your purse, diaper bag, drawer of your kitchen cabinet, craft room…wherever!
Thank you so much Amy and Evy’s Tree for having me!  I can’t wait for the
weather here in Arizona to cool off so I can bust out my hoodie!


Oh, this is Amy…I almost forgot! The winner of the fabric coasters:

If this is you, email me within 48 hrs at with your address and we’ll get it out to you! xoxo

4 thoughts on “DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Guest Post and a Crayon Roll

  1. 1
    LeAnn says:

    What a cute project!! My grandkids would LOVE these!!

  2. 2
    jenni says:

    love you amy and am so happy to be guest posting this week and next while you get settled into that beautiful new house of yours!

    see you back next week!

  3. 3

    I love Jenni! I teach her little girl and she is the cutest little thing ever- not to mention, the best dressed!

  4. 4
    Mande says:

    LOVE this post Jenni! Such a great gift idea- you are so creative girl. Amy, so excited for your move and cannot wait to see pics when you get settled in! xoxo

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