Cornbread and Discouragement

Today has been one of those days. I hesitate to even write about it because nobody likes a Debbie Downer {DD} and I’m pretty sure I’ve used up my DD passes already on this blog. So being at risk of sharing too much info I’ll just give you a quick run down:

1. Jake has been out of control for days. OUT.OF.CONTROL. He has pretty much given up his naps, but probably still needs them. He won’t listen, talks back, just plain old really, really testing us. I’m currently revamping our discipline routine. It’s exhausting.

2. Evy has entered the terrible twos with a flourish the last month. FAB.

3. Evy’s Tree is…well, it’s also testing me. In more ways than one. Growing pains are always difficult.

4. I think we have some sort of critter in our attic, I keep hearing something running around up there. Brandon has set traps. CREEPY.

5. Have I mentioned Jake is out of control??

6. After weighing myself for the first time in 4 months, I promptly logged onto weight watchers yesterday. wow.

Hmmm. So what did I do about all this discouragement? Oh, I ate cornbread for dinner. With butter. And honey. I have no idea how many points that is, but I had 9 left, so I figure I’m probably ok. {Not yours yet Kelley, I’m dying to make it but didn’t have the ingredients! This is just plain ole’ Trader Joe’s box mix}

So what do YOU do when you feel discouraged? Apparently I eat cornbread! ha. And pray. I do a lot of praying. I have no idea how in the world I’d make it without prayer. So thankful for my faith. How about you?

Oh, I also spend some time focusing on the good things God has given me. Like my family, or my home, or the food that we always have. Or my health. Have you been following about my dear friend Ashley? My word, how in the world do I feel like I have a license to complain??

Please keep praying for Ashley, as well as consider blessing her with a donation or joining in on the auction or buying a hoodie. Every penny counts for her.

In closing, I had a long talk with some friends on our facebook page regarding Evy’s Tree and what you all want/desire/need from us. I’d be interested in hearing your comments too, if you didn’t join in on FB already. Here’s what I asked:

“Hey guys help me out. I’m in the studio designing today…have the bug. :) What is your ideal hoodie? Something different than what I normally sell? And include COLOR preference. :) PS…I’m super excited about what I’m working on. Think you’ll LOVE it.”

And here’s what I was working on:

Please excuse the bad picture…I took it quickly before I left the studio to make dinner, so didn’t get a chance to steam it. The colors are black and grey and it’s left open with no zipper {buttons only}, but does have a hood. It’s super cute on. The sleeves get really bunchy by your wrist which is fun. It will come in navy and orange and maybe a few more colors. I’m toying with the idea of letting you choose your base hoodie color and adding whatever color ribbing you’d like from a couple options. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and it doesn’t have a name. Feel free to contribute ideas. :)

Have a wonderful evening friends. Thanks for always listening {I know, I know, like you have a choice, ha} xoxo

“And we know all things God works together for good of those who love him, who have been called together for his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Oh, PS…please feel free to pin this new hoodie. All you have to do is click “Pin It” and it will go to your pinterest. Pinterest has been super helpful to help spread the word about Evy’s Tree. Thanks friends!

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13 thoughts on “Cornbread and Discouragement

  1. 1
    Erin Nay says:

    LOVE your hoodies just as they are! They are fab! I also really love the new design above. One thing that I would love to see are thumbholes! I have a zip up jacket with them and LOVE it! They are perfect for the CA weather that sometimes gets chilly at night and the thumbholes really come in handy when I am outdoors at my son’s baseball or football practice. You are entitled to a bad day. Yes, I also feel like I have no reason to complain when I see what Ashley is dealing with right now. She is so STRONG and such an inspiration to us all! Love you and your gorgeous designs!

    • 1.1
      evystree says:

      Thank you Erin!! I agree, these hoodies are perfect for CA weather! :) We are working on Thumbholes. I still haven’t mastered them, so when I feel comfortable you’ll see them for sure! :)

  2. 2
    Lisa says:

    I’m sorry that you had a bad day :(

    But, I had to chime in to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hoodie! I’d buy it exactly as it is!!!!

    I don’t really “do” ruffles as I don’t need any extra bulk LOL! this design is so fun, I love having more than 1 color and I expecially love long sleeves to cover my hands when they’re cold :)

  3. 3
    Neeka says:

    Take a deep breath. It will all get better! Last year was my struggle year. We moved our family and our business so my husband could back to school. You think moving a web based business would be easy but it is not. Are sales went down by almost 75% from the previous year from rumors of us going out of business. {Frustrating!} Then to make things worse my brother died and my DH had to take a break from school. Did I mention I gained 20 pounds during all of this {I never new bread and butter was my vise.}

    The thing is I kept running back to Jesus and he told me that it was all going to be OK. So I trusted and I trusted even when it was hard.

    It has now been almost a year and things are getting better every day. Keep your eyes on the prize and follow what you know is true.

    As for the kiddo get Danny Silks Book ( It is a life changer!

    As for the new hoodie, I am in love. It is very on trendy for spring 2012!

    Thanks for this blog.

    • 3.1
      evystree says:

      Neeka, THANK YOU for your comment. I can’t tell you how much better that made me feel. I really appreciate your honesty. I will check out the book for sure. Thanks again for all your love and support. xoxo

  4. 4
    Isabell says:

    I love this new sweater design, I was thinking a good name would be the button clasp hoodie or latch hoodie. Just throwing some names out there haha but that’s what it reminds me of a latch :)

  5. 5
    Rachelle says:

    Love the buttons on that one! I would love to see something like the Lacey zip up, but maybe instead of lace, ruffles like the eggplant cut off you had for fall. Or maybe something like the Brilla but without a hood. I’m not huge on hoods, as I have very long thick hair and a hood just seems to always be in the way.

  6. 6
    Andrea says:

    Amy – hang in there, it all gets better, I promise. Boys, especially…they really mellow out, but later. I pray to get through my day SO much!! I totally get what you are going through, and feel free to vent here anytime – we love that honesty about you. (and the cornbread..? Looks AMAZING. I miss Trader Joe’s! Bethany mails me things from there!!)

    The hoodie is ADORABLE and I will be in line for this one, probably in navy with pink trim!! I love the idea of longer scrunchy sleeves that you can pull down over your hands when it’s colder – YES. Thumbholes – YES. (though that might be a bit more work for you? Don’t know, but thumbholes are so popular around here, totally adore. Just saying. ) HUGS Amy. <3

    • 6.1
      evystree says:

      Ah Andrea, you are so kind. Thank you so much. It feels so good to know I’m not alone and that you don’t mind hearing me vent. ha.

      Thumbholes are coming. I still haven’t perfected them, but I’m still working it! Big hugs to you xoxo

  7. 7
    Risse says:

    I agree w/ the earlier comment about not being able to do ruffles bc of the added bulk. So styles like these are great, I’d love a hoodie in a Citron or Marigold/Mustard color:)

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