Dell Osso Farm 2010

I am trying not to say what I am thinking….but who are we kidding I say what I am thinking most of the time so here goes:
Whew…that felt good to let out. Ha.
Seriously though, I do feel horrible about my lack of blogging, not that anyone is holding me to it, but as you all know, this blog is for my kids. When Jake was born Brandon started an online photo album for our family while I was in the hospital. It was so great to be able to email all our family and show them pictures of Jake’s birth, etc. I kept that up RELIGIOUSLY and had so many people tell me how much they loved it. I even kept it up while I was blogging, but then Evy’s Tree popped into my life and I can barely manage to find time to post one or two posts a week, much less organize an album full of pictures. 
I don’t normally tell too many people about our online album, but I will today, only because this whole set of pictures in this post should really go there. But to be honest I have completely forgotten the password to even upload them. Sheesh. ha. Anyway, if you have never seen the online album, please feel free to check it out. You’ll get a better view of us as a family. Click HERE to access it. 
{And try not to laugh…the last photo album is introducing Evy’s Tree. I find that pretty ironic as that seems to be ending point {or beginning point?} of a lot of things in my life!}
Anyway, I’m trying to get caught up with what’s been going on in my life and I want to start with Dell Osso Farms…have you been there? If you live anywhere near Tracy California, you MUST go. It is way way fun! Especially before Halloween. We have never been during Christmas time but we hear its great then too. Apparently they have added a skating rink, a giant snow field and slide and now Santa visits there too. We will check it out this year for sure.
I will warn you its a bit pricey. EVERYTHING cost something. Ha. They only thing that is free is the petting zoo, but only if you don’t want to feed them. So be prepared to drop some money. This was our only outing for the entire month of October, haha. I say that jokingly, but it does have some truth in it. ha.
When we first got there we started with the food…it was really good, especially the corn! YUM! We also had tri tip sandwiches which were delish as well…Jake got a hot dog. Uh yeah, it’s safe to say my kids are not hot dog eaters. Crazy I know…

We then headed to the petting zoo which was so much fun. Jake had the time of his life petting everything/everyone…I think he could have stayed there all night and just rolled around in the wood chips with the pig, but Evy, yeah…not so much. I think she and I are cut from the same mold after all…animals are darling when they don’t droll or slobber all over you. She could NOT handle that at all! ha.

Brandon and I had big discussion on what this thing actually is?? Any suggestions?? All I know is its CREEPY!

After the petting zoo, Jake got to ride the horse…He was sooo excited. We could NOT get him to look at us!
Dell Osso has this really cool bike race track and Jake HAD to ride it so we waited in line FOREVER for it. While we were waiting the lemonade man came by and we doled out, get this, $4 for lemonade!! YIKES!! But it was so worth it…fresh squeezed and YUMMY. Evy hated it in cause you couldn’t figure out by her face. Ha. Too tart I guess.

The Lemonade man…and Evy running away as usual

The bike track has regular stoplights that keep changing from red, green, yellow. Jake was stressed about those lights and when they were red, he HAD to stop and wait until they turned green. We were DYING laughing about it, especially since all the other kids just whizzed on by him! 

We attempted to get a cute little picture of the two of them on the pumpkins. Uh, yeah, no can do.

But I love this one of me and my boy….

And me and my man…/

And then the train ride. Jake was BEYOND excited. It went all around the corn maze and whistled the whole time. 

On our way out, the policemen had their dog and Jake got to pet it. The police also gave him an awesome sticker! He loved it!

And before we left we stopped off in the store and got some fudge. This is an incredible store! I hope to go back for some Christmas gifts. Super yummy homemade items.

Thanks for following along!

3 thoughts on “Dell Osso Farm 2010

  1. 1
    cheyenne says:

    i think that animal might be an emu…it's kind of like a small ostrich i think. maybe from australia…not for sure.

    i love big fun pumpkin patches…they are the best outings to make in october :)

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    yay for the blog update!!! i have been missing me some miraflor family!

    that place looks fantastic and those pumpkins are so orange! i want to take pictures there!!!

    love the ones of you and your boys! and evy's hoodie looks so cute!!

  3. 3
    Kelley says:

    Wow! What a fun day! And the animal? An emu? Similar to an ostrich. When I taught kindergarten, we studied emus for the long e sound. *wink*

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