Dear Texans

….I have GOT to know… WHAT in the WORLD did your ancestors do before A/C? Because my word, it’s hot here. REALLY, REALLY hot.

In case you missed it on instragram {evystree}, I am in Texas with Brandon. The church that hired him to speak this weekend also generously purchased a ticket for me to come along as well. They are so, so kind and have treated like us royalty. Seriously. I don’t think I ever want to leave! :)

It took us forever to get here though. We only had two and half hours of sleep before we boarded the airporter shuttle at 6:30 AM that takes us to SFO {San Francisco}. Surprise, surprise when we arrived to the gate, we found our flight was delayed for four hours due to fog. An aerial view of what was keeping us on the ground.

 The downside of living in a foggy and overcast area. We had two stopovers while we sat on the plane and fourteen hours later we FINALLY arrived in Dallas. YIKES. But our hosts were so sweet and took us to an amazing steak house and we had THE most delicious steak ever. To top it off, today they let us sleep in…for the first time in AGES, I got a solid 10 hours of sleep! I can’t remember the last time I have had that much sleep. So awesome.

We went to lunch in Dallas and then stopped off at a giant outlet mall and walked around. OK… TEXANS…not only is it unbelievably hot, but while we were in the JCrew outlet the craziest storm showed up out of nowhere. What is up with this weather?!? It was insane! So scary. The wind was blowing and blowing and was literally bending trees over. We sat in Jcrew and watched it pour and pour and as soon as it came it was gone, leaving behind a “Double Rainbow” {I know, I know, “double rainbow all the way” ha}

Dear Texans…your weather is CRAZY. Seriously.

Anyway, so you all know my biggest fear is going out of town with Brandon and something crazy happening to the kids where I can’t get to them. Well, tonight after dinner, the kid’s babysitters {yes, there are two there with them, as well as my mom and my sister is checking in, call me crazy and over cautious} sent me this picture…

Apparently Jake was fighting with some sticks and it hit him in the face. I immediately sent the picture to my sister who is an RN and her response was, yup, it needs stitches.

WHAAAATTT!?! I’m HOURS away. Fab. 

Want to know something amazing? I have never, ever been to the ER with my kids. Ever. All of their accidents and sicknesses have always happened during working hours. And they have never had stitches. And this all happens while I am states and states away. So awesome right? Let me insert here: my babysitters and my family are incredible!! The two sitters piled Jake up in the car while my mom came and got Evy. My sister and brother in law were on standby to go the hospital if he needed stitches to show a little extra support. Not going to lie that I was a little stressed until my sitters sent me this:

Ummm…ok, does this look like a child in distress? Nope. Not at all. He was having the time of his life in the waiting room. And continued having a blast while being triaged in the room

According to my sitters, all the nurses loved him in his Batman PJ’s. So typical. The sitters had me on the phone the whole time they were in the room and the Dr was great…walked me through everything over the phone. THANK GOD the cut was superficial enough that they were able to glue it shut

….and boy oh boy was he happy he didn’t have to have any shots. SO WAS I. ugh.

The sitters took him to the store and let him pick out an ice-cream bar afterwards, so all is well. Sheesh. What an ordeal. Thankfully, I didn’t panic…I think Brandon was more concerned than I was which is a huge switch. ha.

So in closing I have to show you my toiletries case while traveling…

My toiletries case consists of 4 or 5 little ziploc bags. Brandon hates it. Ok, let me defend myself a little bit…first, Brandon won’t let me check any luggage. Ever. {my dad, being a pilot did the same thing to me all my life, I was only allowed one bag. I swore I would marry someone who would let me check my luggage, but no such luck}

My red suitcase, attached to Brandon’s black one…

SO…since I have carry on, that means I have to have all my liquids in one little bag, so I figure, why not just put everything else in bags? It’s easier to see, and if anything leaks, it is easy clean up. Right? Am I the only person who does this? Please tell me you do this too??

Big hugs y’all {a little Texas for you!} xoxo

9 thoughts on “Dear Texans

  1. 1
    Chacoy says:

    So glad everything turned out alright! He does look pretty handsome in those Batman jammies(;
    NO, your not th only one who does baggies, it is a lot easier to clean!

  2. 2
    Tara says:

    Welcome to Texas, you guys (Said with my best CA accent, lol)!!!!!! Glad that all is well with Jake. Yes, a nightmare is having the AC go out! Have fun and rest, rest, rest!!!!! :)

  3. 3
    Jen says:

    BIG {HUGS} to both Jake and his mama. The baggies make sense now. I can’t imagine only one bag. My husband would love it though. Air conditioning is definitely required here in Texas. And using the heater and a/c in the same day is *not* unheard of. YAY @ Texas hospitality.

  4. 4
    Amy Lynne says:

    I do the baggies too. Especially anything liquid, so easy! I’m glad Jake is OK, stitches are no fun!

  5. 5
    Melissa says:

    Welcome to Texas y’all! I am from SoCal and have lived in Austin about 8 years and I am still getting use to this weather…it is CRAZY! So glad your sweet little guy is ok, and I do the baggy thing too!

  6. 6
    Janet Ramirez says:

    Oh my word!! So glad Jake is ok!! Technology is awesome!! To get to talk to the dr real time even…
    YES!! I do ziplock baggies, qt, gallon size whatever I need for my toiletries!! Any spill happens inside the bag!! And my meds. When pill box opens inflight, all are contained I side the Baggie!! One time I traveled, without ziplocks, and my meds were ALL over, under, between.. You get the pic! From that time on, I always use baggies!! Much more practical and less stress!!!

  7. 7
    Pam Gissel says:

    So glad Jake is OK and you are w/your hubby in TX. I LOVE TEXAS….Austin and San Antonio have special precious memories for me! Baggies? I am the “baggie queen”! Haha! Baggies are great organizers, etc.!

  8. 8
    Misty says:

    Wow! I think I would have a major anxiety attack if I was away and Max had to go to the ER! SO glad to hear he is ok!

    I am a huge fan of ziplocs for toiletries when we travel too. Josh has a proper dopp kit but his liquids get thrown in my ziplocs so we can easily take them out at security. I think the regulations about liquids in carry-ons probably dealt a huge blow to the toiletry bag industry.

  9. 9
    Stephanie L says:

    I always use ziplocs for liquids as well as little things even when not flying. It’s easier to clean up any spills or whatever and keeps my bag clean. I live in Oklahoma so the TX weather is not that far from here. It’s craziness and after awhile you just get used to the ride, scary though it may be at times. LOL Glad your baby boy is all good. Kids are so resiliant. Just blows my mind =D

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