DASO Photos and a Valentine’s Day SALE

Sometimes I wonder if my head is even screwed on right…hopefully I’m not the only mom out there who feels that way? ha.
Well, I was browsing through my last blog posts and I realized, to my complete frustration, I forgot, in my last two posts, to acknowledge my very talented brother in law, David, who took all {or most} of my mannequin photos for Spring!! YIKES!!
So I thought I would take a second to highlight him here. He took all the pictures you see here, here, and here. He also took the pictures of the Lacey Zip Ups that you see here.
I first met my brother in law David when I first started dating my husband, Brandon. His sister Bryony {who now works with me as a seamstress as well as creative designer}. Bryony and David had just started dating as well so we spent a lot of time on double dating when David was visiting California, as he is from Houston, Tx. Bryony and David got married a year before Brandon and I, and then moved to Ventura where David went to school to study photography at Brooks Institute. After that, they moved back to Houston for awhile and have just recently moved back to Stockton to be closer to the family. 
David is an extremely talent photographer. Here are some of his images that I stole off his site, hopefully he won’t kill me for it. ha. Sorry David!

And here is David…a self portrait….
Like his stuff? Head over to his website by clicking HERE. He travels! :)
Lastly…Valentine’s Day is coming up tomorrow and what would be a better gift for your loved one than an Evy’s Tree hoodie? So, just because all those guys out there like discounts, I went ahead and put up a discount code for tomorrow only: valentine10. Just enter it upon check out to get 10% off your entire purchase. Not a bad little Valentine’s Gift, huh?
Love to you all!!

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